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Europe » Slovenia August 16th 2019

Noche buena y sin lluvia. Por la mañana a cambiar un radio roto más, con este son 4. En marcha a las 8 y pico, hasta el mediodía por valles estrechos siguiendo el río, solo un poco antes de Lubjana se ha abierto la llanura. He pasado por el centro a hacer las dos fotos de rigor: los tres puentes y el castillo. Después pista al noroeste. Con algo de cuesta, mucho calor y un lío de carretera secundarias cerradas a las bicis se ha hecho largo. A eso de las 7:30 estaba en Bled, es como una especie de Benidorm, se juntan lis turistas normales con los eslovenos que están de puente. El camping estaba tan lleno que no aceptan ni tiendas. He hecho un par de fotos del lago y he bajado al valle ... read more

Europe » Slovenia August 15th 2019

Esta mañana apaño de radios, fijarse bien en la foto que los radios nuevos los marco con una banderita. Eso esta bien para llevar un poco de estadística y ver si la mierda se concentra en un sitio u otro. La noche ha llovido muchísimo (por suerte esta noche tenia techo...) pero por la mañana estaba bueno de nuevo. He bajado a Maribor y pasado por el decathon. Suerte que compre la cubierta en Austria porque aquí no tenían nada decente para mi. Una cámara por si acaso no me vendrá mal tampoco. Hoy han sido unos km de carretera local junto a la autopista antes de irme al sur y cruzar por los montes. He cruzado una pequeña cordillera para llegar al pueblo de Melania (Trump). Se llama Sevnica. Además hay una estatua de un ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana August 13th 2019

How lovely to wake up to glorious sunshine and a fantastic view of Ljubljana Castle! Breakfast is great again, and I find a lovely spot in the restaurant all to myself. (Mrs Anti-social!) I am reading my Kindle and still feel a bit guilty about reading for pleasure instead of MBA and business books! Soon after breakfast I head into the Old Town. It is only a few minutes walk from the Hotel Lev. On the way I notice a large department store with a Spar in the basement. If anyone reading this decides to visit Ljubljana, I can recommend this Spar shop for all your bits and bobs. It is spacious, quiet, well laid-out and air-conditioned. And inexpensive - for example, cold bottles of water cost 40 cents. You can stock up on wine, beer, ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana August 12th 2019

Today I shall be travelling once more - this time from Zagreb to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. I have a train at 12.36 so I want to make the most of the time this morning and explore more of lovely Zagreb. I do breakfast early so I can get out as soon as possible. After a great breakfast (with a bewildering amount of choice), I head back to the main square through the lovely park with the bandstand and fountains. It is very peaceful and quiet here on a Sunday morning. I decide to walk the route that Vlatka will do with our guests next summer. So, from the main square I make my first stop at the large model of the city. Vlatka will stop here with the group and use the model to ... read more
View from Upper Town
Happy Child

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled August 1st 2019

Best sleep of the holiday:check, first cup of proper tea in a week :check, opening the lounge curtains and seeing lake Bled:check cuddling Seth on the sofa for an hour looking out into the lake:check. I'm definitely going to cry when we leave here! The morning yesterday was time for a ride on the tourist train to bled Town (it goes right past the door, I cannot over emphasise how much this is the best apartment in the world) and a trip first, to pub bled! More great views (totally unappreciated by Seth who decided pretending to be Dr elephant the dentist from Peppa with a leaflet as a mask was a far better way to spend the time) and a light snack and drink and then an explore. Despite having visited pub bleds toilets twice ... read more

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Bled July 31st 2019

Nuremburg seems about 3 weeks ago. It should have been a 4 hour journey to Salzburg with a nice 2 hour stop in a lovely park for a picnic, getting to our tyrolean home for a nice early tea, a wander round and early bed. Nice. Instead we had our annual 'this should take four hours but will actually take 10' journey . It was 8 hours on the road with a couple of half hour stops (still at the lovely park mind you) and some of southern germany's finest villages, dirt roads and farm tracks. Seth proved himself again to be a very able traveller with no complaining, no grumpiness and perfect cheeriness the whole time. When we finally cleared the closed road and got back on the autobahn, it was time for a stop. ... read more

Europe » Slovenia July 30th 2019

From Zagreb I took a bus in the evening towards Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital city. Slovenia is the richest country of the former Yugoslavia (Croatia second). I did not plan this visit ahead and I was happy with my choice, even though I had only 3 days in the country! There was a thunderstorm on the way towards the city. Those who know me well, know that I love thunderstorms, even though I know they can be very dangerous. Once I arrived in Ljubljana, around 11pm, it was still raining. My hostel wasn’t too far from the station so I covered both my bags with a rain-cover, put my rain jacket and rain pants on and walked to the hostel. Luckily the weather was great the next day and I started very early, since my time in ... read more
Predjama Castle
Vintgar Gorge
Lake Bled

Europe » Slovenia » Upper Carniola » Ljubljana July 10th 2019

And so to Slovenia and meeting up with Pete and Elfi (Elfi the wonderful cake maker from Olney). First stop Ljubljana, capital city of Slovenia and one which we knew very little about. On our first night we wandered into the old town to get a feel for the place, a lovely city with plenty of history. As per usual the next day we attended a walking tour of Ljubljana (definitely worth doing). It’s astounding the history of the country, a part of the former Yugoslavia. For a few months after the end of the First World War it was the centre of European politics, as the Vienna convention to redraw the political lines of Europe was held in Ljubljana. Our tour guide talked about the changes that her grandfather had seen and how he lived ... read more
the story of Slovenia on a church door
the library
map of Barbed wire surrounding Ljubljana

Europe » Slovenia » Inner Carniola » Postojna June 16th 2019

The beds were very uncomfortable so none of us slept well but we had a lazy start to the day as our first stop - 10am tour of Postojna caves - was just down the road. Again LOADS of people. The caves felt a lot more touristy - especially with the twee train ride to start it off! It was also a lot colder than the Škocjan Caves & I was glad I'd brought a jumper. The caves were beautiful & we saw olms!!! Such awesome animals! I love that people used to think they were baby dragons!!!! After the cold caves we were for once glad to get back into the sun. Vicky & I did a bit of shopping then joined Chavaunne for lunch - wraps with roasted veg & pine nuts with optional ... read more
Predjama castle
View from Predjama cave castle
Postojna Cave

Europe » Slovenia » Slovenian Littoral June 15th 2019

Left TOP rafting and the Alps behind us heading south on the 102/103, it was a beautiful drive. This was the longest drive of the holiday - 132km - down to see the Lipizzan horses in Lipica. We saw lots of lovely foals (who sadly didn't want to say hello), then had our own guided tour around the stud farm buildings by Boris. We failed to find the Carriage Museum or the older foals out in the other fields - bad directions for the former & they were the other side of the paddock for the latter. We spotted both on our way out though! We then drove over to visit the Škocjan Caves - a UNESCO site due to the amazing kast formations and unique ecosystems, it also contains the largest known underground canyon in ... read more

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