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Asia » Laos » West » Luang Prabang July 13th 2013

After two days on the Mekong we finally got to Luang Prabang. We both enjoyed the cruise down the river, however by the end of the second day, we were quite anxious to get off the boat already. I thought we would be dropped off at one of the boat piers in town, but it looked like they had to let the tuk-tuk drivers earn some money as well as the boat finished its course a few kilometres before Luang Prabang. So there was no other way to get to town but to take one of the tuk-tuks. It was pretty funny system as we had to buy tickets for the tuk-tuk at some small ‘ticket office’ right next to the pier and only then we could get on the tuk-tuk. Not sure if they were ... read more
lovely sunset at the Mekong
small Buddha army at the back of the chariot ;)
crossing the Mekong

Asia » Laos » West » Pakbeng July 11th 2013

So there it was… the time has come to leave Thailand… I just couldn’t believe how fast the month flew by! It felt as if we only arrived in Bangkok and we were leaving the country already? But then looking back at the pictures, we have actually been to quite a few places since then so it shouldn’t really be a surprise that the visa was running short and that it was time to go… As sad as it was to leave Thailand it sure was exciting to be heading to Laos! I was very curious about what this supposedly laid-back country had to offer and was really looking forward to exploring it … There sure were many ways to get to Luang Prabang from Chiang Mai – 2 or 3 days by slowboat on the ... read more
on the Mekong
on the Mekong
Wat Rong Khun in Chiang Rai

Asia » Thailand » North-West Thailand » Chiang Mai July 3rd 2013

I was really curious how our train journey to Chiang Mai would look like and if the train would be anything like the hardsleeper I travelled with in China. Well… I have to give credit to the Chinese I’m afraid as my first impression about the Thai railway wasn’t the best. First of all the train looked pretty old and on top of that our carriage didn’t look like a sleeper at all! After a first quick glimpse around I thought that maybe we were in the wrong carriage! But then looking closer at the big compartment above, well… That was one bed then! We still needed another one though… After having a closer look at our two seats, well… I guess another bed could’ve been made out of them as well. One thing that was ... read more
beautiful girl at the Long Neck Karen village
Chedi Luang temple
before the fight...

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok July 1st 2013

I have to say I was a little bit sceptical about our journey to Bangkok. After reading so many stories about bad experiences while travelling by bus in Thailand, things getting stolen and all that, I was wondering what kind of bus we would be getting in after booking our tickets at the hotel. There were no reliable agencies around, so it was either booking through our hotel or some totally random agency... Well… Easy choice… Hotel seemed like a better idea I guess. I started thinking that maybe it was best not to read anything at all as once again it looked like I was stressing out for nothing. Once the bus pulled up right in front of us all I could think was ‘what on earth were these people talking about?’. It was brand ... read more
enjoying our 'government' tuk-tuk ride...
plenty of these in Bangkok...
stuck in traffic at the floating market...

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket June 27th 2013

Phuket wasn’t exactly on my list of top places to see, still my friend was starting her adventure there and besides that we had to make it to Bangkok from the islands somehow, so we thought we might as well do it from Phuket. We got there one day before my friend’s arrival so we could check it out on our own first. To make things easier we pre-booked a hotel a couple of days before and paid for the transport to the hotel on the boat as well so once we arrived at the port in Phuket, we were picked up by a van and headed straight to Patong. I can’t really say that Koh Phi Phi was peaceful, still there were no cars, motorbikes or tuk-tuks around (well maybe a few motorbikes?), so coming ... read more
nice way of steering the parachute!
football on the beach
bars still empty...

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Phi Phi Don June 22nd 2013

Quiet Koh Lanta… veeeery quiet indeed! Our journey to Koh Lanta was quite uneventful but we surely managed to test all sorts of means of transport on the way! First a pick-up truck took us to the pier where we got our boat stickers, then the boat to Suratthani, then a bus to some very odd spot (in the middle of nowhere to be exact) in Krabi, where everybody was bombarded with accommodation offers for Krabi and Koh Lanta (unsuccessful offers unfortunately), then a car to some tourist office in Krabi, where they gave us another sticker and tried to convince us to book accommodation through them for Koh Lanta (this time successfully), then a van all the way to Koh Lanta (via a ferry to get to the island of course). It took us almost ... read more
watching full moon in Koh Lanta
at Koh Phi Phi Don
just loved these statues!

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Ko Pha-Ngan June 13th 2013

Taking first small steps in Bangkok… Finally the day has come… I was leaving China and heading to another country, the country I have been looking forward to visit for a long time already and the fact that I was meeting my ‘boyfriend’ there (yep! think I can actually put a label on it now ;)) just made this trip a bit extra special! At the check-in desk in Beijing I found out that my plane to Hong Kong was delayed 1,5 hour. Well, it sure wasn’t good news as I only had an hour in transit in HK! Still it looked like 120 people were in the same situation so the plane would just wait for us in HK… Pheeeew… What a relief! As there was no chance there would have been another plane leaving ... read more
enjoying fire show at Sairee beach...
sun setting in Koh Phangan
on Sairee beach...

Asia » China » Beijing June 11th 2013

My adventure with China was slowly coming to an end… Once again lots of different thoughts were flying through my head and I had very mixed feelings about the next part of my trip – was happy to be leaving as new countries waited to be explored but at the same time sad as even though it took a while to comprehend a few things around here I got to love this amazingly bizarre country! Well… comprehend probably is way too big of a word here, as some things are simply beyond comprehension in China… anyway… as overwhelmed as I was during my first week in China, I learned to deal with any obstacles eventually… And what can I say – sometimes I’d rather face a challenge than have everything handed to me… So even though ... read more
on the way to Forbidden City
reading a paper in the hutongs
the Forbidden City...

Asia » China » Hebei » Chengde June 8th 2013

When we were leaving Datong in the morning things were looking pretty good – the weather was beautiful, sunny with blue skies (until now we haven’t been that successful with the weather, so were more than positively surprised!) and my stomach seemed to have settled for a moment (small bug it would seem, still decided to skip some meals just in case though – long journey ahead!). So full of optimism we headed to Jinshanling... Somewhere along the way we seemed to have run out of luck though as once we got to Jinshanling it was all misty and looked like it was going to rain any moment now… And it just happened so suddenly??? One moment clear blue skies, we drive into a tunnel, get out of it shortly after and it’s all grey and ... read more
peaking through window...
the Great Wall of China
on the Great Wall

Asia » China » Shanxi » Wutaishan June 4th 2013

Another long drive that day… Didn’t matter how much I tried to stay awake on the truck, it just didn’t seem to be working too well… And ‘sleeping’ on the truck definitely didn’t make me any more rested, on the contrary actually – stiff neck, shoulders, too hot (or too cold with the window open), but then having two seats to myself shouldn’t be that bad right? I think it was just the constant moving from one place to the other that started getting to me rather than the journeys themselves. It would be nice to stay in one place for more than three nights I guess… Ah well… Sooner or later it would come to that, taking into account the distance I was covering in China overland, travelling hasn’t been that bad at all! But ... read more
Hanging Monastery
future NBA player!
view from Nanshan Temple

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