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Africa » Namibia » Ruacana April 6th 2012

The dramatic 85 meters high Ruacana Falls was once a great natural wonder and presenting a spectacle comparable to Victoria Falls. It was worth a side trip to see it as it was flowing for full at the moment as Angola has had quite a lot rain lately. If Namibia and Angola would put a little care around this natural wonder it would become one of the most visited places in Namibia. Ruacana Falls are really untouched and undone for tourism but some locals are going for a day picnic and enjoy the amazing and non-touristic view over falls and Angola’s landscape. We cannot complain either as we enjoyed being out the touristic area and take in every moment of this wonderful place. Well these falls are right on the border of Namibia and Angola, and ... read more
Hard sunny day again
Spider home
Amazing view

Africa » Namibia » Rundu March 29th 2012

In a village called Shamangorwa, a few hours’ fast drive east from the main city of Rundu the title of this blog is the beleif. Well not only in this village but all throughout Namibia but will get to that soon. Up in this area it is definitely not a touristic area although many tourist trucks are passing the main road heading towards the main attraction in Etosha National Park. This small, cozy and forgotten village is in the middle of the bush, roughly 10km from the main road and if you don’t have own transportation it is quite challenging to get there but not impossible. Shamangorw village is few meters from Angola and the Okavango River is dividing these two countries like day and night. As Namibia is just growing and the development is extremely ... read more
We have been attacked by this green thing
The sunrise over a hut
Angola just few hundry meters

Africa » Botswana » North-West » Okavango Delta March 19th 2012

In the largest inland delta in the world, the Okavango Delta was the last place we would think to be seeing more bushfires than wildlife. The islands that surrounded our camp were burning for the duration of our stay and it was only a 15 meter channel that spared our island from the same fate. The animals were escaping from the delta sunburned bushes which were coughing by fire with the wind speed and maybe why we were lucky seeing more wildlife than it is normally possible in the off-season. Well the Okavango Delta was still incredible (especially in the sunset) and worth to visit but unbelievably hot (in the day time above 40-45 degrees in the sun). We didn’t expect to have a possibility to swim in the delta as it is home for many ... read more
Morning dew
Spiders in the delta
View from the camp

Africa » Botswana » North-East » Francistown March 16th 2012

Landlocked Botswana offers extremes in environment and diversity of landscape, which is like nothing else in Africa. The size of this interesting country is roughly the same size as France, 70% of the diverse area is desert and the number of population just reaching two millions. After our crossing Zimbabwe/Botswana border we were dropped in middle of the desert at Chobe National Park with the wild animals around us. Just few hundred meters in front of us a self-confident elephant was crossing the sandy desert road, some odd noise in the savanna grassland made us nervous, few antelopes were hiding from the afternoon extreme heat etc. When we crossed the non touristic border it seemed that we got lost as we felt on our own. Now we understood why all the guide books and nice locals ... read more
Along the roads
Lack of water
Dry place

Africa » Zimbabwe » Victoria Falls March 7th 2012

After two months we were back at the Victoria Falls but this time from Zimbabwe side and it has been same ‘wow’ experience once again. We understand why this is one of the top world’s wonders. It is really hard to compare Zambia and Zimbabwe falls since it is same amazing falls but you are getting unique view from both sides. Definitely you are getting a better view and understanding how big these falls are from Zimbabwe side but in Zambia side you can stand almost on the top of them and feel the powerful nature wonder. This time of year the falls were full of water and we couldn’t avoid getting absolutely soaked from head to top as it was splashing like from a big bucket. As well we couldn’t resist going back to the ... read more
Mother and child quality time in the dust
Powerful wonder
Victoria Falls National Park

Africa » Zimbabwe » Harare March 5th 2012

Developed, organized, friendly, plenty of choices are things that we were not expecting to find in Zimbabwe but from our time here so far we have been amazed at how easy this country actually is. The media has made this country sound like a horrible place to visit and travel to but the reality is completely different. The media portrayed Zimbabwe as one of the most dangerous in the world just few years ago but the situation is different today as it was then. Of course the security can be changed radically in every Africa country and advisable to check the situation before your departure. Especially in Zimbabwe you’ll notice that the tourism is going slowly forward and tourists trying to find a way back to this amazing country. One piece of advice for travelers going ... read more
Fight the power
Fresh fruits
Music in the town

Africa » Zimbabwe » Mutare February 26th 2012

After having no idea of what to expect in terms of safety and the people we headed to Zimbabwe and are very glad that we took the time. First port of call was the Eastern section of this country which is meant to be one of the highlights in Zimbabwe. Of course it has been intense to cross the Mozambique/Zimbabwe border because we didn’t have a clue how the situation is over there. From the minute we entered Zimbabwe you could feel the difference from Mozambique in terms of development and how nice the people are here (we thought that Mozambique people were nice but Zimbabwe has something special). If only the media put some positive news back into Zimbabwe this country would be bustling with tourists once again but until then we are able to ... read more
Chocolate whiskey cake
View of the world lookout

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Vilanculos February 15th 2012

Sometimes life is too good to be true, huh! Mozambique is one of the most amazing countries in the world and we don’t want to wake up from this awesome dream. Here you’ll find crystal blue water, friendly and smiling people, incredible weather, white and long beaches, fresh seafood and paradise for every tourist. But reality for locals is much darker than we expected, life isn’t easy for the locals and the tourists don’t make it easier either since they are spending a local monthly salary for a dinner in front of their eyes. We have tried to come as close to the local life in Vilankulo. It has been great an experience to visit the cozy markets, to buy fresh fish from the beach, to laugh and share the new experiences. So we are learning, ... read more
Fish market in Vilankulo Beach
Rainy season but sunny and +40 every day
The rain is calming down stormy sea

Africa » Mozambique » Southern » Inhambane February 7th 2012

We left Malawi with a relief as it has been quite difficult to get around, overcrowded public transportation, daily increases in prices and the troubled currency but we didn’t have a clue how tough it would be for our first few days in Mozambique. Dirty and endless roads greeted us and we soon wished that we would be back in Malawi. We crossed the border happily since our cheap visas (read about it in the previous blog) worked and amazing people met us with bright smiles, and it doesn’t matter that we faced a language barrier already on the border. Soon we realized that we are in middle of nowhere and we were only ones who were crossing the border at the time. Welcome to Mozambique! The next three days included a lot waiting on the ... read more
About to have a crash landing
Bright markets
Enjoying the rare shade

Africa » Malawi » Southern » Blantyre February 3rd 2012

Heading down south to Blantyre we managed to hitch a lift with a couple of nice truck drivers. This was our only option since the three busses that were supposed to be passing by between 4-5pm arrived three hours later all completely packed with around 20 people standing in each. Well normally this would be fine for us but since it was going to be a 12 hour trip over night we thought better of this and gave up on our hope to go that night. We are not really sure if the busses are like this all the time but the fuel crisis (and every other crisis here in Malawi) has put too much pressure on car owners and they have no option but catch the public transport also. As well our impression of some ... read more
Africa colours
Enjoying every sip
mini-IMG 2560

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