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Europe » Poland » Pomerania June 19th 2016

When you look at geographical map of Poland you may say we have been spoiled by the diversity of the landscape. We have access to the Baltic Sea, we have beautiful lake districts and broad river valleys and finally the mountain ranges in the south. You could say we have it all! So why so many people choose to go abroad rather than spending holidays close to home? I think it’s very natural to underappreciate what you have just under your nose. Also while for a Westerner tourist holidays in Poland might be ridiculously cheap, for an average Pole it’s not exactly the case. So no wonder that many Poles choose cheap holidays in Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia over the holidays back home because if both come down to the same price why not choosing something ... read more
At the Open Air Museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie
At the Open Air Museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie
Plenty of squirrels around in the Kaszubian forests...

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag June 6th 2016

I woke up a few minutes before the alarm and as I was lying in bed waiting for my phone to ring, I started getting butterflies in my stomach... This time it wasn’t about flying as the flight was really short. The actual wait at the airport would last longer than the flight itself! As usual my head was overflowing with thoughts though... Millie was about to meet her grandparents for the first time... Would she warm up to them straight away? I knew how happy my parents were about meeting her so I didn’t want them to feel rejected at the beginning... Since we were planning to make my parent’s house our base for a while, I was also wondering how Grant was going to cope with all that, it sure can be hard to ... read more
A statue of a baker in Elblag
Old Town panorama from St Nicholas Cathedral
St Nicholas Cathedral in Elblag

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen May 30th 2016

I was really looking forward to going to Europe once again... I couldn’t believe it had been 2,5 years since I was last there! It was actually the longest time away from home so far... where did the time go? And even though I had been to Denmark once before, I can’t really say I saw any of it at all back then as it was just a short bus trip to Legoland when I was a kid... I think the bus journey took longer than the actual stay in Denmark... So going there now felt as if I was going to a totally new country. New and yet familiar as after all it’s good old Europe... It’s where I grew up and where I spent most of my life in... As much as I was ... read more
Very colourful and picture perfect Nyhavn
Interesting staute in front of Christiansborg Palace
The canals in Copenhagen

Asia » Singapore May 26th 2016

As we were sitting in the hotel room on our last night in Brisbane, I finally started realising that our European adventure was about to begin, actually it already has begun! We were so busy packing our house into boxes in these few weeks prior to the trip that we didn’t even have a chance to get excited about going away, not to mention research any destinations ... Now it felt very real though... And it felt even more real the next morning, when we were getting on the shuttle to the airport and the driver almost fell over when trying to lift our bags... haha! Naaah, it wasn’t that bad, but the size and weight of these bags were slightly terrifying for sure! We probably wouldn’t be using half of whatever it was that we ... read more
At Garden Bay
Singapore's symbol, the merlion
Little India

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane May 26th 2016

Even before we left for our holiday to New Zealand we were already thinking about the next trip. It was going to be a longer one, so it was about time to start planning... and about time to book the tickets! We decided to leave it until we came back from New Zealand in the end though – making sure we could actually cope with travelling with a baby... Since our New Zealand trip went better than expected, there were no more excuses! It was just a matter of deciding when we wanted to go and how we were going to break down the trip. It was almost April now, would 2 months be enough to arrange everything? I guess it would have to be as no more postponing... The end of May it was then! ... read more
Beautiful skyline of Brisbane
Lovely sunsets during storm season in Queensland
Old and new in Brisbane

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Otago » Queenstown March 2nd 2016

Our first trip as a family... As much as I was looking forward to it, all sorts of doubts and worries were flying through my head as well... Wouldn’t it be too much for Millie? Would she actually enjoy any of it? Would she cope with the travelling well? After all she was only 4 months old... We have been doing little trips with her around Brisbane for quite a few weeks already and she always seemed to have ‘enjoyed’ it – I guess smiles and little mousy sounds might pass as signs of enjoyment. ;) In the end if we were to go ahead with the plans for a bigger trip and going to Poland later on that year, a trip to New Zealand seemed like a perfect opportunity to test the ‘new way of ... read more
Queenstown from above
On the way to Queenstown
At the Hilltop Tavern, on the way to Akaroa

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane January 1st 2016

2015 done and dusted... a year of big plans... and even bigger ‘achievements’ ;) but let’s start from the beginning... As for the travel bug... It had been planted in my head many years ago... Ever since we (my sister and I) were small kids, my parents went out of their ways to take us for a holiday some place nice, to show us another tiny piece of the world. Back then world seemed much bigger than it feels now... anything outside of the Polish communist borders felt almost like a different planet – fancy cars, shops full of different products, even McDonalds seemed like a luxurious place to eat at, a face of the distant, Western world! People were spending money on day-to-day expenses, hardly ever being able to save anything or even to think ... read more
at Tin Can Bay
surfers at Cabarita
at Tin Can Bay

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Brisbane January 2nd 2015

And so more than a year had passed by already... Actually it’s closing up on two years already, however I had started writing this blog some time last year already so in the end just decided to stick to the original idea of 1 year in Australia roundup... Where did the time go? The over 24-hour journey to Australia at the beginning of January 2014 seems like a distant memory now. But then a part of this journey will probably always stay in my mind as it most certainly wasn’t an uneventful one... Hey! It even made the news in Australia the following day! Yep I was lucky enough (or maybe unlucky, depends on how you look at it really) to be on a flight where one of the passengers decided to cause quite a bit ... read more
whale watching trip..
at Currumbin Sanctuary
another beautiful day in Brisbane

Oceania » New Zealand » South Island » Kaikoura April 1st 2014

New Zealand at last! Not exactly the trip that we originally planned as it was going to be a much, much shorter one, nevertheless I was very excited to visit this green, mountainous and a far, far away land. Originally we were supposed to come to the ‘Hobbitland’ for a month in November. Unexpected job offer and a decision to settle in Oz made us change the plans though and visit my homeland (or rather homelands!) instead… As happy as I was about visiting my side of the world, I did feel a bit disappointed about being so close to New Zealand and not setting my foot there back then though… Since we were going to be living relatively close to it now I knew that sooner or later I would get there… eventually... Finally an ... read more
sperm whale waving goodbye...
beautiful New Zealand...
absolutely incredible creatures!

Oceania » Australia » Queensland » Gold Coast » Robina October 12th 2013

Rugby… I first noticed rugby when I was living in Holland. With a big community of expats and plenty of Irish and British pubs around, you could definitely see quite a few rugby fans, sitting over pints and staring at the screens watching their favourite teams play…Then I experienced the love of rugby on a slightly bigger scale when I moved to Ireland… It wasn’t only a pub game anymore… Rivalry between counties, stadiums full of fans, everyone awaiting Six Nations to start… Even though rugby had its crowd of fans here, it could never beat Gaelic football though… or the British league football (which was always puzzling me a bit I have to say?)… And then I went to the land of Oz… Rugby in Australia seems to be falling into a totally different category ... read more
lots of dressed up fans around!
such a fast paced game!
let the games begin!

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