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Europe » Austria » Vienna August 31st 2016

I was happy to have packed the night before as the last thing I needed in the morning was to stress about packing also. Also, because the journey ahead was slightly terrifying... First a bus, than 3 trains and 7 hours later we would be in Vienna... that is if we got the tickets and made all the connections of course! I couldn’t believe that there was nothing direct to the west of the country from Balaton... It looked like wherever you wanted to travel to from the lake, you had to go through Budapest. Back to Budapest we were going then... There wasn’t too much time between some of the connections so I wondered if we would even have time to buy the tickets... And if any of our trains was delayed, well... we would ... read more
Schonbrunn Palace in Vienna
St Stephen's Cathedral
Hofburg Palace

Europe » Hungary » Central Transdanubia » Tihany August 28th 2016

Even though Lake Balaton is a very popular holiday place among locals, surprisingly there is actually no direct train connection to get there... Or we simply couldn’t find one... And since the last part of our journey included taking a bus from Balatonfured to Tihany (which is under 10km, but no schedule to be found online anywhere!), we just opted for a bus to Tihany all the way from Budapest in the end. At this stage we were trying to take trains rather than buses, simply because it was easy to keep Millie entertained on the train... But since there actually was a direct connection by bus to Tihany... problem solved! The bus was leaving a bit early in the morning but at least we didn’t need to change anywhere on the way. The journey went ... read more
Balaton Lake
Walking around Tihany
Balaton fishing

Europe » Hungary » Central Hungary » Budapest » Pest August 23rd 2016

We took a morning train and after a very uneventful journey got to Budapest shortly after noon. Then a few metro stops and soon after we were walking along the Danube towards our apartment. No rain here for days it seemed... and no rain and clouds for the next few days either... Temperature in the high 20sC... I liked it here already. The girl from the apartment was already waiting for us in front of the building and a few seconds later we jumped on a dodgy elevator and got off at the 4thfloor... It was definitely a one of a kind elevator - it was surrounded by the staircase and when you stepped inside, it felt as if the bottom of it dropped down a good few centimetres... On top of that you were not ... read more
Sun setting over Budapest
My favourite sculpture in Budapest
Beautiful river side in Szentendre

Europe » Slovakia » Bratislava Region » Bratislava » Old Town August 19th 2016

­­We woke up late, so packing wasn’t as stress free as I would’ve hoped for, however we discovered that we actually can organise ourselves in a little bit over an hour, that is with all three of us taking shower, Millie having a full breakfast and packing. Not too bad at all I guess, still next time a slightly earlier wake up call for sure! When we got to the station we even had 20 minutes to spare! Just about enough time to say good-bye to the High Tatras... Who would’ve thought? You could actually see them in their full glory that morning, better late than never I guess! As I suspected, just like in Poland, the train we were taking had carriages within the carriages... Fortunately there were 6 seats in the cabin rather than ... read more
Lonely tower at the Devin Castle
Lovely streets of Bratislava
Devin Castle

Europe » Slovakia » Presov Region » Poprad August 17th 2016

Bus to Poprad was leaving at 11.15, so we had plenty of time in the morning to eat breakfast in peace and pack afterwards. Then a usual minibus ride back to Zakopane and soon after we were boarding our bus to Poprad. Even though it was only 60km to Poprad from Zakopane I thought that the scheduled 1,5h journey seemed quite hopeful when taking into account the usual queues from Zakopane towards Lysa Polana. There surely must have been another route? Yep, it looked like there was one. No traffic at all leaving Zakopane, not sure what was happening in the other direction though as the traffic was not moving at all... kilometre-long queues that way... It looked like everybody decided to head back home after the long weekend... at the same time! The bus to ... read more
Old houses in Spisska Sobota
Cable car going up to Lomnicki Stit
Walking around Spisska Sobota

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Zakopane August 10th 2016

Zakopane... A small town located in the southernmost part of Poland... and yet it attracts on average 2,5mln tourists a year... What makes it so desirable then? For one it’s the incredible Tatra mountains, and what comes with that are the endless opportunities for trekking in summer or skiing and cross country skiing in winter... But it’s also the different culture, slightly different language, different style of architecture and of course the food... I love it and I’ve been to this town many times already and even though each time I had the accommodation booked some time in advance, it never crossed my mind that it might be difficult to find something a week ahead of the arrival... As that’s more or less when we started looking for a place to stay there. And what a ... read more
Walking towards Kasprowy Wierch
On the way to Kasprowy
Walking through Dolina Koscieliska

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków August 7th 2016

So finally we decided to head out from Elblag for a little bit longer than a day or two... A few weeks, direction south! Actual destinations not exactly precised yet... Yes, we weren’t too organised at all, I think going to Warsaw, then back up north to Elblag and then back south again to Krakow, is more or less summing up our lack of preparation and total disorganisation! At least we were on the road again as I think all three of us were getting slightly too comfortable back at home... We knew already what train to take as we travelled the same train only a week or so before... Since we were leaving on Sunday though, the connection to Malbork was pretty bad as we would have to wait there for almost two hours... So ... read more
In the Old Town in Krakow
Sukiennice (Cloth Hall) in Krakow
The death gate in Birkenau

Europe » Poland » Warmian-Masurian » Elblag July 26th 2016

I was getting really comfortable being back at home... Familiar four walls, homemade meals, free babysitters... ;) Well, not really as we haven’t really used their ‘services’ just yet... One thing that I was happy about above anything else was simply seeing Millie interact with my family! She was very happy being back at home (our Australian home that is) with just the two of us, but here surrounded by more smiley faces, she was simply ecstatic! In general the days in Elblag were very hectic... Late, long and very generous breakfasts with the family, playtime with Millie, some shopping once in a while, a walk to the Old Town every now and then, followed by some more meals throughout the day – afternoon cakes, lunches and even more generous dinners and usually we would call ... read more
Teutonic Castle in Malbork
Peaceful cruise along the Elblag Canal
Teutonic Castle in Malbork

Europe » Poland » Masovia » Warsaw July 21st 2016

A month and a half in Poland... Even though we did quite a few trips close to my hometown already, it was time to head some place further, see a different part of Poland. And what better place to start than the capital! When we were booking the train tickets I have noticed that finally Poland had upgraded some trains since the last time I took one, so we decided to fork out a few extra bucks and try out the premium train! We were catching it from Malbork, so first we had to take the ancient train from Elblag to Malbork... or so I thought... as it turned out that even the local, shorter routes got some upgrades as well! I couldn’t believe my eyes when a new train pulled up at the station in ... read more
The symbol of Warsaw - the mermaid, in the Old Town Market Square
Warsaw panorama as seen from the Palace of S&C
Sigismund's Column at the Castle Square

Europe » Poland » Pomerania » Gdansk July 1st 2016

When you talk about Gdansk, it’s worth mentioning Sopot and Gdynia as well... After all they are one ‘city’ – Tricity that is... And yet I can’t say I know all these three cities the same way. Gdynia would have to be the city that I know the least about and that I have visited the least amount of times, maybe because it’s the furthest away from Elblag? I never gave it much thought to be honest but Gdynia is usually not on my to-do list... It used to be pretty good for shopping as all the shopping was centred around one looong street so you could get everything you wanted to buy in one go... Now with all the shopping centres around, there is simply no need to go there anymore... at least for shopping ... read more
Motlawa river's bank in Gdansk
At St Dominic's Fair in Gdansk
Dlugi Targ as seen from the Town Hall, in Gdansk

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