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Europe » Montenegro » Kotor » Kotor November 11th 2016

We packed our bags and left the apartment nice and early. We caught the public bus straight away and in no time at all got to the bus station. Kind of regretted we left so early as it was pretty cold that morning, temperature dropped a good few degrees – it was only 10C! Thankfully they had waiting room so we could hide away from the cold. My jaw dropped slightly when we were told the price of the tickets to Kotor – 20Eur per person for a 2 hour drive, quite pricey to me! Ah well, there wasn't much we could do about that... Once the bus arrived, we put our luggage in the compartment. We were supposed to pay 15kuna, but ended up paying 20 as the guy didn't have change – at least ... read more
Little trails off the main path to the fortress...
Living on the edge...
Fishing in Perast

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Dubrovnik November 6th 2016

Since our catamaran back to Split was cancelled, we had to get to Stari Grad and catch the ferry from there. The sea was really rough once again so no wonder there was nothing leaving the port that day. In the dead season there weren’t too many buses going in that direction at all but thankfully we knew about the cancellation the previous day already, so had a chance to check our connections. First we stopped at the bakery to pick up a few snacks and as we were leaving, I was so preoccupied with sipping my coffee that I didn't even notice the big wave crashing into the path... I felt the cold water straight away though and jumped like a lunatic. A little too late... feet soaked up to the ankles! Ah well... What ... read more
Dubrovnik's city walls
Strolling around Dubrovnik
A view of Dubrovnik's Old Town from the fort Lovrijenac

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Hvar November 4th 2016

Since the first ferry to Hvar was leaving only at 2pm we had plenty of time to hang around Split once again. We took our time in the morning, had a nice breakfast by the sea and enjoyed the sunny weather – yes, the sky was all blue again! We went up to the ferry piers to get our tickets and I have to say I'm still puzzled as to why we weren’t able to buy the ferry tickets in advance and had to get them on the day of departure only... obviously no return tickets either... very odd system, I guess it works though... Once we bought the tickets, we still had a few hours to spare. To take as much sun as we could (forecast for the next days wasn't too optimistic at all!), ... read more
Sunset in Hvar
Beautifully painted sky over Hvar
Panorama of Hvar from the fortress

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split November 1st 2016

We could choose two different ways to get to Split, faster one through the highways and a slower (one hour longer) but scenic one by the coast... Well, we didn't have to think twice about that... You’d think that with the baby we would opt for the shorter one, but nope! On the contrary – coastal route it was then! The bus station was just around the corner from our apartment, so we got there in no time at all, bought some breakfast, got the tickets and were ready to jump onboard. I was quite surprised about the extra charge for putting the luggage in the lower compartments... Extra charge or not, there was no way we were going to sit with a pram and a gigantic backpack, so compartment it was then. We definitely chose ... read more
Walking around the streets of Split
Lovely spot for a bite to eat
St Lawrence Cathedral in Trogir

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Zadar October 27th 2016

Our flight to Zadar was leaving late in the afternoon but we felt like we’d seen enough of London on that trip already so instead of doing more sightseeing we just took our time getting ready and left our claustrophobic room and disappointing hotel after breakfast and headed straight to the airport. As we jumped on one of the metros, a group of musicians got in soon after as well... I thought ‘Here we go, the same crappy tune again’... Once again I was wrong as they turned out to be really good actually! Playing funky music, dancing around and encouraging people to join in... and their enthusiasm has started spreading throughout the carriage almost immediately! Smiley faces all around, some people even started clapping... I started wondering if maybe we were involuntarily taking part in ... read more
Old man and the sea - in Zadar
One of the main street in the Old Town of Zadar
One of many stone pyramids on the island

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » London City October 23rd 2016

This time we had a short break in Poland only and I have to say that the excitement about heading off somewhere again simply wasn’t there... maybe it was the weather? Cold dark mornings, temperature dropping rapidly, sad grey days... and at the same time so cosy at home sitting by the fireplace... Croatia certainly seemed like a more exciting destination than London – there was a chance we could get some sun rays by the Adriatic Sea still, but London? Wasn’t it just another huge city? Loud, busy... and expensive! Weren’t we just going from one grey place to another? I don’t really know why but London simply didn’t seem attractive to me at all... I've been there once only and only for a day so there was plenty to explore still... yet I was ... read more
Old and new...
The Tower Bridge
Beautiful colours of autumn

Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin October 3rd 2016

Our journey from Prague back to my hometown turned out to be quite an eventful one. First of all our train from Prague to Ostrava was late so I was sure we were going to miss the next one – the one that was supposed to take us all the way to the northern Poland, to Malbork... As always I should’ve just stayed calm and not stress out at all as even though we arrived at the platform well after our scheduled time, it turned out that Malbork train was late as well, so we made it in the end. Pheeeew... I wasn’t too impressed when it turned out that it was the regular 8-seater cabin train though as you never know who you will be stuck with in that cabin during your journey. Fortunately we ... read more
The streets of Dublin
Around Strandhill
Surfer's paradise - Bundoran

Europe » Czech Republic » Prague » Malá Strana September 9th 2016

Getting out of Cesky Krumlov turned out to be much easier than coming into it for sure – plenty of bus connections to Prague... Possibly because it was the capital that we were going to and not some small town so you’d think it should be well connected with the rest of the country. Not only there were plenty of connections to choose from, but also the bus turned out to be one of the best buses we have travelled on so far. We got a complimentary coffee and on top of that each seat had its own private screen and a wide range of movies to choose from as well... Not that we would be able to watch anything... We most definitely could’ve tried but were pretty much sure our little munchkin would have other ... read more
Millie having fun with dad in Prague :)
Lots of old trams around in Prague
Having fun at the Charles Bridge

When I was planning our trip and deciding on a route we were going to take, Cesky Krumlov appeared on the list quite early on. It was recommended basically by all the guidebooks and I’m pretty sure I’ve read some good comments about it from the fellow bloggers as well. A lovely small town, beautifully located on the bend of the Vltava River, famous for its Old Town and its 300 medieval buildings, not to forget the castle overlooking the Old Town. I didn’t really need to know more to go there... So it came as a bit of a surprise to find out there were basically no direct connections from Salzburg to Cesky Krumlov – no trains or buses... The best connection, with multiple changes, would take us around 7 hours... that is if all ... read more
Cesky Krumlov beautifully set by Vltava River
Strolling through the castle in Cesky Krumlov
Walking through the streets of Cesky Krumlov

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Salzburg September 3rd 2016

As we were slowly making our way towards Salzburg, I already had a feeling I was going to like this place. The closer to our destination we were getting, the more picturesque the scenery was becoming – slightly hilly green meadows with beautiful little houses scattered all around... Even without the sound of music, the hills simply felt alive! Yes, as corny as it sounds... we were approaching ‘The Sound of Music’ land after all and from what I have googled about Salzburg already, the town was thriving from that movie... At that stage we weren’t sure if we were going to take ‘The Sound of Music’ tour but were slowly swaying into that direction... One thing we’ve noticed about Salzburg straight away was that accommodation was definitely more pricey... and it actually took us a ... read more
In Salzburg
Lovely evening for a stroll around Salzburg
Eagle's Nest

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