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Rob Hoskin

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Greater London » Heathrow Airport September 27th 2022

Europe. United Kingdom. England. Greater London. Heathrow Terminal 4. Holiday Inn Express. Undoubtedly comfortable and surprisingly well equipped room here but it has that ubiquitous familiarity that hotel room near airports have. It’s sort of cheap and will provide all services we require but it’s soulless and really the antithesis of so many of the pubs and BnB’s I’ve seen and stayed in recently. Drove from Newton Abbot to Heathrow today and with Lee as navigator the process was seamless and easy. Not having strict time constraints makes everything easier and the little stops we had were fine (except for the food which reminded us of the ’bad old days’ of English cuisine. The pub made zero concessions environmentally, serving several components of our meal in sealed plastic containers despite us eating at the table and ... read more
Thanks, here’s your car.
Thanks Hertz, all good.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Newton Abbot September 25th 2022

No post yesterday as nothing happened. EXCEPT GEELONG WON THE GRAND FINAL. Today was moors and tors day. From Newton Abbot back to Dartmoor. And how good is it to be back on the moors and walking! Drove through Widecombe-on-the-Moor and over to Dartmoor for a bit of a walk and wander around the moors and tors. Actually went to King Tor and a couple of the neighbouring tors. One of our BnB hosts said there were 168 tors in Cornwall alone so how many there are in Devon is a guess I’m not prepared to make. But it was a lovely walk. Even though the heather bloom is ancient history it still looks good and it’s still a delight to walk through. The moors are still delightful, expansive and evocative. The environment is not pretty ... read more
King Tor, Dartmoor.
King Tor, Dartmoor.
The trusty backpack at King Tor, Dartmoor.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Stratford-upon-Avon September 23rd 2022

Tourist time again and we are in Warwickshire. Managing to stay out of Stratford during the day and then visit in the late afternoon and evening for the performances. Last night we saw Richard III. It was excellent. The Royal Shakespeare Company do things so well. The theatre was packed and I’d estimate about 750 would attend and every time we have been you’d be lucky to find a dozen spare seats. Some of those seats are in fact standing ’seats’ as the theatre is modelled on the ‘old globe’ used in Shakespeare’s time. There are some obstructed viewing seats (but they are clearly marked on the booking site) but the theatre is very atmospheric and very appropriate for the productions. Seats are expensive but it’s certainly a case of ‘the price is forgotten while the ... read more
Warwick for hot chocolate and cake. Wylie Tea Rooms.
Old Warwick, young Lee.
Bee hotel at Warwick Castle.

Europe » United Kingdom September 22nd 2022

Despite completely underwhelming demand I’m continuing to blog. What better place to commence ‘tourist time’ than in Stratford? Although really all we have done in Stratford is stock up with some provisions for our BnB and drive straight through. Even that is enough for us to renew our love affair with this most touristy of tourist towns. Just the sight of the theatre is enough to rekindle those fond memories and to again whet our appetite for more. Shakespeare this and Shakespeare that is everywhere here and here abouts but the town still manages to maintain enough dignity and reverence so that the area does not descend into the category of Lands End or Whitby or … We love it. That ‘we’ is Lee and I. Not Julie, as she is in Simonsbath readying herself to ... read more
Rose Cottage, our BnB near Stratford.
Rose Cottage, our BnB near Stratford.
Same happy tourists, Bourton on the Water.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Simonsbath September 18th 2022

Sitting in sunny Simonsbath in Somerset. No walking planned today and probably none wanted! Almost 600 km over the last month or so is about enough or according to Julie probably a few days too many! So today is washing, reflecting, blackberry picking, writing and catching up with emails and travel stuff before I collect a car and head off to Stratford for some ‘real’ tourist stuff and some Shakespeare. Lee is still asleep but after a long flight and train trip that’s no surprise. Hopefully having me around to sort of look after her will help her and she’ll be OK. I think the Queen is to be buried today so the mood even among guests here is a little somber. If it’s not today it’s tomorrow which has been declared a public holiday here. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Somerset » Simonsbath September 17th 2022

