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Europe » Iceland » Southwest » Reykjavík November 2nd 2014

I’m home! I left you off on my last day in Denmark. From there I made a drive which by Europe standards was lightyears long, but in reality it was only 600km to Bremen. It was actually a pretty nice drive and the weather was only terrible for the first half, but eventually the sun came out and I made good time. Bremen was just a brief stop on my way further south to Paderborn. Paderborn is a rather small city, but more people know about it now as they’re in the first Bundesliga. A friend from Canada, Fiona, is working at an elementary school nearby teaching English. Even though we got there on a Sunday, it was the last day of the fall fair so the city was bumpin! We ended up going for a ... read more
Fiona and Lukas!
Icelandic Countryside
Dennis and friends!

Europe » Denmark » Region Hovedstaden » Copenhagen October 24th 2014

Hallo, I am in Copenhagen! But first I'l give a run down of where I've been on the way here. I left you off just before driving to Berlin. I stayed there for a few days, doing all the touristy things and enjoying my time with my friend Anna. She was a fantastic tour guide and showed me around the Burroughs of the city while she could, and then I figured out the rest on my own. There's lots to see in Berlin; I saw the old section of the wall separating East/West Berlin which is now set up as a graffiti art gallery (a small section is in the top banner). Berlin is a really weird mix of old and new as well. Some really cool buildings in the modern parts of town and tons ... read more
Festival of Lights - Berlin
Flensburg inner harbour

Europe » Germany » Bavaria October 18th 2014

So the end of the drydock has now come and gone. All the major work was completed; new engine installed, fresh hull coating, new venues and cabins, azipod bearings replaced, and most importantly - the hole cut in the bottom to install the new engine was sealed back up. We then floated the ship out and brought her alongside for 1 night to get all the systems online before turning her back up the river to the port of Rotterdam. Where I managed to walk off the ship shortly after 8am, and by 11am I was in Germany on my way to Bonn. This whole trip has a focus on mostly seeing friends. In Bonn I saw the important things, town square, Beethovens house, and had some beer on the riverside. Here I was staying with ... read more
Max and I
Kolner Dom at night

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam October 8th 2014

Hello again! Yet again things have changed significantly from my last blog. After sailing around the med for a couple weeks we sailed up to Rotterdam. At this point we’ve been in drydock for 8 days. It’s weird being in the same place every day, but I’m learning lots and seeing new things every day. Our trip up to Rotterdam brought us back through the straight up Gibraltar and had a stop in Vigo, Spain. I was in Vigo 4 years ago on the Independence and It’s still one of my favourite ports I’ve been to. A 5 minute walk brings you to a street lined in outdoor restaurants serving some of the freshest seafood around. I also went up the hill which is topped by the remains of an old castle. The weather was amazing ... read more
Old Castle Wall
View from the top, Vigo
Vigo, Spain

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples September 13th 2014

Now usually I find blogging about my life at sea rather monotonous and boring, BUT now there is change! For the first time since the Oasis started cruising the Caribbean back in 2009 we took a break from the Eastern/Western Caribbean cruises and pointed the ship East to Europe. This is all part of the plan to drydock the ship in Rotterdam for 2 weeks in October. There aren't many drydocks available for a ship this large so the company sent us for a couple weeks of cruising based out of Barcelona to show off the ship before we head to the dock. There will be quite a few projects going on during drydock but mostly it's just planned 5 year maintenance. The crossing was pretty much non eventful. We had extremely good weather. It was ... read more
Santa Maria, Azores
Beach in Malaga. 1 Minute walk from the ship
Departure Malaga

So since I last left you off Amy and I have finished our trip in SE Asia. We spent 5 days scuba diving in the Andaman sea and then spent a few days just taking it easy at a resort town. Scuba diving was absolutely amazing! We did 15 dives over 4 days and got our Advanced Open Water certifications - which among other things means we did a night dive and a deep dive down to 30 meters. We saw tons and tons of fish and other sealife: stingray, seahorse, 2 kinds of sharks, shrimps, crabs, eels, and even a manta ray! In the resort town we took it easy poolside and did almost nothing but take it Easy. That is except ride elephants! And we took them for a swim too! After a rather ... read more

Asia » Thailand » Central Thailand » Bangkok February 21st 2014

Hello again, I left you off last time as we had just arrived in Ho Chi Minh City. Since then we've spent a few days in HCMC, bussed to Phnom Penh in Cambodia, spent a few days there, boated to Siem Reap to see the temples of Angkor, and then bussed to Bangkok. HCMC: was really cool and we did some pretty awesome things. Vietnam is seriously cheap so things like the zoo cost 60 cents... But on the plus side the western world hasn't intervened here so you can get 6 feet from a rhino. We also went and visited the tunnels that the Viet Cong had used during the Vietnam war. These were pretty interesting and even though the tunnels had been enlarged for tourists it was tight. Let's just say I'm not the ... read more
Angkor Wat
Eating a spider!

Asia » Vietnam » Southeast » Ho Chi Minh City » District 1 February 12th 2014

Hello from Asia! For those of you who don't know Amy and I are on a month long trip that takes us from Vietnam across Cambodia to Thailand. At this point we just arrived in Ho Chi Minh City after spending a week in and around Hanoi. First thoughts are that HCMC is a much more modern city than Hanoi. This being the first time either of us have been to Asia we've had some adjusting to do. We mostly stuck around the old part of town in Hanoi. Street food is a big part of the locals lives and we dove right in as well. While sitting in a 6" tall plastic chair 2 feet from a hundred motorcycles wizzing by we've eaten pho, steamed buns, grilled meats, spring rolls, traditional sub sandwiches, strange delicious ... read more
Street side Pho
Water puppet show
Kayaking in Ha Long Bay

North America » Mexico » Quintana Roo » Cozumel November 14th 2013

Well it has been a very long time since I’ve blogged, but here I am! After a year away from the Oasis of the Seas I am now back onboard. Things have been pretty good so far, and it’s been very nice coming back to a ship I know. That being said, this will be the first time I will be at sea over the holidays which other than the Royal Caribbean Christmas gift I assume will be business as usual. The weather has been a very interesting blend. It’s obviously not summer as there is worse weather in the atlantic which kicks up some decent waves for the run down to theVirgin Islands. And just last night while approaching theYucatanPeninsulawe ran into 5 meter waves being blown out of theGulf of Mexico. But then you ... read more
4 cruise ships within 3 miles of us
Meeting Friends all over the world as always
Sunrise over the Caribbean

Oceania » Australia December 8th 2012

A delayed hello! I apologize in advance that there are no photos in this :( I am not traveling with a computer and have been using friends laptops for photo uploads. The next post will be when I get home and I'll be sure to toss up a few more to make up for it! Since the past update I've been in the wilderness in and around Goulburn, seen the Australian capital, eaten Kangaroo, and visited with friends on cruise ships in Sydney where I now am. In Goulburn I stayed with a friend from the Independence. So it had been a while and was nice to see another friendly face. I had planned on taking the train there from Sydney but upon reaching the station I found out that the train had been cancelled and ... read more

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