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I'm a budget traveller who prefers to visit the locals rather than the local attractions. Travel for me is about experiencing new cultures and accepting people for who they are. We wish to help people to travel the world as it is an amazing place with so much to see and do, travelling is easy once you make the decision to go. The hardest part for most making the decision to book that ticket but that is the beginning for life changing and rewarding experiences.

Asia » India » National Capital Territory » Delhi March 15th 2014

Recently I was fortunate enough to lead a group to India for two hectic weeks of sightseeing. Totally different to the usual standard of travel we do (luxury instead of backpacking) but got to visit some amazing hotels. If anyone gets the chance, stay at the Leela Palace in delhi... stunning hotel! A place that we visited for the first time was a town called Orcha which is between Agra and Khajuraho. Other than the seeing the Taj, Orcha was the biggest highlight for the group. It is just a stunning place that is not expected. Very limited tourists and if anyone going to India is looking for something of the beaten track this is worth the effort. It was the first time that I have visited Khajuraho also. The only reason to visit here is ... read more
Orachha (23)
Varnassi (31)
Orachha (18)

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido February 2nd 2013

After a five hours ride in a packed minivan with our wedding cloths/bags on our laps, a couple of tourists with the rest locals we finally arrived to our honeymoon destination. The road getting to El Nido is half sealed and the minivan fly’s along stopping occasionally along the road to drop off and pick up more people. When we finally arrived it was a pitch black village where we could hardly see each other and the driver informed us that it is our last stop. The locals just disappeared into the darkness on the small village paths leaving us wondering what to do. Our eyes finally adjusted to the candle light when we saw some tricycles and the friendly drivers offering us a ride to our hotel which was a big relief for us and ... read more
What are you looking at...
Heading into a hidden lagoon
Beach in the jungle

Oceania » Australia » Victoria » Great Ocean Road October 21st 2012

The coast heading south from Melbourne is one of the most popular scenic drives in Australia and the Great Ocean Road certainly doesn’t disappoint. We only went as far as the Twelve Apostles but over a weekend that is still a decent trip and with all the things to see along the way it was plenty far enough. What we really enjoyed was getting back to nature and after a few years out of Australia to be able to see the natives is always a treat, even the more deadly sort. As winter is now pretty much finishing the snakes are starting to wake up and head out for a feed and the tiger snake we came across really did have a bad attitude. It is this time of year that the snakes are a little ... read more
Friendly koala
Photo 16
Photo 11

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok September 20th 2012

We landed in a sleepy Bangkok in the middle of night, without any problems. We got a taxi to our hotel where we got few hours sleep before to get out in the crowd and get lost in this huge city. The weather reminded us like a sauna in Europe – hot and wet. It is rainy season in Thailand at the moment but (un)luckily we didn’t see any rain during our stay in Bangkok. We have forgotten how easy travel in Asia is after our big trip in Africa. Bangkok is really organized, easy to get around, a little hassle and completely different atmosphere compare with the big cities of Africa. Finally we didn’t feel any fear to walk around the narrow off streets or after sun has set. This made us to enjoy fully ... read more
Colors of Bangkok
Black Buddha

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town July 30th 2012

Cape Town, our last stop on our nine months long trip which has given us so much – good and bad times. Few hits have been hard to manage but it has included several great life lessons. Both of us agree that we wouldn’t do such long trip again in the same style… hitchhiking, staying with the locals and experiencing the real African life. Today we appreciate the life in a different way and it has been a challenge for our relationship but we came just closer to each other :) We have finished our trip in the most beautiful city in Africa – Cape Town. Indeed it is a cross-cultural city with a great vibe and it has been great to finish up here instead of going from Cape Town to Nairobi. This is because ... read more
Down towards Cape Town
This guy was making very much noise
Walking up Table Mt

With our trip well and truly winding down we both felt the need to relax and to let the body recover from the hard hits that Africa has given us. But of course as soon as we done this we opened ourselves to let some little bug in and that is exactly what happened. For the latter part of Cape Town and its surroundings we both felt under the weather which not the best way to finish the trip was. It also got us thinking, when at the end of a long trip and you start to relax, does your immune system seem to have a few days off also? It is not the first time after a longer trip that towards returning home it is the only time illness has reared its ugly head. But ... read more
Lighthouse at Cape of Good Hope
South African navy base
Border security

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Agulhas July 23rd 2012

It is a hot topic in South Africa the pros and cons of shark cage diving and even the use of burley or chum to lure the sharks in for documentaries is now a big no no since the surfer was taken off the coast close to a filming crew. For sure we can see both points of views here, having the burley in the water and a group of terrified tourists in a cage must to some degree get the shark’s thinking food when they see humans. People also say that it is interfering with nature and can have negative consequences and alter their behavior, just check out the baboons. But it is a big industry and brings a lot of income for the region, increases jobs and knowledge to tourist about the sharks showing ... read more
Magnificant Great White
In the cage

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Garden Route July 20th 2012

When thinking of the National Parks in South Africa thoughts such as herds of elephants grazing the open plains, lions sneaking up on prey are and hippos grunting in the rivers are all common. But it is not only the wildlife packed parks that attract all the attention as there are three that are stretched along the Garden Route in the south offer something that you would dare to do in the others, a hike. Wilderness, Knysna and Tsitsikamma are all within close proximity of each other along the coast with the former attracting the most tourists and for good reason. Tsitsikamma NP has several first class hiking trails and it is here that the five day otter train begins that will take you 41km along some amazing coastline. But for the less energetic and for ... read more
Reward at the end of walk
Along the boardwalk
Rough seas

Africa » South Africa » Eastern Cape June 2nd 2012

Heading into Addo Elephant NP we soon realized that this would be our last safari for our time in Africa. We have been fortunate enough to see a great deal of wildlife over the last eight months and now we are more relaxed cruising around and not trying to grab the camera at the first sighting of anything half interesting. Sitting and appreciating the animals whilst not looking through the lens is something special and you can take more in. The only thing that we are still not too comfortable with are elephants and Addo Elephant NP, as the name suggests, is packed with them. The unease we have is from an experience we have back in Kruger NP where we were surrounded by a family of thirty odd including babies and angry mothers. The only ... read more
Morning stroll
Soooo cute

Africa » Lesotho » Sani Top May 20th 2012

Heading into the Drakensberg to do a little hiking we didn’t realize that the reward for a beer would entice us to hike to the highest pub in Africa and walking the Sani pass at 2865m along the way. The Sani Pass we have heard quite a lot about over the years, the views are breathtaking, road is tough and the wind is bone chilling. This is why, like most others, we were looking to do a tour up the pass to reach the famous pub in Lesotho overlooking South Africa. The problem is that they want a large amount of money to do this and at this stage of our trip it just didn’t seem possible. The thing that the tour operators don’t tell you is that it is possible to walk the 18km return ... read more
Hello Lesotho
Our first hike
Keeping warm in the wind

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