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Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Pinnacles September 19th 2011

There are strange events, strange people and in this case, a strange desert. There is no consistant explanation from geologists for this bizzar land scape. Some of the pinnacles have the appearance of petrified forests, others not so. Either way, aging is agreed as quite young, that is thousands of years, not millions of years. We walked through about 1/4 of the desert and enjoyed our time here. The location is a little south east of Cervanties, and there is good parking for all types of vehicles. The coast is a few ks away with more bright white sand. This appears in some of the photos as it contrasts so strongly with the golden tone of crumbled lime stone that lines the desert. The area is not entirely lifeless with reptiles, spiders and some bird life. ... read more
Pinnacles 2
Pinnacles 3
Pinnacles 4

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » York September 16th 2011

The grand old town of York Has four thousand men, Living at the base of the mount, In a gorgeious fertile glen. The convicts laboured hard, Building a rugged swing bridge Crossing the Avon river, Providing access east to west. The town still carries today, The heritage of yesteryear, Buildings restored in fine style, And lollypops wider than ear to ear.... read more
Main street
The main street
Main Street

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Hyden September 13th 2011

A laugh a kilometer You jump in the wheels and set off, Destination is location afar, When eye spy has run out of words, Your Cds have worn out with repeats, Its then you need some laughter before you park in a roadside drain. Some locals realised the problem, They provided some roadside cheer, Even made some laybys for viewing, Their humor and mischievous masterpieces. Their creations, though but so simple, Are the Tin Horse Highway originals.... read more
Down by the billabong.
Dead Cert
Happy Horse

Oceania » Australia » Western Australia » Esperance September 11th 2011

Watched, wind, wavelettes and wild flowers Waves, no, rather riplettes, Swish onto white sandy shore, A hush, barely a murmor, Then receding to sea once more. Yet the sea scape intrigues, Dark blue of the channels deep, Bright turquoise in the shallows Where silica returns the suns rays. But as I dream, drinking the view, I sense dark eyes are watching. Every move noted,every thought assessed, Who is this that has entered paradise? Ah, 'tis one who loves the sea, One who loves creation's splendour, One who shoots only with lense, Recording in image the glory of life. Those eyes have reason to question, For they have witnessed man's relentless intrusion. Tall towers with rotating blades that mame, Erected to provide electric power? Who needs that? For they can fly, Yes hundreds of miles thay rove, ... read more
Esperance Bay view
Coast line west of Esperance
Coastal view

Oceania » Australia » South Australia » Ceduna September 9th 2011

A patchwork wider than a quilter's dream, Seams longer than any seamstress ever sewed, Outback Australia spreads its maize of colours, Over Vast plains ruffled by blue hued ranges. From horizon to horizon, a golden glow, Almost unreal, intense, heart warming, Canola plants dance to spring's vespers, Waiting their summer harvest. The adjoining patch contrasts so strong, Stunted growth and grey foliage, Barren patches of wasteland poor, Abandoned by all but the hardiest creatures. Australia's quilt is hemmed by surging tides, Swell crashing into lime stone bluffs, Like a jack in the box it rushes from blowholes, Or carves its way through jagged crumbling arches. As if competing quilters vie for your attention, The hem changes to serpentine tones with whitest silica, Joined to golden sand adorned with swaying palms, Or granite outcrops scarred by tide ... read more
Half way across Australia
Local Skink

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Bourke September 3rd 2011

Days 1 to 5 - Bethania QLD to Iron Knob SA Why would you trust the a GPS? It only knows the main roads Not those scenic alternatives Which enhance our driving day. And using selected way points when navigating East to west, Only creates circuitous routes That frustrate passenger and driver alike. And then as roads become remote It says it has no connecting roads, So you're left to drive by the stars, Or some other navigation mode. Despite our GPS frustrations, we have really enjoyed the drive thus far. In the space of a few hours driving one passes an amazing variety of landscapes ranging from lush green crops to grey barren tussock land, extensive plains with roads as straight as a die, to twisty roads more remininisent of driving through inland New Zealand. ... read more
Omanama QLD -  General Store
Outback Pub
Riverside camp are Brewaraina NSW

Oceania » Australia July 17th 2011

1 - 16 July 2011 We travelled south from Brisbane to Ballina for a quick stop at Ballina Campers to get their new signage added to the van. Marg drove this leg and was soon quite at home in the driver's seat. We towed our pantech trailer for the first time. I had fitted a laundry inside the pantech as well as our bikes, tool boxes etc etc. The Sprinter is very sweet to drive - we would recommend it to anyone looking for an auto van for conversion. Good ecconomy and comfortable ride. 1 July was very wet - at one stage almost white out. The rain cleared later and remained fine until we returned to Brisbane - and then only light showers. We stayed at Park Beach Motorcamp at Coffs Harbour for two nights ... read more
Surging Surf
Off shore rock island

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Ballina June 5th 2011

On 17 May 2011 we drove from Brisbane to Ballina to take delivery of our Mercedes Sprinter motorhome. We had been looking at motorohomes for several years and finally decided to buy one ready for retirement travel. Ballina Campers and Motorhomes is a small manufacturer who make simple, reliable and ecco-friendly motorhomes with accomodation for 2! Sorry grandkids - you will need to sleep in a tent. We have now been on trial camping trips twice to the Queensland Gold Coast while we learned about using all the equipment on board. ... read more
Broadwater Camp ground
View accross the broadwater
Smoochie Pooch

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