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Lynn Beebe

I was a primary teacher in a K-12 alternative school. In 2006, I took a leave for four months, travelling through Central America. I visited schools and studied Spanish along with being a tourist. My class followed my travels through this blog. I have continued to use this blog to keep friends, family and my students connected to my travels, recently in Mexico and now Kenya!

I am now retired and my husband and I hope to do even more traveling! I am volunteering in an after-school program on the Indian reservation where we live and at the local art museum along with gardening, kayaking, biking, and cooking....We spent a month in Argentina in the winter of 2009.

Fall 2009
We are now ready to depart on a trip to Italy. We hope to spend a month or so seeing Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and the area around Naples.

Fall 2010
We are going back to Italy this fall, hoping to see more of the smaller towns and villages.

Winter 2010-2011
We spent three weeks in the Yucatan, and then took a road trip to California and back.

Fall/Winter 2011-2012
A trip to Japan to see my brother and do some biking...a road trip through the Southwest...and a visit to the Mexican state of Oaxaca!

2013 took us to Spain, Morocco, and Hawaii....

We began our 2014 travels with a trip to the Mexican states of Colima, Jalisco, and Nayarit.

Now in 2016...and a trip to Istanbul, Greece, and then Italy again....

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split October 6th 2019

We spent our last free day eating breakfast in our favorite restaurant: Fig. (, walking the backstreets northwest of the palace, buying a few gifts, and napping! I went for a long last swim in the beautiful Adriatic, across the bay and back. The water is a bit colder than it was when we arrived 11 days ago, but still pleasant, and much warmer than Skagit Bay! Some more on the beach and the game that was invented here: "If you want privacy at the beach, avoid Bačvice. If you want to meet people, this is the first choice. It's the central city beach, popular among locals and young tourists looking for some fun. It's a sandy beach, with sunbeds and parasols (maybe too many of them, but they are usually all taken). For people in ... read more
View from the Tennis Club bar
View down from the Ethnographic Museum
View down from the Ethnographic Museum

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split October 2nd 2019

"If you could show the cabbage that I planted with my own hands to your emperor, he definitely wouldn't dare suggest that I replace the peace and happiness of this place with the storms of a never-satisfied greed." A quote from Diocletian, stated when he was begged to return to the throne. (Aurelius Victor, Epitome de Caesaribus39.6) Diocletian was born around 244 to a poor family in what is now Croatia, and worked his way up the ranks in the Roman army. He became Emperor in 285, after defeating a rival in battle. His reign unified the Empire, and he eventually decided to appoint three other rulers, dividing responsibility for the empire among them. This arrangement is called the tetrarchy, from a url=https://en.wikipedia.or... read more
One of the sphinxes brought from Egypt
The Palace at the time of Diocletian
A remaining Roman Pillar

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar September 29th 2019

We had decided to spend a long time in Split (10 days) so we could visit islands with day trips, rather than haul luggage and pack and unpack several times. This decision has worked out well! We are in an inexpensive, but newly renovated apartment very close to the beach and the beach restaurants, and a 10 minute walk to the ferries. Our first Island trip was to Hvar, and specifically Hvar town, an island and town popular with the jet set. Unfortunately, it is now popular with the older cruise set, and the town is much too small to comfortably handle even one ship, along with all the boats and ferries from the mainland. Hvar town boasts the oldest indoor theater in the world, but we couldn't visit it. There was an interesting model ship ... read more
The walk from Zlatni Rat to Bol
Bol from the road from the ferry
Bol on Brac Island

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split September 27th 2019

Five hours on a comfortable bus took us from Zagreb to Split, through surprisingly diverse landscapes and few towns. The bus had wifi, and stopped for a break at a highway rest station, where we bought freshly made crepes, and coffees.. Split is the second largest city in Croatia, and has a population of 350,000. The transportation hub is on the waterfront: ferries, buses, and a pathetic train station are all clustered there, so it's easy to get around. Split has been settled/controlled by: Greeks, Romans, Venetians, the Byzantines, Napoleon, the Hapsburgs, Austrian Empire, Italy, Germany, and Yugoslavia! We found our new place fairly easily, but had to haul suitcases up hill from the harbor and back down to the beach area where we are staying for 10 days. Our apartment is on the ground floor, ... read more
Knitting on the bus to Split
Our newest bedroom
Split sunset

