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Lynn Beebe

I was a primary teacher in a K-12 alternative school. In 2006, I took a leave for four months, travelling through Central America. I visited schools and studied Spanish along with being a tourist. My class followed my travels through this blog. I have continued to use this blog to keep friends, family and my students connected to my travels, recently in Mexico and now Kenya!

I am now retired and my husband and I hope to do even more traveling! I am volunteering in an after-school program on the Indian reservation where we live and at the local art museum along with gardening, kayaking, biking, and cooking....We spent a month in Argentina in the winter of 2009.

Fall 2009
We are now ready to depart on a trip to Italy. We hope to spend a month or so seeing Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and the area around Naples.

Fall 2010
We are going back to Italy this fall, hoping to see more of the smaller towns and villages.

Winter 2010-2011
We spent three weeks in the Yucatan, and then took a road trip to California and back.

Fall/Winter 2011-2012
A trip to Japan to see my brother and do some biking...a road trip through the Southwest...and a visit to the Mexican state of Oaxaca!

2013 took us to Spain, Morocco, and Hawaii....

We began our 2014 travels with a trip to the Mexican states of Colima, Jalisco, and Nayarit.

Now in 2016...and a trip to Istanbul, Greece, and then Italy again....

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson December 16th 2018

We visited the Pima Air and Space Museum on Friday. It has an extensive collection of planes, housed both inside and out on the grounds. We had hoped to visit the giant Air Force "boneyard" facility, but you now need to get security clearance at least ten days before your visit. The Museum is one of the world's largest non-government funded aerospace museums. and features a display of nearly 300 aircraft spread out over 80 acres. "The concept for the Pima Air & Space Museum began in 1966 during the celebration of the 25th Anniversary of the creation of the United States Air Force. Earlier the commanders of Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and the Military Aircraft Storage and Disposition Center the forerunner to today’s 309th Aircraft Maintenance and Regeneration Group recognized that the historic World War ... read more
Arizona State Museum
Pima Air and Space Museum
Pima Air and Space Museum

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson December 13th 2018

On Monday we moved into Tucson. We are staying at a friend's daughter's house until Sunday. Her home is in a quiet neighborhood built about 20 years ago, and is about a 10 minute bike ride from the Loop Trail. The Loop is a 131 mile multi use paved path that circles Tucson, and follows the river beds for much of its route. We borrowed bikes on Tuesday, and rode 10 miles north to the junction of the East and West paths. On Wednesday morning, we rode another 10 miles south. This route was more rural, but most of the time the trail is bordered by commercial and residential zones. Much of it is new, and beautifully paved...and flat! Wednesday afternoon we went to the east part of the Saguaro National Park, where we drove the ... read more
Kitt Peak Observatory
Kitt Peak Observatory
Biking the Loop

North America » United States » Arizona » Tucson December 7th 2018

We decided to take a quick sun break and do some hiking in the Tucson area. We flew from Bellingham to Tucson on a cheap Allegiant flight, rented an SUV and drove in the dark (with a stop for groceries) up into the mountains to our rental. This place is beautiful, with saguaros all around. The owners live on the property, and recently moved back here from a three year stay in Japan. We took a short hike this morning, and got back just before the thunderstorms hit. The sun was predicted to return later in the day, so we decided to wait til the afternoon to visit the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum. I had been there with Luke and a friend's family about 27years ago, but Bill had never seen it. We drove south and ... read more
We flew over our house on the way to Tucson from Bellingham!
Zuni Carving:  This is a piece by Rick Quam, made of black marble.  I bought it at the Desert Museum.

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 21st 2018

We spent our last days visiting with family and friends, and biking around the area. I was able to meet with a former student and his family on Saturday. I had not seen Yusuke since he was 7! We had lunch, went for a long walk, and reminisced... We celebrated my niece's first birthday with her family, including her grandmother, aunt, and cousin. I made the birthday cake... On Sunday afternoon, we all went to a beer fest at the farmer's market in Ome, where Dianne's friends had a T-shirt booth. Bill bought one... We took a 16 mile ride with my brother on Monday, up into the mountains near his house. The ride included several miles on a main road frequented by the dreaded dump trucks, but we survived! We went into a small mountain ... read more
Giant perfect carrots from the JA store nearby
Bedding being aired

