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Lynn Beebe

I was a primary teacher in a K-12 alternative school. In 2006, I took a leave for four months, travelling through Central America. I visited schools and studied Spanish along with being a tourist. My class followed my travels through this blog. I have continued to use this blog to keep friends, family and my students connected to my travels, recently in Mexico and now Kenya!

I am now retired and my husband and I hope to do even more traveling! I am volunteering in an after-school program on the Indian reservation where we live and at the local art museum along with gardening, kayaking, biking, and cooking....We spent a month in Argentina in the winter of 2009.

Fall 2009
We are now ready to depart on a trip to Italy. We hope to spend a month or so seeing Rome, Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and the area around Naples.

Fall 2010
We are going back to Italy this fall, hoping to see more of the smaller towns and villages.

Winter 2010-2011
We spent three weeks in the Yucatan, and then took a road trip to California and back.

Fall/Winter 2011-2012
A trip to Japan to see my brother and do some biking...a road trip through the Southwest...and a visit to the Mexican state of Oaxaca!

2013 took us to Spain, Morocco, and Hawaii....

We began our 2014 travels with a trip to the Mexican states of Colima, Jalisco, and Nayarit.

We left Chico Wednesday morning after a short hike and delicious breakfast, and headed into the foothills to the northeast towards Lassen National Park. We have wanted to do this drive for several years, but the roads have been closed due to snow in May until this year. The drive to Lassen was pretty, but the weather was rainy and clouds blocked some of the views. Our first stop was the Sulphur Mine area, where we saw the boiling mud! There were many fumaroles dotting the landscape; reminders of just how active this volcano is.... After a drive between high snow banks to the site of the devastation from the last eruption, exactly a hundred years earlier, we left Lassen and headed to Old Station buy gas. After crossing through Modoc National Park, we stopped in ... read more
The boiling mud!
Lassen Peak
 Lassen Peak

North America » United States » California » Chico May 25th 2015

We arrived in Chico around ten pm, after being stopped by highway patrol after Bill slowed down to let the vehicle with overly bright lights pass was a state patrol officer who thought Bill had been drinking since he slowed down and pulled over...after ten minutes of questioning Bill, the officer admitted to us that perhaps the lights on his new rig were quite bright.... The next day, Garth and Val had arranged for us to tour the Sierra Nevada brewery in Chico. It is an amazing facility, where nothing is wasted. After the tour, Garth drove us up the Butte Creek Canyon on a narrow back road up to the town of Paradise. We spent another night with Garth and Val at their lovely home in the hills above Chico before continuing on ... read more
Sierra Nevada Brewery Tour
Adding hops

We took a ten day road trip to Sacramento, California this month to help a good friend celebrate his graduation from law school. We drove over Stevens Pass Thursday morning, through the small town of Thorpe to visit and old mill (We have the excellent A Road History of Washington to lead us to interesting side trips...). Once in Oregon, we stumbled on the near ghost town of Chaniko, and also made a stop at the spectacular Ogden Scenic Wayside near Redmond. (We also have A Roadside History of Oregon....) We then over-nighted in Bend, Oregon, right on the Deshutes River, and continued south on Friday to Sacramento. The graduation was Saturday afternoon, and it was followed by a tour of the McGeorge School of Law campus (part of University of the Pacific) and then a ... read more
Old mill in Thorpe, WA
Thorpe Mill
Restored gas station near Ellensburg

North America » United States » Washington » Long Beach February 5th 2015

I've been using the book "Exploring Washington's Past: A Road Guide to History" as a resource as we drive...It has been a great source of information...It still amazes me how quickly and widely this area was settled by white immigrants. Lewis and Clark arrived here in 1805. By the 1850's industry had arrived...Native populations were restricted to reservations....forest cut down and shipped to San, schools, court houses and churches built. We spent our last night (a very windy and rainy one...) at La Push on Wednesday and packed up for our drive further south to Grayland on Thursday. Before we left, I jogged up the road to the Second Beach trail and ran that trail to the beach. It was so windy there that I had a hard time holding my phone steady for photos! ... read more
Strormy weather
Second Beach

North America » United States » Washington » Forks February 2nd 2015

We decided to take a winter trip around the Olympic Peninsula, and started out on Monday with a ferry ride to Port Townsend, where we stayed overnight with our friends Nancy and Mark. Our visit was great: a delightful dinner party, much excellent conversation, and a walk around their neighborhood.... On Tuesday, we drove along the Strait of Juan de Fuca for a few hours and then headed south to the Quileute Reservation, to spend two nights in La Push, on the beach. On the way, we stopped to see the newly restored Elwa River. The dam that completely blocked the salmon's access was taken down a few years ago and the wild salmon runs have come back! More info and history: Our room here on the second floor of the hotel part of the ... read more
What our house would have looked like if.....
Whidbey Island
Hike at Fort Casey while waiting for the ferry to Port Townsend...