In the 1960s, films were made of the German author Karl May's "western" novels, featuring the characters of Old Shatterhand and Winnetou, a Native chief. They were filmed in Croatia, which was thought to look like the American West! From the clips, it seems that May was sympathetic to the Native cause. Much of the filming was done in the Plivice National Park, our destination on Thursday. Here's a clip if you're interested: The park was founded in 1949. It was fought over during the war, and landmines are still thought to be found in remote locations in the park. Much of the infrastructure was destroyed in the war, and this gave the area time to recover from over use. "The national park is world-famous for its lakes arranged in cascades. Sixteen lakes can be ... read more
Our rental: a "Duster" by Dacia
On the lake boat

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb September 25th 2019

We had a quiet first evening in Zagreb: mediocre pizza from the restaurant under the apartment, grocery shopping, and a decision to spend an additional night there. We decided that the best way to see Plitvice was by car, and we did not want to spend the night there. So we decided to rent a car for the day, drive the two plus hours each way to the park, and return to our lovely apartment that night. Fortunately, the apartment was available for an additional night, so we could relax and enjoy Zagreb the next day! The next morning, we slept in, made final plans for the rest of our trip (11 nights in Split with side trips), reserved a rental car for the Plitvice trip, and then headed out on the Rick Steves walking tour ... read more
Looking down from the top of the funicular
Bill and the funicular
Our Zagreb apartment

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bohinj September 24th 2019

On Sunday, we got up early and headed for the Sixt car rental at the train station in Ljubljana, hauling our suitcases and some food. We were in line behind a man speaking with an American accent, and we heard him mention "Seattle" to the employee. As we exclaimed that we too were from the Seattle area, the couple behind us chimed in, saying they were also from the Seattle area....really, what were the chances? I was the driver for this rental, since Bill had driven in Italy. A former student, Dan Thompsen, had given me a back roads route to Bled, where we would pay for our forest cabin, and buy supplies for our two night stay in the Triglav National Park. The route was beautiful, and I didn't hit anyone on the blind curves, ... read more
Three Seattle area guys in line at Sixt car rental in Ljubljana!
Beautiful views from the back roads to Bled
Beautiful views from the back roads to Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 21st 2019

We used Saturday morning to plan the final weeks of our trip. We've decided to base ourselves in Split for ten days and take day trips or perhaps an overnight to an island. We will take a bus to Dubrovnik on the 8th and fly to Venice, where we overnight and fly to Boston very early the next morning. When we got tired of looking at airbnb possibilities in Split, we headed out to get bikes again, and ride to the Botanical garden. "Established in 1810, the Ljubljana Botanical Garden is Slovenia's oldest cultural, scientific and educational institution operating uninterruptedly since its foundation. The Garden contains more than 4,500 different species and subspecies. One third of them are endemic to Slovenia, while the rest originate from other parts of Europe and other continents." My favorite parts ... read more
Bill at the car show
Botanical Garden
Friedrich Wilhelm Heinrich Alexander von Humboldt

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana September 20th 2019

On Friday, we planned to bike to the site of one of the pile dweller villages, in the marshes south of Ljubljana. We weren't sure about taking the the clunky and very heavy city bikes that far, but it is a flat route, and at 2 euros an hour after the first free hour, a bargain! We had a bike trail map, without street names, and google maps on our phones. With that combo, we made it out of the city and into the marshes on a gravel path. We only took one wrong turn, and didn't go too far before realizing our mistake and turning around. The bikes are so heavy that you can't lift them to turn them around! We rode on gravel paths for seven miles or so to the site. We stopped ... read more
Marshes or Barje
On one of the gravel trails we took today
Our only wrong turn!

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled September 19th 2019

"Standing placidly in the shadows of the Julian Alps, ringed by thick forests and guarded by a stern medieval castle, is Slovenia’s beloved Lake Bled. At its center is Bled Island, home to one most beautiful churches on the planet and the “wishing bell,” a 16th century chime consecrated by the Pope himself that is believed to grant the wishes of all who ring it." On Thursday, we took a bus to Lake Bled, where the quintessential Slovenian photo of the church on the island in a lake is taken...It was still cool in the morning, and the sun started to come out just after we arrived. We decided to walk around the lake on the 6 kilometer path and opted not to hike up to castle. Part way around, we came to the Olympic Rowing ... read more
The lake, with a mute swan
Bled Castle
The Lake

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