Asia » Japan » Tokyo October 17th 2018

My brother got us bikes from the sports center on base where he felt so good to be pedaling again, and not walking! Matt and Dianne rarely use their cars, preferring bikes and public transportation. Matt rides 50 minutes to his job on the Air Force base, and Dianne and Madelyn travel by foot, train or bus to shop or go to classes. On Tuesday, Bill and I took a 10 mile ride around the area, crossing the river twice, and cruising tiny side roads. We visited an older small temple with a view back over the valley. On Wednesday, Matt, Bill, and I rode to the organic restaurant in Ome where we had eaten after our hike last week, and met Dianne and Madelyn who had been at a baby class. On Thursday, we ... read more
Local festival
Neighborhood photos

Asia » Japan » Tochigi » Nikko October 14th 2018

We left my brother's home early this morning to travel to his wife Dianne's hometown of Kiryu. We took expressways since time was short, and it cost about $20 in tolls...Once in Kiryu, we boarded a sightseeing train bound for Nikko. The train has an open-air car, and since the weather was good, we sat there... The train route crosses the mountains along a gorge, with beautiful scenery most of the way. The train stopped frequently at small stations and scenic views, and at one station women sold drinks and food from the platform. We also ordered bento boxes for lunch, which were delivered to the train. Madelyn loved the train ride and wasn't scared, even in the long tunnel (5 kilometers). While inside the tunnel, the train car had an LED display that changed colors, ... read more
Watarase Keikoku Train ride
Watarase Keikoku Train ride
Watarase Keikoku Train ride

Asia » Japan » Nara » Nara October 12th 2018

We went on a day trip to Nara today, taking the train first to the temple at Horyuji . Horyuji Temple (法隆寺, Hōryūji) was founded in 607 by Prince Shotoku, who is credited with the early promotion of Buddhism in Japan. Horyuji is one of the country's oldest temples and contains the world's oldest surviving wooden structures. We walked a little more than a mile to the temple, since the bus wouldn't leave for almost an hour. There were signs all the way in English, so it was easy to find. Unfortunately, the entrance fee was three times more than the average temple, and the main feature, the ancient gate built in 607, was closed for repairs. We still visited the site, viewing the Five Story Pagoda, also built 607. It was ... read more
Our toilet

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto October 11th 2018

Last night we looked through the guidebook to see if we had missed anything in Kyoto that we really wanted to see on this trip, since we only had today left (we are taking a day trip to Nara tomorrow). We had already planned to visit Nijo Castle in the afternoon. Looking at the book, we came across a temp!e that got rave reviews, but didn't sound familiar, so we set off to visit it this morning... We walked through now familiar neighborhoods, and decided to take a narrow road up towards the temple. This road became a path through the oldest cemetery in Kyoto...We wound our way up the mountain, arriving at Kiyomizu-dera Temp!e. We had to go slightly downhill to get to the ticket booth..... And found ourselves at the temple entrance where we ... read more
Garbage truck!
Nijo Castle
Ancient tree being kept alive

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto October 10th 2018

To give you some context: there are over 16,000 temples in Kyoto. There are also hundreds of Shinto shrines... We have only seen a few dozen of each so far, and it is already hard to keep them straight! We had rain for the first time during this trip today... But not until after lunch. It is still quite warm, and the apartment has loaner umbrellas, so we were fine. We decided to stay in Kyoto until Saturday morning, so we have bit more time to explore this amazing city. We walked to the oldest part of Kyoto this morning, and found ourselves in the midst of thousands of school kids. It was apparently field trip week in Japan! The kids were buying large amounts regional treats... They were also visiting temples and museums. We followed ... read more
Konchi-in garden
Late afternoon mist on the mountains
It is apparently school field trip day!

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto October 9th 2018

We again got an early start to our temple viewing today...we arrived at the first one just a few minutes after it opened at 8:00 am! This first temp!e is called Sanjusangen, and home to the 1000 gilded Buddha statues and their fierce guardians, all surrounding a beautiful large Buddha statue. The statues are made of wood, and were carved Tankei and others from 1192 to 1333. This a very popular tourist attraction, and we were fortunate to be there when the 400 foot long hall was nearly empty. I was moved by the calm beauty of the large Kannon statue. No photos were allowed, so I posted some Wikipedia. Next we walked a block to visit the Chishaku-in Temple, where renown screen paintings are displayed and there is an exquisite small garden and pond. We ... read more
Sanjusangen (photo from Wikipedia)
Sanjusangendo_Thousand-armed Kannon (photo from Wikipedia)

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