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13th April 2022

Your Travels
Thanks so much for continuing to include me on your blog recipient list. I so much enjoyed your travels....a bit enviously since at 83+. I've stopped traveling -- COVID and aging concerns. You both look wonderful and are enjoying a healthy active life style - swimming, hiking, walking, etc. You are the only people I know with a electric car! Fascinating! I still have wonderful memories of our times together in Argentina and in Merida. Please stay safe and healthy......sending hugs, Carol
14th April 2022

So good to hear from you!
We were just talking about you a few days ago...please send me your current email/address...We had such lovely times with you and Martin in Mendoza and Merida!
24th March 2022

Your road trip
Wow!! I’m so glad you guys are having fun! Keep on truckn! ?
30th September 2019

The park in snow!
Hi Lynn - First of all, the grand baby has arrived. Don't mention on social media please. We went there a few years ago in March - making the case of off season travel. It was awesome. Snow and empty of visitors. Almost. But in any case and at all times, beautiful. Sometime we can show you the pics if you are interested. And definitely the baby pics! Cheery.
28th September 2019
An exhibit from Seattle in the Museum of Broken Relationships

It's on my places-to-visit-list
I really want to see the Musum of Broken Relationships and I have put it on a list of places I want to visit. Did you like it? /Ake
28th September 2019
An exhibit from Seattle in the Museum of Broken Relationships

Yes, do visit!
It was one of the most interesting museums I've seen...
19th September 2019

Hi Lynn and Bill - continues to be fun to read about places we have been are going to soon.(Been to all those places in Slovenia so far. When you get to Zagreb, take a peek at the Naive Art museum and the museum of broken relationships. Surprisingly great!
13th September 2019
Adriatic Sea

no photos came through
Hi - not sure if it was on your end or on mine but none of the photos re $28 swim blog loaded, darn it.
12th September 2019

Continuing to enjoy!
We almost went to Trieste a year or so back but didn't. Interesting to read about it. Haven't planned our Italy trip yet so this is pretty informative! When do you return. Can't remember if we got your itinerary but we might have a couple tips for the next two countries. Though they won't include biking hiking etc!
8th September 2019

what fun.
You are giving us plenty of ideas for out trip - staying in Bolzano for a couple days and possibly more. We are totally unplanned as the weather may be horrid. We will stretch it out if it is nice. Hope you go to Bolzano to give us a preview. We loved your post about forgetting everything. ha! that be me! We get there to that there on early november - when it could be horrid or pretty. We will be there when a friend who tuned us into the Dolomites will be having his memorial. We hope to be posting that day. Gray here today.
5th September 2019

Love your blog
I am so enjoying reading about your trip. I would prefer to be there with you but this will have to do for now. May you have many clear days ahead! Love you both.
17th October 2018

Thank you so much for sharing a great information. I appreciate your time and effort in your work. Keep posting.
8th October 2018

Kyoto Shrines
Hi you two - bringing back memories of my trip there in 1970 ('71?). If you get a chance to go to Nijo Castle, do check out the Nightingale floors; It was very memorable for me and they still work!
2nd November 2017

He is our president
6th October 2017

say hello to Chris and wife
I also feel like I know them pretty well too just from reading your blog. The best part is that I got all the fun of reading about it and none of the sleep loss! Thanks for sharing. :)
4th October 2017

Fado and Vina Verde
Let me know what they serve for dinner. Try the bacalau dish. I beiieve that is the trad portugese meal.
4th October 2017

Looks like you are in Lisboa for a month? Coincidentally my brother Stephen Frisbee, & sister-in-law Sharon Matheson are there now too, but only for 10 days as they are still working, unlike us lucky retirees!
1st June 2017

Pineapple Plant
The first picture in this nice blog is of a pineapple plant.
7th February 2017

Your Travels
What wonderful experiences you've had in San Miguel.....made us want to spend more time there. We've enjoyed your blogs. Safe travels home! Carol and Martin
25th January 2017

Lynn - and Doris!
Love following your travels - Hello to Doris! Always wanted to visit San Miguel de A. Thanks for the photos and history. Best to Bill. Come back to the Vineyard sometime - or Cambridge. We split time between the two.
22nd January 2017

Marching On
Delighted to hear there was a women's March in San Miguel as there were in all the major cities in the U.S. Will be even more delighted if they influence the policies of The Creature whose agenda seems to be all self aggrandizement! Sad to hear about the murdered children. Hope that issue gets resolved. There always seems to be some sort of celebration of historic figures in Mexico. Martin used to joke about getting caught up in the birthday celebration of Benito Juarez's mother. The Grotto and the markets sounded delightful.....
22nd January 2017

The Gray hat or the pink one? :) G
22nd January 2017

A bad day for the world
Thank you for the timely blog, Lynn. Indeed, it's not a good day for the world. What I once was proud to call as 'civilization', sometimes I wonder if it is true anymore! But we must keep hope, I suppose!
17th January 2017

El Imperfecto
The endings are reasonably easy. Deciding when to use the imperfect and when to use the preterite is much trickier. Suerte! Interesting history of S.M. de A. Thanks! C.

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