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I love to travel... and so far I have been lucky enough to visit a few of the incredible parts of this world... So much more to do and see still though... the list seems to have no end... Well... One place at the time...

My big Asian adventure of 2013 finished with an unexpected move across the globe... A husband and two kids later I'm still dreaming of long-term travel...

Happy travels everyone! 😊

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Ella August 4th 2018

Even after hearing that the reserved tickets for the train to Ella were sold out for two months already, we were still fooling ourselves that we would get on that train somehow... We found out the previous day that on the morning of the departure, a few extra tickets are usually released, so we thought we might as well see if we can get any. Grant went with the tuk tuk to the station at 7am to get the tickets while I finished packing and got the kids ready in case we were to catch the morning train. He came back at 8 with 2 tickets, unreserved as the reserved ones were sold out (surprise, surprise!). He was also told that we should try to get on the train anyhow as most likely we would get ... read more
At the station in Nuwara Eliya
At the station in Nuwara Eliya
Choo choo! Off to Ella we go!

Asia » Sri Lanka » Central Province » Kandy August 2nd 2018

When you're on a tight schedule and you want to pack in your itinerary as many places to see as you can, you do need to try to save some time on travel at least. That obviously can have a bit of an impact on your wallet. And so it did this time. We didn't really set a daily spending budget, but secretly I hoped we wouldn't go over 100NZD a day... well that private driver we got from Negombo to Kandy cost us 125NZD, so there went my secret budget! We were here for two weeks only though, not to mention that most likely that was THE holiday for that year, so we (meaning I) didn’t complain too much about it this time. We would just do a slightly fancier backpacking, splashing on taxis here ... read more
At the botanical gardens
Kandy lake
At the Pinnawala Orphanage Centre

Asia » Sri Lanka » Western Province » Negombo July 31st 2018

One day you're preparing for your trip and the next day you're packing again and saying goodbye already... My two months holidays in Poland with the kids had gone by way too quick... Grant, on his own at home in Christchurch, surviving the winter by the log burner, would probably disagree... Still it was time for me and the kids to head back to the world’s end, to get back home... One more stop before going back to New Zealand though – a small holiday for the four of us in a country none of us has ever been to... Two (hopefully) blissful weeks in Sri Lanka! Now only to get there on my own with two kids, to get there mentally sane that is and Grant would hopefully take over from there... As usual I ... read more
Negombo canals
At the fish market in Negombo
Negombo beach

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag December 6th 2016

It’s hard to believe it’s been two years since our Christmas in Poland. With two New Zealand Christmases already gone by, it only makes sense to bring back the memories and talk tradition! So here it goes... As we were heading back to Poland, I was a bit sad that our trip had come to an end but at the same time I was looking forward to spending some time with my parents. Poland welcomed us with a bit of snow. As we landed in Warsaw it was white all around. From here we caught a train to Malbork where my dad picked us up to take us home. My parents were over the moon to see Millie. We decided to wait with sharing the news about the little bean until I had a confirmation from ... read more
Elblag covered in snow
Millie and her buddy snowman
Christmas 2016

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana December 3rd 2016

So we were getting close to the end of the second leg of this journey. Ljubljana was the last destination on the list... Now only we needed to get there somehow… Unfortunately the connections between Rovinj and Ljubljana weren't that great… Either a very early bus at 5.50am or the afternoon one at 2.50pm... We were really considering the early morning one for a while, mostly thinking about Millie and the fact that she's definitely coping better with morning bus journeys rather than the afternoon ones... still the idea of waking up around 4am to catch the bus faded away quite quickly. The afternoon bus it was then... Thankfully we were able to negotiate late check-out with the hosts (another advantage of booking accommodation in the low season I guess). And we were ready to head ... read more
One of many interesting finds in Ljubljana
The city of dragons
Always happy when I see mountain peaks around

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Rovinj November 26th 2016

As we were getting closer to the end of our adventure in Croatia, I thought that probably we could’ve planned that part of the journey a bit better. Well I could have... There were still quite a few days left before meeting my friends in Ljubljana but I wasn’t exactly sure where to go to next… I checked out a few places in Slovenia and even Italy since we were very close to both borders, but the prices of accommodation were almost two times higher over there! Welcome to Eurozone I guess… Also long bus trips were out of the question (simply had enough of these for a while) so I needed to find something not too far away… It made me think about all these beautiful villages we passed by on the Dalmatian coast… We ... read more
Picking through Arena's windows...
Colours of Rovinj
Beautiful Rovinj

Europe » Croatia » Central Croatia » Zagreb November 20th 2016

I was really dreading this trip... Actually when we were looking into coming to Bosnia this trip and the one from Kotor to Mostar, were the two trips that made me a bit unsure about going to Bosnia at all... Since we did manage to turn the 9hour Kotor-Mostar journey into a 3hour one, we were hoping we would survive this loooong journey as well... 6+ hours... Still didn't like the sound of that though... We had some assigned seats but decided not to use them and took some other ones with way more leg room... We got some looks from a couple that walked into the bus later on, guessing we took their seats? But hey, the bus wasn't full and they got the same kind of seat right next to us, so hopefully no ... read more
Some funky buildings and graffiti in Zagreb
Grič Tunnel
At the Trsat Castle

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » East » Sarajevo November 17th 2016

As we got to the bus station and saw all the rusty buses, we thought that it was going to be a very long 2,5h trip... There was one flashier looking bus in the middle of it all and we thought that surely we couldn't be that lucky to get that one? It turned out that yes we were! And soon after we were on our way to Sarajevo. And what a beautiful road that was! As soon as we left Mostar, we started driving through a very scenic river canyon. I wish I could say more about that journey but as soon as Millie fell asleep in my arms, so did I... We woke up half way and the views didn't disappoint from there on either. Driving in between the rocky hills, with some snowy ... read more
One of many Sarajevo roses
Sun setting over Sarajevo
Our little traveller at the bobsleigh tracks

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina » South » Mostar November 14th 2016

It was a really short stay in Montenegro and as we were leaving the apartment I thought that probably we should've stayed at least one more night to give Perast another go. The weather also was absolutely beautiful which only made me regret leaving Kotor even more... but what was done, was done... We had accommodation booked in Mostar already and the transport as well, so it was time to leave Montenegro and go to another country I have never been to before - Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our driver came to pick us up from the main entrance to the Old Town. He was right on time! Quick adjustment of Millie's car seat (yep! full service!) and we were off! The guy actually looked really friendly and was speaking surprisingly good English... It turned out that ... read more
Old Bridge in its full glory
Walking around Mostar
Walking around the Old Town in Mostar

Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor November 11th 2016

We packed our bags and left the apartment nice and early. We caught the public bus straight away and in no time at all got to the bus station. Kind of regretted we left so early as it was pretty cold that morning, temperature dropped a good few degrees – it was only 10C! Thankfully they had waiting room so we could hide away from the cold. My jaw dropped slightly when we were told the price of the tickets to Kotor – 20Eur per person for a 2 hour drive, quite pricey to me! Ah well, there wasn't much we could do about that... Once the bus arrived, we put our luggage in the compartment. We were supposed to pay 15kuna, but ended up paying 20 as the guy didn't have change – at least ... read more
Little trails off the main path to the fortress...
Living on the edge...
Fishing in Perast

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