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26th June 2019
Don't look down!

I'd be going nowhere near the edge.
1st November 2017

Nice place to relax and family activities
This is the great place to relax in the weekend or stay here for serveral days with family, especially is play with children. Really like your artical, and I saw that you mentioned Crayfish, I like this food, it's so taste. http://globaltravel247.com.vn/tours/tour-nuoc-ngoai/nhat-ban
22nd October 2017

Inca Trail and elsewhere ...
Hi JHG, Yes, Ted (husband) and I do love to travel and have been lucky enough to have travelled quite extensively throughout Asia over the years, having seen a lot of it - each place/country, unique in its own way. Another of our most memorable trips a couple of years ago was on the Trans Siberian and Trans Mongolian railways. Three weeks across China, Mongolia and Russia, stopping off here and there along the way, was just incredible. We do like to get a bit off the beaten track at times, spending time with the locals and experiencing different cultures. :) This was a trip that had been on our bucket list for years but, we finally made it. :) May you also keep enjoying travelling the world and fulfilling your dreams too. :) Jan
22nd October 2017

22nd October 2017

What a great experience ...
Hi JHG, Loved reading your blog, (great photos, too) which rekindled our memories of our time there. My husband and I hiked the trail with Intrepid back in 2010, at the ages of 65 and 62 respectively - proving that you are never too old to just get out there and do things. :) Yes, it was tough, especially the second day, but the rewards ... indescribable. To scramble up that last climb to the Sun Gate and gaze down upon Machu Picchu spread out below you, sparkling in the early morning sunshine, just takes your breath away.The feeling is overwhelming. Admittedly, the trail is not for the faint-hearted (or, just for the young, either) but, we will always remember it as probably one of the greatest experiences and personal achievements that we will ever have. Thank you. Jan
22nd October 2017

Thanks for your comment!
Hi Jan - thanks for your comment! Made my day! It was indeed a great trip - how inspiring - I hope I am as active as you when I reach that age! Good for you! I see you have been traveling in Asia - looks fabulous! I spent eight years living in Hong Kong and was lucky enough to explore lots of Asia whilst there! Enjoy - and keep traveling!
16th October 2017

Similar problems in Tibet 2004
I had similar problems in Lhasa in tibet in 2004. The altitude was around 3900 and I stayed there for 2 nights, coming from Chengdu. The first evening it began, the second day they gave me something like a ball with oxygen, and on the last day I had some time to visit (only, unfortunately) the lower levels of the palace in Lhasa before hurrying to the airport. Maybe some day I come back with the new railway.
17th October 2017

Ah what a shame Twag! I did take the railway and it was a good way to adjust - relaxation on the train and a gradual ascent. Add to that the views were wonderful! Here is the blog I wrote: https://www.travelblog.org/Asia/China/Tibet/blog-518030.html
27th March 2017

Bike trip to Leh ladakh
Experience challenging and inspiring Leh Bike trop to Leh ladakh which take you to a different world.
From Blog: Leh Leh Leh
30th June 2016

I missed this one but for sure will go back and do it.....
Rumbak Valley I didnt this year. I did visited Ladakh and one of the top listed travel places in Asia. it was a great experience first being in Srinagar. I had gone there on a solo trip on a friend's recommendation. Not even for a moment I felt lonely. Lot of nice people in Srinagar and in Ladakh was something which I will never forget. I did booked my travel plan with one company kashmirtravels.com and they did good job and Overall it was a nice experience. but I always wanted to go back to Ladakh and do this trek again and again. I am planing on June 2017 if anyone wants to join me let me know...
9th June 2016

Nice...best of luck for you to new country
Most attractive tips for clothing of Women
6th June 2016

Great tips!
Moving to a new country can be daunting, but I think you've got it well sorted!
5th June 2016
A little bit of HK in Sydney

Just Say Yes!
Excellent advise, and good luck in your new country! It really takes an adventurer to relocate--as you said, it's not as easy as traveling--so much more of a commitment. I loved the way you also took lots of little journeys exploring Asia from your HK home. It will be interesting to see where your explorations now take you.
14th January 2016

hy really nice blog with beautiful pictures
Hi there am gng on the same trek in feb 2016 can you please guide me sme major information///what kind of snow gear I require for the trek///how long is the total trek///
14th January 2016

That's great - I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did. I spent five nights in the valley. Each day was a different trek - returning to camp. As for equipment - strong boots, waterproofs, plenty of layers - thermals (top and bottom), gloves, hat etc. Head-torch was very useful at night. Definitely worth investing in a proper sleeping bag - mine was goose-down and claimed to be good up to -40 degrees - absolutely worth it for a good/warm nights sleep. Thermos for warm drinks, hand sanitizer, sunglasses. Those were probably the key things I used!! Hope it helps, and have a great time!
11th June 2015

Superb photos as ever, some great memories here.
4th June 2015
Some of the most expensive real estate on Upper East Side

Beautiful architectural details!
Lucky you to have an excuse to go to Manhattan and the countryside there. Love that amazing Central Park and the architecture around it.
22nd November 2014
Female monks

A dream get-away!
What a lovely holiday--leisurely cycling in the countryside, discovering hidden stairways in pagodas and staying in that gorgeous hotel. I clicked on the link to the hotel--so beautiful; how wise to hang out by its pool in the heat of the day. How great also to not bother with a book, but just wander and explore-yummy!
10th August 2014

I love lists!
I'm always making lists for everything and certainly, the new year's resolutions list is very important. I keep it on the fridge door, so I can have a look at it every now and then. I'm also hooked up to the Harry Potter series and have just started the last one, but I read them in English, as I prefer the original version. No sabía que estabas aprendiendo español; como veo que te gusta leer, te puedo recomendar los libros de Carlo Ruiz Zafón, un escritor español que escribe libros muy bonitos ambientados tras la guerra civil española. ¡También puedes practicar conmigo! :D
13th August 2014

Thanks for your comment!! Harry Potter es mucho mas fácil en Ingles!! Todavía no termine el libro!
9th August 2014

I never was a resolution maker...
but this sounds achievable. How about we do an hour walk every day...starting in September since we are well into August?
9th August 2014

Great idea!
It's certainly achievable indeed! And what a lovely thing to do, to go for a walk every day! Sounds like a great plan! Let me know how you get on! Thanks so much for your comment.
29th June 2014

the cheap traveler
I've been traveling on money i'd saved for my retirement, so I'm not sure what I'll do when I'm old. I always stay in the cheapest place I can find--before Bolivia, it was always dorm beds, then I stay in each place a long time to reduce transport costs (and to know a place well), don't take tours and I self-cater. It's only here that I've finally indulged in cheeses and familiar foreign goods. I've always been good about enjoying life on a budget! Have fun indulging in the UK!
30th June 2014

Fantastic! - Good for you!

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