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Jennifer Jones

A 60 something who feels that the world is her lobster, that life is worth living and that you only get one shot at it . A whole new world opened up since we bought Suzy. A different view out of the window every day and the chance to see life in all its glory. And then there is Sion our travelling companion. A knowledgeable sheep who with his Sheep Book of Facts keeps us on our toes. He and his bestest, bestest friend Woolly Mammoth search the world for latrines, roofs and manhole covers. What more could you want out of life?

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 31st 2018

. Dear Blog - this is catching. This writing to a blog. 2018 has just started to slip into my memory . I wonder what 2019 will bring in terms of that wonderful thing travel. New years resolutions are just there lurking - eat less , eat better food , be more diligent in the approach to fitness, swim more, walk more, be nice to my neighbours and my friends , Work hard and play hard. Of course by tomorrow I will be still stuffing my face, eating all the wrong things and will have forgotten what I planned to do. Such are resolutions. Easy to write about . Much harder to keep to. I guess we all start with good intentions and fail miserably after a few weeks ............ a few days ...........a few hours. ... read more
the middle reservoir from the top of the dam
The Lower reservoir
Yes there was cod, chips and mushy peas there a few minutes ago

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Worcestershire » Worcester December 23rd 2018

"As soon as you have made a thought , laugh at it ". Lao Tzu How many times during a year do you make thoughts and either laugh at them or cry at them? . This year quite often I would think. We thought life would be normal for us during 2018. Whatever that was going to be . Holidays. Planned and arranged . Work - well I was going to be still there and then like a bolt out of the blue we found ourselves spending most of the first half of the year caring for Glenns mum. We had to laugh many times during her illness and we cried a lot at times when things got too much. Life rumbled on as did the year. Spring passed us by. Summer flew by in the ... read more
The pink giraffe
The cloisters
Absolutely stunning on one of the walls

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Wrexham December 10th 2018

"Today is your own. Tomorrow perchance may never come". - Swami Sivananda. Today was one of those days. We had a plan and that plan meant rather a lot of driving. Every year we do a round trip and it was happening today. Sometimes it starts in the Wrexham area . For the last few years it had started here in Derbyshire. We have wreaths to deliver. The weather as we drive is pretty awful. A thick mist hung in the air. The sun struggled to force its way out. Pale and wan in the sky. We let the Sat Nag pick a route and then chose to ignore her pleading as we made the decision to go our own way. She wanted to take us down the M6 Toll. We did not want to go ... read more
George Ellis my grans brother in law
Gresford - I wonder where this came from
View from the back of the wheel

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield December 7th 2018

It's getting to feel a lot like Christmas - everywhere you go. That song is going round and round my head. Everywhere I look there are decorations sprouting up in gardens and all over houses. I see Christmas Trees inside all lit up like Blackpool Illuminations. I feel fed up being bombarded with adverts still trying to sell me furniture which will be delivered by Christmas or supermarkets trying to sell me the juiciest turkey or the best Christmas pudding. I don't feel very Christmassy and wish it was all over. Bah humbug and Scrooge come to mind. Christmas starts too early. I don't want to hear that I need to buy the best vegetables from the best supermarket when it it is still November. My mind is full of other things like the final readings ... read more
The paper village
A paper version of Hardwick Hall
Sion and the garlands

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield November 18th 2018

There are so many great books in the world . Works of fiction and non fiction. The great religious weighty tomes. The Norwegian sagas and the old welsh historical books of legend . The Mabinogian and the works of modern writers. Who wouldn't want to read the story of Noah and his ark ending up on Mount Ararat and not want to stand on the spot? Who wouldn't want to go to Ephesus and stand in the footsteps of St Paul? The great literature and religious books take us to a world that I would want to visit . The religious works tell us how to live our lives. Not to steal, not to kill , not to covet the property or goods of someone else, not to lie and not to deceive . They all ... read more
The tommies and the nurse outside the town hall th
The Town Hall cascade
My sentiments

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Skegness November 9th 2018

Lao Tzu said that "Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes" Today was one of those days in our lives where we make a plan , slightly keep to it but lose sight of it quite quickly. Do you love the seaside? The sound of the waves crashing on the rocks on the harbour. The feel of sand like time slipping through your fingers. Memories of making sand castles , carrying the bucket and spade home, eating doughnuts and rock. Fish and chips. The smell of the sea, tangy in the air. The noise of the bingo callers and the excited children. The music that escaped onto the street from the penny arcades. Go on , you can think it - Penny arcades - now that's a long time ago. I don't remember going ... read more
The clock tower
Skegness is so bracing
The Jolly Sailor

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire November 5th 2018

Somehow the name Bolingbroke and a load of them remind me of the character of Shakespeare in the comedy Upstart Crow written by Ben Elton . The word is used rather in a derogatory fashion referring to a part of the male anatomy . If you have not watched Upstart Crow you really need to. If you watched Ben Eltons creation of Blackadder then this is in the same vein with the same sense of humour . If you cannot say Bolingbroke without smiling then what can I say ? It is an Autumnal day here. I both love and hate Autumn. I love the crisp brown leaves on the ground which invite me to kick them. I hate to see the bare trees. I enjoy the cold crisp mornings when it is nice to cuddle ... read more
 A corner of the castle with latrine
Into one of the round towers
He spoils all my photos !!!!!

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Chesterfield October 31st 2018

Since 2014 there have been plans to commemorate the start and end of the First World War. Early in 2014 the ceramic poppies were displayed at the Tower of London , Since then they have been moved around the country from venue to venue . From Hereford to Kirkwall, from Stoke on Trent to Derby and beyond. Now they have been dismantled and have ended at their final resting place. They produced a germ of an idea for other people who wanted to emulate the idea in their own towns and cities . Those towns and cities who were not able to host the ceramic poppies found their own way of commemorating the end of hostilities. The germ of the idea was born and grew and was taken on board fully by an appreciative public. Townswomens ... read more
part of a wreath display marking 100 years since ceasation of the fighting
Poppy cascade
The market hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Shropshire » Whitchurch October 30th 2018

Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centred by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate" So wrote Zhuangzi a Daoist sage and author. Never heard of him . Well neither had we . Never heard of his philosophies either . We know them now though. Our life seems to be following that pattern. Since we came home we are trying to flow with whatever comes our way. We are trying not to worry about Glenns mums house which is taking some time to sell. Phone calls and messages fly by and nothing seems to happen. It is 8 weeks now since an offer was put in . To complicate things even further we had no -one asking to view our home. Selling houses is a painful process. One ... read more
St Alkmunds church
Time moving on
that Joyce clock is there - corner of Green End and High Street

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Leicestershire » Kegworth October 22nd 2018

Why is it that when you return from holiday you initially feel that sense of relief to see that the house is still OK. That the car is still there and that you can lie in the bath and have a long long soak in that bubbly bath water? A relief to eat baked beans on toast or fried egg and chips . To sleep in our own bed. But then the doubts about being home start to work their way back into my brain. We did have a good holiday didnt we? Then its time to check the post. The house insurance has turned up as has the quotation for the car insurance. Gabbys road tax is due and is a lot less expensive than we expected it to be. All those normal things that ... read more
A petrol heads dream
The Vanwall exhibition
Motoring Memorabilia

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