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Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal May 17th 2012

We were glad to see farm land in South Africa once we left Swaziland and from what we had heard the KwaZulu-Natal area of South Africa is for some reason one of the more unexplored areas in the country. This was great news for us and the National Parks were once again our first intention. Hluhluwe and iMfolzi Game Reserves are very close to Swaziland and made a good base to spend our first couple of days in the area. We didn’t have a clue that these national parks will be one of the highlights of South Africa trip which have fantastic landscape, plenty of animals, great climate and just few kilometers away from the sea side. If you wish to escape from the touristic national parks like Kruger NP and you have to line up ... read more
Wide load
Elvis fan

Africa » Swaziland May 12th 2012

Swaziland is one of the smallest countries in the world and it seems that it is belonging to ‘real’ Africa. For first time during our Africa journey we crossed the border in our own car and we were met by dirty and almost 4x4 roads. On these small forest roads our small car left just a ball of dust behind and surprised local eyes. The kids were running after our car, people walking and starring on the roads – welcome back to Africa. The real Africa was here once again and reminded us about our challenging time around Africa which we have forgotten a little bit and seem it was ages ago. South Africa is so far away from the other African nations that we visited or perhaps that it is quite comfortable now. In fact ... read more
Swazi sunset
Local plants
Mouth full food

Hearing stories from both sides of the fence about Kruger we were very keen to see what this internationally renowned park was all about and we can easily say that it was a great deal more amazing than we were thinking. Arriving in the gate at 6am we planned to do a decent loop on the way to our camp Letaba for the first night, it is in the first 30 minutes that we had seen enough animals for last our five days including the leopard picture above. That leopard by far was the highlight of our time in this park and getting so close to this magnificent animal by ourselves (other than the time when we were on foot and it was two meters from us) was pure ass and to be by ourselves made ... read more
Eyes on the prey
Friendly elephants
TBC - Sad to see this in the park

Africa » South Africa » Mpumalanga May 8th 2012

Heading from Kimberly we had one plan for the day which was to get past Johannesburg before the sun was setting so we could easily find a nice place to pitch for the night. One big problem was that was out of our hands was the traffic and which made this day one which should have been a fairly relaxing day, turning into a day where we were thinking of sleeping in the car and ending up with the most random luck we have had since finishing hitching. Things were going along smoothly until we just reached the outskirts of Johannesburg and all of a sudden we were in a traffic jam which was going know where fast. Suddenly we felt quite unsafe and we locked all the car doors and closed all the windows, and ... read more
The famous pinnacle
Moving skywards
Blyde River Canyon

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape May 6th 2012

Our holiday has finally started! Well it may seem strange hearing that after several months already in Africa but the fact that we have now hired a car from our final leg of the journey through South Africa is making it a breeze. Not having to get up at dawn with our thumb sticking out towards the road is something that we are not really going to miss at all and it has been a tiring experience but when we look back is will be something we appreciate that. Our last hitching experience was to get to Cape Town from the Namibian border. The moment we have crossed Namibia/RSA border we felt quite unsafe to stand on the road without to have a shelter. But we don’t know if the horror stories about this country we ... read more
Great scenery along the way
Swartberg Pass
Road up the Swartberg Pass

Africa » Namibia » Fish River Canyon April 27th 2012

It isn’t hard to understand that just 2 million people live in Namibia as you drive a few hundred kilometers without meeting anyone – no cars, no houses, no people and just endless deserts. Here we are in middle of nowhere and don’t have any transportation to the south. It is during these times that we understand how helpless we are in this landscape. But nothing is impossible if you have some patience and try to reach your goal so our recent mission was to get a lift to the Fish River Canyon. Well it wasn’t easy and we cannot thank enough the amazing couple from South Africa who offered us a ride to the canyon from the Sossusvlei dunes, and we hang out with them for few days and we were dropped off in Springbok, ... read more
This guys has robbed us
Sunset over campsite

Africa » Namibia » Sossusvlei April 21st 2012

It is very easy to see why this place is the number one attraction in the country as it was simply magnificent. With all the people we talked to after visiting this place we all agreed that it is very difficult to actually take a bad photo. But one tip, if you decide to camp make sure that you get a place where you can hit your tent pegs in as when we came back from Sossusvlei your tent will be gone like our was. Well all campers had a great laugh about our flying tent in the dunes … it was the main topic for the day :) In fact the weather changes a lot in the day time. It is really windy and you’ll have sand everywhere, and it is unbelievable hot. But the ... read more
Death Valley
Heading home after Sossusvlei
Seems like another planet

Africa » Namibia » Swakopmund April 19th 2012

Swakopmund on the coast of Namibia is the place to get your adrenalin fix for the country. Here you can find all the activities from sand boarding to skydiving and you will be sure to see some spectacular sights. The highlight for us was no doubt ‘dune 7’ that rises above the desert and makes a nice day trip from Swakopmund. The city itself reminded us of a city you would expect to see in the Middle East where the desert and sand dunes meet the outer suburbs. Swakopmund doesn’t seem like it should be there but it is the fastest growing city and with its German architecture and vibes it is easy to see why it is a hot spot with the locals and tourists alike. The other reason we were in this area was ... read more
A part of petrified forest
On the top of the dune
The view from Swakopmund

Africa » Namibia » Cape Cross April 14th 2012

During our visit to the Skeleton Coast we found that not just the name of this coast was created from the unforgiving nature of the coast. It is a foggy region with rocky and sandy coastal shallows that has not only been a graveyard for ships and their crews but also we found hundreds of skeletons along the beach which are belonging to the seals, whales and other animals. Hyenas’ tracks are leading to the dead bodies and their remains as well as jackals and birds of prey. Imagine walking through an unburied graveyard and a fresh smell is of the previous nights ramblings wafting on the breeze. On this beach very few walk as you can drive the few kilometers to one of the biggest seal colony viewpoint in the world but we hadn’t choice ... read more
Puppy eyes
1% of all seals on the Skeleton coast
Barking up a storm

Africa » Namibia » Ruacana April 9th 2012

At times you just get plain lucky when hitchhiking throughout Africa and this story (and how we came about to getting these photos) to date may top it all. As we have been in northern Namibia we have heard about the Himba people (an ethnic group numbering not more than 50,000 people) from this region and southern Angola and we thought we must try and meet these colorful people. The only problem was that we were in Ruacana which is very difficult to go from plus the ‘tourist Himba’ whom we thought we could only visit is in a town called Opuwo, 150 km south. Standing for around an hour on one of Ruacana’s gravel roads the first car that rolls past pulls over and asks where we were going. ‘South, trying to see some Himba’ ... read more
Chief keeping a eye
Lunch time
Hard work

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