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Oceania » Australia » New South Wales » Kingscliff October 7th 2013

I really enjoyed staying around Brisbane’s countryside but the idea of going to the coast for a while certainly got me excited! Relaxing by the pool, getting some sun, strolling on the beach, rolling in the sand, it all sounded very tempting for sure! Well, the sandy part a little bit less tempting maybe… ;) Feeling sand beneath my feet sounds more like it! The weather was absolutely amazing as well – blue skies, nice temperature – quite warm but not too hot either, no humidity, just lovely! Perfect weather for having another shot at improving my hiker’s tan perhaps? ;) Off we went to the coast then and a different state as well… Off to Kingscliff, New South Wales! The resort we stayed at was a bit away from the Kingscliff town itself, just like ... read more
cormorant drying in the sun...
a true surfer's paradise...
...and another ibis in sight...

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Mount Tamborine September 22nd 2013

What can I say? I had very mixed feelings about coming to Australia… Ever since I was in high school I had dreams of coming to this country, a faraway land full of unusual creatures and constant sun... A massive country for that matter as well! I was wondering how it would be living there… Then with time this dream disappeared... As I grew up and became more reasonable and wiser (slightly wiser at least ;)) my attention was directed elsewhere… First of all I really love Europe! So many countries to visit, each of them very unique in its own way… Not to mention that you can lead a very comfortable life in Europe as well… When it comes to travelling my attention was directed a bit further away though… After watching movies, reading books ... read more
gorgeous sleepyhead at Daisy Hill
another incredible species of birds - rainbow lorikeets!
enjoying our skywalk experience at O'Reilly's! :)

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh September 16th 2013

We weren’t exactly too excited to be getting back to Phnom Penh as it didn’t really make a very good first impression on us at all... Striking differences between wealthy and poor… and all the westerners ‘hanging out’ with young girls all around… These were the images I had stuck in my head from the first visit… Still with a few days left, I needed to at least try to fix my camera and netbook… so decided to give the capital another chance… This time we did a bit of a research and pre-booked a guesthouse ourselves. We simply didn’t want to risk being taken by one of the tuk-tuk drivers to the ‘entertainment’ neighbourhood again. Finding a tuk-tuk wasn’t difficult at all as we were surrounded by a few the moment we hopped off the ... read more
Royal Palace shut off...
monks performing morning rituals...
the streets of Phnom Penh

Asia » Cambodia » South » Kampot September 12th 2013

When we were arranging our transport to Kampot, the idea of being picked up as the first ones seemed like a good one at the time, we would have a chance to pick our seats at least… It certainly wasn’t an advantage in this case though… Our supposed 2-hour journey to Kampot turned out to be twice as long because of that... we still needed to pick up the rest of the backpackers and some of them didn’t even bother to turn up on time… To be honest it probably wouldn’t have bothered me normally, but the seats were tiny and very uncomfortable with no leg space whatsoever… I thought I would just keep myself occupied with some blogging then… Well… That’s where I really started getting grumpy… My netbook was playing tricks on me again! ... read more
Bokor Palace and Casino
at the pepper plantation
an old Catholic church at Bokor

Asia » Cambodia » South » Sihanoukville September 9th 2013

We were planning on buying the bus tickets to Sihanoukville through our guesthouse but after seeing so many travel agents in Siem Reap we thought it would probably make sense to at least check out some of the offers. So we walked in to one of the agents and asked for the bus schedules to Sihanoukville… or so we thought at least… When the agent started looking through his folders and in the end came up with a $40 and over 24h trip, I had a feeling that maybe we were thinking about different destinations? Why was his digging through his folders? Didn’t I just see a Cambodian schedule somewhere around here? Not to mention that $40 seemed way too pricey... and seeing that it took us 7 hours to get here from Phnom Penh why ... read more
our cute little buddie :)
aaaah... that's what I call a sunset!
what a lovely day it was! :)

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap September 7th 2013

When we were leaving Phnom Penh our tuk-tuk driver (he has been ‘around’ us since day one so kind of became ‘ours’ I guess…) gave us the details of his ‘cousin’ who happened to be living in Siem Reap. He also said not to worry, as his cousin was going to take care of us while we were there... Well, as far as I could remember, we didn’t really ask anyone to take care of us while we were in Siem Reap so I was wondering what we were getting ourselves into with this deal… But then nothing bad could happen in the end right? In the worst case scenario we would just thank the ‘cousin’ for his interest, hoping he would take it calmly and be very understanding about it and simply leave us be… ... read more
yep! think this look really suits you, Grant! :)
Apsara dance show
mmm... yum... and yum! and beautifully served!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor September 4th 2013

Angkor Wat complex at last… I had the image of sun rising over the Angkor towers stuck in my head for a long time now… Place I always wanted to go to, yet quite unreachable somehow… Just like this whole journey seemed like a dream once… I wanted it to come true so badly… and now the Angkor towers were within my reach… It wasn’t a dream anymore as I really was here… Just a few kilometres away… Sitting in Siem Reap sipping beer, digging my teeth into a tasty chimichanga (eeeh… well… not really Cambodian, I know… but just couldn’t resist… and what a feast that was!), enjoying a lovely evening breeze, sharing a laugh with Grant and planning the route through the Angkor temples for the next three days… Three days at Angkor… Would ... read more
sun slowly rising over Angkor Wat...
beautiful details at Ta Prohm
faces of Bayon

Asia » Cambodia » South » Phnom Penh August 31st 2013

And so we were back on the road again. Since the journey to Phnom Penh was supposed to take a few hours only, we decided to take a late morning bus so we could have a proper breakfast and enjoy our last moments in Saigon. Even though the bus was quite empty, we were asked to take the back seats, not a preferred choice but turned out to be not so bad after all as the moment the locals started boarding the bus, they started reclining their chairs to the full capacity, so even though it was a bit stuffy at the back at least our knees weren’t squashed and we actually had a bit of space. You could definitely see some differences about how the locals and tourists liked to travel – tourists dressed in ... read more
bracelets on one of the mass graves at the Killing Fields
in Phnom Penh
one of many victims of Khmer Rouge...

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City August 27th 2013

So there it was… Our adventure with Vietnam was slowly coming to an end. And what better place to finish it than Saigon! Or Ho Chi Minh City! Or both! Since both names are commonly used still… Despite the short distance between Mui Ne and Saigon it still took us a good few hours to get there. We hoped to get there before sunset but taking into account the speed we were driving at and the road conditions, we knew our hopes were a bit too high. Ah well… Sure there would be plenty of guesthouses around and after all we would still arrive in the early evening, not the middle of the night so there was nothing to be worried about… We were dropped off just next to the main backpacker street, but decided not ... read more
feeling slightly claustrophobic... at Cu Chi tunnels
floating market on the Mekong Delta
in Ho Chi Minh City

Asia » Vietnam » South Central Coast » Binh Thuan » Mui Ne August 24th 2013

Having in mind that we would be arriving in Mui Ne around midnight and searching for a place to sleep at this hour simply didn’t seem too appealing, just in case we had booked a night in one of the guesthouses online a day before. We mentioned to the bus driver where we were staying but weren’t sure whether the nodding meant that he understood what we were saying or whether he was just trying to get rid of us. The latter one seemed more probable to be honest… We arrived in Mui Ne a bit later than planned as it was getting close to 1.30 when we reached the town. Driving through empty streets, we were looking on both sides making sure we haven’t passed our guesthouse yet but we were driving so fast that ... read more
at the red dunes around Mui Ne...
sea getting calmer again...
typical sight in Mui Ne...

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