Ahh Somerset you’ve been duded! Even though the 2 Moors Way crosses from Devon into Somerset on several occasions it’s only ever known as the Dorset Coast to Coast. Sure it starts and finishes at the coast in Devon but to not acknowledge our in Somerset does seem a bit parochial. Anyway I’m here in Somerset having walked most of the 2 Moors Way and having met up with Lee. That’s pretty close to 600 km of ups, downs, lanes, fields, roads, meadows, tracks, river side paths, bogs, hills, valleys, streams, dales, leats, rivers, moors, forests, copses, villages, hamlets and towns we have completed our set task and arrived here in Simonsbath after walking to the Tarr Steps today. Despite our leisurely start (or because of it) the walk was easy with us covering the allotted ... read more
Me and my new friends.
Dated 1333. Circular so horse could walk around and hence drive the grinding wheels.
Yep, Julie.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon September 16th 2022

Knowstone. I know, you know but the blog doesn’t. Too small to register. Understandable as there is only 1 accommodation address and only 1 pub and no post office, off licence or any other kind of shop or store. We managed to squeeze into the pub which wasn’t easy as it’s the Mason’s Arms, a 1 Michelin star restaurant, and it’s Friday night. We were told people come from near and far to eat there so getting a table (even in the corner of the bar) is quite a coup. Just over 25 km today but surprisingly easy. Without the ups and downs of the Coast Path each km is significantly easier and although about 20 km may be our preferred distance the bit extra wasn’t a concern and in fact we probably finished an hour ... read more
That’s a stile.
Wetheridge Square to the 2 Moors Way shop.
ABC, but it’s for a digestive biscuit so it’s OK.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Crediton September 15th 2022

Bit frustrating. We are at our BnB but it is sort of in the middle of nothing. It’s a small pub that doesn’t open for another 2 or 3 hours, the internet is very poor and it’s too far to walk to anywhere else even though we have time and probably the energy as today’s walk was very short, fairly easy yet quite interesting. We walked to Morchard Bishop, a small village with the claim of having the longest continuous row of thatched cottage roofs in England. There certainly are some cuties there. Getting there was predominantly through fields, variously containing cows, sheep, some alpacas, crops and even cornfields. Fortunately things were dry as I remember just how wet you can get walking through the corn or even through pea crops. We are still getting sweeping ... read more
Food! Clever animals here.
Half time.
Am I allowed in?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Crediton September 14th 2022

I know we are in Crediton but we walked to the middle of nowhere and were taxied here. The Contours people (the company we walk with had the directions mixed up, very unusual for them) and when I double checked with a local even she said ‘you’re in the middle of nowhere’ so it‘s been officially confirmed. We waited 35 minutes and only saw 3 people in that time so it certainly wasn’t Trafalgar Square! Delightful day walking along streams and rivers, through fields and meadows, up hills and gorges, down lanes and paths and generally just enjoying ourselves. The moors are ancient history really (sorry to say) and it’s just pleasant Devonshire countryside. We are becoming so accustomed to the farms around here that I’m pretty sure that Julie even missed taking a couple of ... read more
Uphill section (short cut, not easy cut!)
Back in Chagford.

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Devon » Chagford September 13th 2022

Julie’s machine got us here. Concerned about conditions high up on the moors, 100% chance of rain and visible low cloud we opted for the low route but missed a turn early. Never ones for going back too far Julie gets out the phone and reroutes. Consequently we spent much of the day on small, windy, narrow lanes but out of the those conditions we associate with the high moors. We are fairly dry, relatively early (considering we went to the fair) and more than content now we are showered and housed. Quite a quirky pub this one. Named ‘The Globe’ is has movie paraphernalia everywhere and it even has its own movie theatre that we estimate would seat 60 or so. Our host, you remember Kevin, drove us to Widecombe-in-the-Moor (even cuter with the hyphens) ... read more
Prize winning onions?
Graveyard opposite our accommodation in Chagford.
Almost as good as a trig point.

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