Jennifer Jones


Jennifer Jones

A 60 something who feels that the world is her lobster, that life is worth living and that you only get one shot at it . A whole new world opened up since we bought Suzy. A different view out of the window every day and the chance to see life in all its glory. And then there is Sion our travelling companion. A knowledgeable sheep who with his Sheep Book of Facts keeps us on our toes. He and his bestest, bestest friend Woolly Mammoth search the world for latrines, roofs and manhole covers. What more could you want out of life?

Europe » Belgium » West Flanders » Brugge May 16th 2015

We were a few days from coming home. There were only two countries between us and home. A few miles of tarmac and the English Channel. Suzy was still hanging on in there. She did pick up a stone chip on the ride today. Hopefully we will get this done free as it looks like the sort of chip that can be filled in. We had to make a decision. Should we call it a day and ring Eurotunnel and try to get home early? Didn't feel like doing that. So what else was there to do. What is there local? The smell of chocolate was wafting over . Being chocoholics and Sion wanted to get his snout in the trough we had found what we could do today. Been before but who cares . Last ... read more
Beautiful Belgium buildings

Europe » Luxembourg » Luxembourg City May 15th 2015

After a very peaceful night we hit the road. Keeping one eye on Suzys dashboard we kept checking the fuel consumption which remained constant and the engine ticked over nicely despite the little light which kept telling us something was wrong. The motorways were quiet . It was Sunday and all the lorries were parked up on the service areas and had left the roads to us motorists. We had our bill for using the french motorways £90 for a three days travel from Calais to the Frejus tunnel. We had avoided the tolls back by using the German roads but in all honesty Glenn hated them. They were endless lines of road works. The verdict -driving through France and paying the tolls was better than driving these endless boring roads. No tolls but boring and ... read more
Luxembourg defences
Inside the casemates

Europe » Germany » Baden-Württemberg » Stuttgart May 13th 2015

Ok are you going to sing with me? Janice Joplin style - Oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. My friends all drive porsches, I must make amends. Worked hard all my lifetime, no help from my friends. So oh lord won't you buy me a Mercedes Benz. So where is Suzy today? On the german autobahns. Long straight roads, two or three lane motorways. All of them with roadworks. Miles and miles of them where the roads are being widened from two lanes to three or from three to four lanes. Trees as far as the eye can see. They are more boring than French motorways. The only break we had from them was to stop at a Rasthaus. First task find out how to get in. Us and other motorhomes were having ... read more
The Helix building
The lift
Mercedes Benz early days

Europe » Austria » Salzburg » Golling an der Salzach May 13th 2015

Where is Suzy? Well she is on her way home. She is heading out of Croatia over the bridge back to the mainland. Our plan is to drive through Slovenia sadly as we have no time to linger and spend the night in Austria just south of Salzburg near to Golling. We crossed the bridge and did not have to pay . For some strange reason you pay on your way in but they let you escape for nothing. Bit like the Severn Bridge then. We skirted around Rijeka stopping only for petrol. We waved to a british couple in a motorhome before we headed off to the no mans land between Croatia and Slovenia. A final goodbye to Croatia and we found ourselves in green Slovenia. It is a lovely country with endless green fields, ... read more
The hills are alive
Will we ever be able to work out what this was all about
An austrian castle

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Krk May 13th 2015

Sometimes you should never go back to a place that you loved. Memories can be shattered if the reality of the second visit does not match what happened first time round. Well Suzy was pointed towards Krk and we were going to see if Krk was going to be as good as the first time round. Suzy ate up the miles as she does on Croatian motorways. They are arrow straight, almost empty and without roadworks. They are a joy to drive on according to the driver. As a passenger I enjoy the endless views across the grey karst scenery and attempt to work out what the flowers are that bloom on the roadside. Occaisionally I act as navigator when Sally Sat Nav throws a wobbler which she does from time to time. But most of ... read more
Krk walls
Venetian clock tower
Who is that woman?

Europe » Croatia » Istria » Novigrad May 12th 2015

Where in the world is Suzy the motorhome ? Novigrad - sounds Russian to me. Have we gone wrong somewhere and turned north instead of south?. No we have not . We are still in Croatia . We have passed through Slovenian no mans land and handed our passports over to the Croatian border guards who gave them a very cursory glance before handing them back without stamping them. So lets try the Italian for Novigrad – Citta Nova . Now that sounds better. Less harsh than Novigrad. New City whichever language you use. We are booked into a lovely campsite Camping Serina which lives up to its name. It is in the hotels grounds and is seriously massive but luckily at this time of year it is relatively quiet . We could have picked an ... read more
Citta Nova
The clock
The ships coming in

Europe » Slovenia » Istria » Koper May 10th 2015

And so to Slovenia. We by passed Trieste and Miramare. We had planned to visit but parking proved a little more difficult than we had anticipated so we drove on. Slovenia being a Shengen agreement country meant that we could just drive in without showing our passports. We only planned to stay a day here before moving on south for some sun and relaxation. Our destination was to be Croatia but before getting there we had a little bit of Slovenia to see. Depending which history you prefer we were staying in Koper . This is the Slovenian name . If you prefer Italian history then we were in Capadistria. The region owned by the Venetians for hundreds of years. And so to a little history. In 1420, the Patriarch of Aquileia ceded his remaining possessions ... read more
Koper town square
Campanile in Koper

Europe » Italy » Friuli-Venezia Giulia » Aquileia May 10th 2015

Our base for the next night was to be Camping Acquilea . Glenn has been here more times than he cares to remember . This is my second visit. The camping site is much as it was three years ago when we last visited. Mr Adonis was still there, still tending to his pool but this time round he looked much older and the sun had not been kind to him. The pool was not open as he and his wife were trying to stop water leaching out and ground water from leaching in. It seemed like they were trying to paint the Forth Road Bridge and were getting nowhere. The facilities were closed as it was early in the season. Later a café and a small shop would open. The toilets were less clean than ... read more
more fantastic mosaics from the crypt
frescoes from the crypt
the graveyard of the caduti

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Lesina May 10th 2015

Our stop for the night was a long drive away. We had to get up Italy as we were on mission now as the holiday was slowly coming to an end . Endless motorways with endless rows of traffic. The Adriatic to our right all the way. It looked lovely as we drove along . That lovely shade of blue. How we wish we had time to linger longer but sadly our holiday this time is coming to an end and we still have things to do and pack in before we head home. Our stop for the night was going to be if it were open another sosta camper stop in the tiny seaside town on the Adriatic of Lesina So where is Suzy sleeping tonight? You will never guess . A few years ago ... read more
Lesina in the evening
War memorial to the Americans who liberated this part of the world in the second world war

Europe » Italy » Apulia » Andria May 6th 2015

From Alberobello we visited the castel Del Monte . Now this was a castlel that looked fantastic from a distance . Norman in character built at the time of the Crusades and the Knights Templars. A castle that said much about religion, war and The Holy Land . This is what we could see. A castle that glinted white in the sunlight., It shone like bare bones stripped naked by the rays of the sun. And it was hot too . It shimmered . A castle that could see from its vantage point on the hilltop for miles and miles and miles. A castle with towers on each corner . You wouldn’t miss much from these battlements. Castel del Monte the Castle of the Mountain is a 13th century citadel and castle situated near to the ... read more
The gateway
What a view from your bedroom window

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