I moved to Hong Kong in August 2007 with the intention of staying for 9 months...until I left eight and a half years later....I finally made a move from HK and spent 2016 in Sydney, Australia. 2017 has included Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, Peru, Ireland and Sweden.

My favourite adventure: I went travelling in Asia and Europe for six months, taking the Trans-Siberian railway back to England. We managed to get from Thailand to London with no airplanes!

I'm a keen photographer and writer & I hope you enjoy my blogs.


Europe » Portugal » Madeira » Funchal November 20th 2017

Madeira is an island off of the coast of Africa, belonging to Portugal. With generally warm temperatures year-round, it is a good go-to for some sunshine. Of course, not always guaranteed, and whilst there in November I did experience some rain myself! Escaping the single-digit degrees of winter though, I did not mind some rain. Longer than expected, it is a four hour flight to Funchal Airport, Madeira. Easyjet have flights from Stanstead direct to Madeira, making it a reasonably affordable holiday. Prior to arrival, I had booked a hire car (the cheapest one) and once at the rental centre, of course there was an up-sell - 'Madeira is very hilly, are you sure you want a one litre engine' was the question to me. My smart answer was - why do you rent out one ... read more
Hiking in the sunshine

Europe » Sweden » Skåne August 17th 2017

I'm lucky to have friends from many places across the globe, and there is one particular friend who had always told me about her Swedish Crayfish parties! At first I thought it was something unique to her and something she did with her friends, until I later realised it is a national event celebrated all over Sweden! Ten years on, I made it to one of these feasts! Landing in Copenhagen, it was very easy to take a train across to Kristianstaad in Sweden, where I was reunited with buddies from my Hong Kong days. A drive further south took us to Maglehelem near the coast, and to Hanna's holiday farm house where she spent many summers growing up. It's brilliant to be able to travel to remote parts of Sweden quite easily from London where ... read more
Feast! Best salmon ever!
In the countryside

MISSING March 19th 2017

Four days and three nights like no other!I signed up to do the Classic Inca Trail with the Llama Path company in December for a March 9th start. It’s not possible to do the official Inca trail independently - you have to go with a guide/group - it is very regulated.As mentioned in my previous post, it’s worth doing your research on the Inca trail. Yes it’s physically demanding, but it’s also stunning! Llama path really looked after us, with 16 porters for a group of eight hikers. These ultra humans hiked ahead of us with giant backpacks, and then by the time we would arrive at the pit stop there was a tent set up with a table, and lunch or dinner prepared. There was no ... read more
Proudest Moment!
Team Llama Path!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 10th 2017

The Classic Inca Trail – before you go! So, I am not the most organised traveler - in terms of, I like to turn up and see what I find rather than have my whole trip pre-planned. I like a little room for manoeuvre! Too much research sometimes plants too many preconceptions in my head! When it came to Machu Picchu, I basically thought that the way to get there was via the Inca Trail, so that is what I signed up for! In actual fact there are many many ways to get there, including by coach, by one day trails, two day trails, and seven day treks! The Inca Trail is the classic and most historical of trails, following in the path of the Incan people on their religious journey. I signed up for the ... read more
Walking sticks optional
Poncho was necessary!

South America » Peru » Cusco » Cusco March 7th 2017

Altitude is real! Jump on a plane to Cusco and you will step off at 3200m above sea level. That’s when it gets interesting! I’m a relatively fit person and I certainly felt it. I wondered if it would have made any difference if I'd have trained with an oxygen mask! To be honest, oxygen mask training is a bit extreme, but I was glad to have had some fitness about me for traveling at altitude. From the day I stepped off the plane in Cusco, I ended up spending twelve days above 3000 metres. Altitude can affect everyone, regardless of how fit you are - it's worth doing some research before you travel. Some people take medication (I didn't) and some people have no side effects. Others suffer from dreadful headaches and vomiting. It can ... read more
Fabric for sale
Steep and narrow
Traditional Dress in the city square

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket March 6th 2017

Plane Food & Staying Healthy On the ground we plan our meals and make our choices. It’s not always quite as easy when you’re 30,000 feet in the air! I recently had two long haul flights for which I was organized with protein bars and some oatmeal whilst in transit. On the second flight hunger had reached me and probably boredom too… so I asked for the beef meal. It made me notice just how tricky planes are! I had four pieces of beef, some carrots and some beans. Everything else on the plate was beige! Mashed potato, crackers, cheese, bread, pasta, butter. I had the cheese and left the rest behind which was a waste really. There was also a piece of chocolate. ... read more

Asia » Philippines » Palawan February 8th 2017

The Tao Experience ~ Nautical Paradise As often happens in the world of travel, you meet people with the best and most recent recommendations for the next stop! I really enjoyed having an unplanned trip earlier this year and it worked out well - I met a (now) friend at Tiger Muay Thai who told me about the Tao experience in Palawan, Philippines. Fairly soon I was booked on to a boat trip amongst deserted islands! In my last blog I mentioned that El Nido is quite touristy as well as being stunning. The Tao Experience gave me a real opportunity to see the beauty of Palawan without the acne of tourists! The day before the journey we met for a briefing and were introduced to our jolly crew! They informed us what to bring and ... read more
Sun sand sea
One of many
My house for the night

Asia » Philippines » Palawan » El Nido February 7th 2017

El Nido from bucket list to reality… So a few years ago I saw a photo taken by a professional, of this place I had never heard of, called El Nido. I had to look up where it was and then it was added to the bucket list. I’ll be honest, I was put off for a while because the transport links weren’t great, having to take two flights and a six hour drive. I recently learnt that it’s now just two flights – one to Manilla and one to El Nido, and pretty quickly I had my trip booked! Being in Asia already made it quite accessible for me. The “airport” in El Nido is awesome. It’s hardly an airport to be honest! One runway and a small shack where we were greeted by singers ... read more
Kayaking in the lagoon
Coconut Shop
Scenic rearview mirror

Asia » Hong Kong » Hong Kong Island February 6th 2017

A place I called home I thought a year was a long time… turns out it isn’t! I spent eight and a half years living in Hong Kong, straight out of university and my first job was in Asia. I had a blast! I got to a point where I wanted to explore more of the world and left Hong Kong to give Sydney a try. Returning to Hong Kong after a year away was less emotional than I had thought! There’s something about routine and familiarity that we crave and appreciate as humans. For me Hong Kong felt so normal and I slotted right back in – a year didn’t make a whole lot of difference! I had a busy week catching up with all my friends there and celebrating being another year older! I ... read more
Central HK
Escalator Life
Look up

Asia » Thailand » South-West Thailand » Phuket January 15th 2017

Smashing it! Back in Phuket once again and ready for a fitness kick! I’ve been to Chalong, Phuket a number of times and it’s a great way to train and get fit. This time I stayed for longer, getting stuck in and making a change! Some things had changed since my last visit - a few more tattoo parlours, and some more healthy eating restaurants along the street. The classics are still there - Reggae Bar and Tony's! It's a street with everything you need and maybe some of what you don't need but want ie reggae bar! Laying by the pool between workouts was pretty awesome for a few days! Then there was a four day rain storm which was fun! I had a frog take home in my shorts that were on the line ... read more
Go Hard or Go Home - Unit 27
Wraps on for Muay Thai Boxing
Pink skies!

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