The most successful successor state of the former Yugoslav Republic, is green, mountainous, well-educated and hospitable. Bordering among others, Austria and Italy, it is no wonder their influences can be felt in the architecture, culture and cuisine of this little Alpine nation.

Overshadowed somewhat by its bigger neighbours, Slovenia doesn’t get the ‘aahs’ of Croatia’s Adriatic Coastline, the ‘oohs’ of Austria’s Alps, and the ‘oh-la-la’s’ of Italy’s cities and food. But perhaps that is a boon. Because it also doesn’t get the tourist hordes that come with all those 'oohs', 'aahs' and 'oh-la-la's'. And yet you can enjoy the Adriatic in all its glory, you can hike through the dramatic Julian Alps, and you can stroll through Venetian cities with a hint of Austrian baroque architecture.

Whether you walk around picturesque Lake Bled, go spelunking in the Škocjan Caves, hike through Triglav National Park, watch an Adriatic sunset while eating some fresh seafood in Piran, or go clubbing in the capital Ljubljana, you won’t have to compete with too many tourists in the process.

Most of all Slovenia is an out-door kind of place. A country for hiking, or rafting, for skiing and paragliding, for mountain-biking and rock-climbing, and all in the most superb scenery you can imagine. What’s not to like? At the end of the day you can replenish your energy with a fusion of Italian pasta with Austrian potatoes and fresh herbs, accompanied by excellent Slovenian wine.

Isn’t it time to visit this fair country that combines all the best traits of its neighbours and then some? Stop reading, start moving!

Highlights from Slovenia
  • Ljubljana is small and compact, with beautiful architecture, a vibrant nightlife, a hill with a castle on it for the views, and a river that cuts it in two. In other words, perfect!
  • Lake Bled it is probably Slovenia’s top tourist site. A lake with an island in the middle that holds a small baroque church, surrounded by hills and mountains and a castle. It is like a fairy-tale...
  • Watch the sunset in Piran (aka Pirano) on the Adriatic Sea, with its Venetian architecture
  • Go skiing, or hiking in the Julian Alps
  • Visit dramatically located Predjama Castle
  • Go spelunking in the Škocjan Caves, or for the lazy, take a train ride down Postojna Cave (yes, you read it correctly, a train ride!)
  • Trek Triglav National Park, or got rafting, or paragliding, or climb Mount Triglav
  • Raft the aquamarine Soča River or hike the valley with the same name
  • Less touristic than Bled, Lake Bohinj is according to some even more beautiful
  • Cycle or tour through Vipava Valley, with its vineyards and interesting scenery
Hints and Tips for Slovenia
  • Slovenia is part of Schengen and EU, which means no border controls if you come from one of the other Schengen countries.

  • The currency is Euro, and it isn’t the cheapest country in Europe, but with camping, hostels and plenty of markets you should be able to get by on a budget.

  • Slovenia advertises itself as the outdoor capital of Europe. If just thinking of this makes you tired, don’t worry there are plenty of opportunities for relaxing as well.

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