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Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Tin Can Bay April 8th 2016

Place names in Australia are interesting - some finding their origin with the original land owners, others from European sailors from the 1770's and on. I was expecting some unusual story where a mystery message washed ashore in a tin can. Nope! It appears that this is an unusual adaption of the aboriginal land owners name - Tuncanba. Tuncan is the seam mammal we know as a dugong, and ba is 'the place of'. No, we didn't see any dugong, but there is a population of about 120 Australian Humpback Dolphins here. These dolphins never venture into the outer ocean, but live in the estuaries around Tin Can Bay and Fraser Island. They live long lives, breed very slowly, and are generally a very gentle dolphin. I say generally because should you touch their rib area, ... read more
Waiting to grab a fish!
Musical entertainment
A friendly nudge

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay April 5th 2016

Hervey bay has a moderate climate year round, but it can get hot mid summer as we experienced some years back. So, on hot days the Botanical Gardens always give a very pleasant cool and shady spot to enjoy. There are ponds with fountains, a quaint Bush Chapel, a Japanese Water Garden, a variety of birds to spot in and around the water ways, and many flowering trees and shrubs to enjoy. Probably, from our perspective, the best feature is the orchid display. On any day, you will see maybe 200 varieties of plants making this a very worthwhile spot to spend an hour or so. To keep this display fully up to scratch, it is backed up by green houses holding around 20,000 plants. Interspersed with the orchids are many unusual foliage plants, and we ... read more
The Orchid House
What put a smile on Marg's face?
Tiny Orchid

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Hervey Bay April 3rd 2016

It is a number of years since Marg and I visited Hervey Bay. This coastal city has a well earned reputation as the Whale Watching capital of the world - but not at this time of year. However, there were two new attractions that started this weekend in Hervey Bay and the Fraser Coast. Marg and I went down to the pier where the whale watching boats depart from to get some information from the Info Centre we had visited some years back. That had been relocated and instead we walked in on an opening ceremony of a new Art and Craft shop being run more or less as a co-operative amongst several local artisans. In fact, we ended up being their first official customers on the day, buying an original painting. I must say we ... read more
The official opening

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Port Stephens November 30th 2015

We have stayed at Lemontree Passage previously as it is reasonably close to our family near Newcastle, and because the park is quiet, located on the waterfront and being a little dollar wise, cheap off peak fees bought through Once again, Marg drove the van and car, but it seems that lessons towards Towing 101R are some way off. This was a relatively easy concrete site to back up onto, and pretty level as well. The facilities here are good, but at peak periods like Christmas and Easter, they would be pushed to the limit. The afternoon we arrived here, it was over 40c outside, so the set up was a little exhausting, but not much longer than had we driven the motorhome onto the same site. It seemed we only needed to add washing ... read more
Not a P & O Cruise Ship
Beautiful Coastline
Inside the ferry

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Coffs Harbour November 25th 2015

We have stopped at Coffs Harbour a few times over the past 5 years as it is a handy half way between Brisbane and Newcastle where our some of our family live. But we had never heard of the Clog Barn, but Marg had spotted a special deal for powered sites on the TravelAuctions web site. The park is located on the main road through Coffs Harbour (Pacific Highway) and we wondered if it would be noisy. We arrived and the Park Manager showed us our site with a bush clad stream running immediately behind the site. David and Mary arrived a little after us and found that the site they were allocated was occupied. Never mind, they had the choice of three others and also enjoyed the quietness of the camp. An added bonus was ... read more
Botanical Gardens Coffs Harbour
Azure Kingfishers
Azure Kingfisher

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Yamba November 24th 2015

Our first 5 day stop was to one of our popular camps, Brooms Head which is located about 20ks south of Yamba which is a more developed town and fishing port. We love this spot because it is undeveloped with just one shop that sells a little of everything, and of course, the view over the bay from the camping ground,. However, the wind can spoil the outdoor living when it blows, and blow it did. With CC set up on site, all we had to do was enjoy this beautiful beach and the surrounding towns, Yamba and McLean. We made day trips to these towns. Unfortunately some of our photos disappeared so there is little new we can show from these picturesque towns. I had the opportunity to visit the McLean ER after my own ... read more
Watch Out when I'm about
South to Sandon
Intensley Blue

Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Brunswick Heads November 15th 2015

Back in May 2011 we took delivery of our Horizon Wattle Motorhome with the intention of keeping her (Bushbaby) for three years. Something went wrong with the timing as we kept Bushbaby for over 4 years and travelled about 85,000 kilometres circumnavigating both the continent of Australia, and our neighbour island of Tasmania. That time flew fast and resulted in over 200 blogs. We had come to a time where for a variety of reasons we felt it was time to sell Bushbaby. We started with a sign in the window when we were in Carnarvon Gorge, and then an online ad when we got home. We had a cash sale within 24 hours of the ad appearing online, which rather surprised us. One of the interested parties from Carnarvon Gorge phoned us as they crossed ... read more
CC ready for delivery
Camp kitchen
Kitchen view 2

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane October 17th 2015

Some holidays should never end, and Cruising P & O is one of those. Rooms made up daily, lots of activities every day, places to discover, new people to meet, not to mention a chocolate on the pillow in the evening, all made up to a great 10 day cruise. The journey from Doini Island PNG back to Brisbane has two days at sea before arriving early Saturday morning in Morton Bay and then on up the Brisbane River to the Portside Terminal. So what do you do for a couple of days at sea? Once again, there are many activities each day both educational and physical as advertised in the daily news. I had won a Titanic Experience in a competition to have photos taken on the bow sprite the first day on the way ... read more
map with notes
Thomas Kinkade promotion

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay October 14th 2015

Doini Island is one of only a few privately owned islands in the region, and is located a little south east of Alotau which was our first port of call in PNG. It is a resort, and those staying here arrive by transfer jet boat from Alotau, sail in themselves, and maybe land on the Islands airstrip. There are no commercial flights to this resort. The Island is largely untouched, can be walked around or maybe climb to an observation point in the centre of the island. Normally Marg and I would have climbed to the lookout. But the track had many steep steps and rocks to climb, and I had a grumpy knee, so we stayed on the coastal flat. The beaches here are white sand, water warm and clear all year round, great for ... read more
Another P&O postcard location
Sun is up
Swaying Palm Trees

Oceania » Papua New Guinea » Milne Bay October 13th 2015

In many ways it is great that not many people know of Kiriwina Island because it stands as a largely unspoiled undeveloped community in the Trobriand Island Group. If you want to see how these people have lived for many hundreds of years, this is a great destination on the P & O Papua New Guinea discovery cruises. Once again we see some commonality with other island communities, and some unique things as well. This is the largest of the Trobriand Islands and supports a local population of around 12,000 people. We have returned to a Matriarchal society with some interesting values. (Rabaul with the groups we spoke to were community custodians of land) Possessions are passed mother to daughter, pigs are an indicator of wealth and are highly treasured, and we as visitors are known ... read more
The peir - Kiriwina

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