North America November 28th 2014

Watch out what you wish for....we drove for several hours south from La Paz on sand/dirt roads along the coast, past beautiful beaches....and by the end we were more than eager to be back on pavement. After a particularly rough and confusing stretch of unpaved road, we suddenly came to asphalt! As was well for about half a mile when the road was severely under cut by the hurricane first it was just large holes on one side or the other but eventually we came to places where there was barely enough space to fit our tires between the deep holes and washouts! We made it through with no problem however, and we were just very glad we didn't have to turn back and retrace our path for 50 miles or more! We had planned ... read more
Cloud cherubs
Car and driver
Dirt raod through the mountains to the coast

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz November 23rd 2014

While the last few days in La Paz haven't been as exciting as the first two, we've been enjoying the quiet of our hotel (silence is required after 10:00pm...) and the easy accessibility to the malecon and the water. I've tried paddle boarding (a bit too windy and lots of boat wakes, but dolphins!!!); we rented bikes and cycled the length of the malecon; I rented a bike a second time and went swimming at the beach at the end of the malecon while Bill watched the Seahawks game; had an anniversary dinner at a sweet restaurant with great pasta; we rented a car and drove to Todos Santos and on to Cabo San Lucas (and back...); drove another day to the pristine beaches north east of the city in a wind storm; drove to the ... read more
Jacques Cousteau and Bill on the La Paz malecon
Beautiful cliffs near the end of the malecon

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz November 22nd 2014

We were offered a swim with sea lions/swim with whale sharks combination tour when we checked into our hotel on Thursday, and we decided to sign up. We left the the next morning around 9:00am for the all-day boat trip. Our companions were: a Stanford/MIT trained energy engineer who was starting a new job in DC where she would work for Africa Power, and who was taking a kite-surfing vacation before her job started. a BC bus driver who was also a kite surfer the parents, sister, brother-in-law, and a family friend of our guide Hugo, the guide the boat captain We motored about 40 minutes to the shores of Espirito Santo, a large nature preserve island off of La Paz, where our first stop was a nesting area for frigate birds. We continued past the ... read more
Sea Lion pup
On the boat
Frigate Birds

North America » Mexico » Baja California Sur » La Paz November 20th 2014

Ah...the long anticipated ferry ride across the Sea of Cortez... It was great fun, except the waiting in lines! We left about an hour late from Mazatlan, but in plenty of time to watch the sun set from out on the sea... We had to arrive a few hours before departure, and then waited on benches in the shade for about an hour. Next we waited by the baggage truck, and unfortunately didn't check our suitcases, opting to carry them on. Then we waited by the ferry ramp for a safe time to walk on between the semis that were still loading. Then we waited go up to the cabin level. And THEN it got really hard: five flights of narrow, steep stairs carrying a suitcase and wearing a backpack. Then we waited for our room ... read more
Coffee on "our" deck, with the last of the homemade protein bars I brought with us...
Waiting area for the ferry
Second waiting area....

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Mazatlan November 17th 2014

We didn't do much more than move hotels on Saturday....On Sunday we made up for our laziness: Flea Market (Lynn), Seahawks game (Bill), swimming (Lynn), and hike to the Faro (lighthouse) (both of us). The tianguis, or flea market on Sundays takes over a web of streets in the Juarez district, a 15 minute bus ride away from our was great fun to stroll past vendor after vendor, looking for something to catch my eye...I ended up with a shirt for Bill, and a top for me, and some drinking glasses to replace the styrofoam cups they use in the this hotel...I asked a vendor about the bus back, and she was very helpful, sending her daughter with me to help me ID the correct bus...There were only 4 other gringoes in the whole market, ... read more
QuinceaƱera...15th birthday...
Our hotel
Students raising awareness about the killing of the 43 student teachers earlier this year

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