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6th September 2013

The name of your favourite sweet in Rajasthan is Sonpapdi. Incidentally I too like it too much !
8th February 2013

its indeed super natural place and only you can find here in philippines.
28th January 2013

LOL..all divers would be proud of that line!
Vomiting on a great thats something not many people can say they have done!
1st November 2012
Photo 12

Lovely place...saw Shakespeare's Mid Summer Nights the caves & the beach here one evening...magic place
From Blog: Great Ocean Road
20th September 2012

Bangkok is great?!!
You created good blog and I'm glad you like my country. Bangkok has a lot of activities to do. Maybe next time you come back again.
23rd August 2012

Sad to see that sick lioness!
How awful to see how sick this lioness is! I wonder if the park mgt does anything to preclude infections among these animals. But hey, you're sooooo lucky to find that very elusive leopard!
1st August 2012

Africa can be hard and, as you said, it challenged you both but it's from the difficult moments that we learn the most; sometimes I wish I would have been a bit 'braver' when we were traveling and wouldn't have chosen the easy option... take care now and until your next trip!
31st July 2012

Well done...
You did Africa the hard way and really immersed yourself in the continent and the people. So until next time you are on the road, take care of yourself and relax with friends and family at home.
31st July 2012

Hi Bob and Linda :) Thanks for the message.. We are back in Sweden now and enjoying relaxing for awhile beofre we move to Australia in early September. Africa was a difficult place to backpack but one we will never forget for sure.
30th July 2012

Nine months!? What are you going to name your baby?
30th July 2012

You will be surprised how many people have asked that lol
27th July 2012

Glad you are feeling better
Sorry to hear your travels are coming to an end. You have a lot of fans. Hopefully, you will blog from time to time on your local area so we know what you are up to and maybe join us in the forums. Loved the penguins. What a great place for your travels to come to a close. Keep in touch.
30th July 2012

Yeah the penguins were great and Cape Town is a great spot to finish of an African adventure.. We are glad we headed South instead of North, it seemed to get easier the closer to South Africa. For sure we will keep writing blogs and pop into the forums more once we settle back into some sort of routine :)
25th July 2012

I think Diana is the brave one here, because she got on the boat even though she's prone to sea sickness!... I get seasick often and I can relate to how hard it is; I'm also a diver but the cage diving... not for me!!! ;o) (P.s: Jaws is a very good book... much better than the movie version!)
30th July 2012

Very ture
I think it is the last time for Diana to do any sort of small boat trip out onto the ocean.. She said it is even worse than getting the bed spins after a big night and even I cant stand that!
24th July 2012
After close to nine months we made it to the Southern tip of Africa

I love the Photo
23rd July 2012

We are divers but...
not sure we are going to do this one. I guess you are ok you say start thinking of all the things that can go wrong. I'm sure your heart was pounding. Very nice photos. As always we enjoyed the adventure.
23rd July 2012

Thanks guys
Yes the heart was going a million miles an hour! But after awhile we did relax and got to enjoy it a lot more. The first time in the cage goes very quick but the second and third (depending on number) you will be more concerned about the cold water than the shark :) It is great to see them just swimming around nice and relaxed and not the killing machine that they are portrayed to be.
20th July 2012

Goodness me!
Great photo, horrible spider. :)
24th May 2012
mini-IMG 3786

Shama... ladies from the river of shamangorwa
23rd May 2012

Wow, Chris... I was getting more and more tense as I read your blog. But I wasn't suprised when I read about the woman who was so hospitable. South African locals are very warm and open-minded when it come to travellers. It's a pity God's Window was so misty... the view is quite spectacular on that side. Check out for some awesome camps and lodges... So that sleeping in the car is not an option ever again!
20th May 2012
Sani Pass (65)

A great photo
This would make an excellent travelblog bio photo. Loved your path to find a beer. We will add that to our trip when we get to that part of the world. A great story.
12th May 2012

What a sad picture of the lioness...
what is TBC? And thanks for all the great pictures!
11th May 2012

Your pictures
Your pictures are absolutely beautiful. You must be having an amazing journey.
11th May 2012

Thanks Charlie
Yeah it has been a great trip but with only a couple more weeks left the end is tooo close.

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