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Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 14th 2017

We were in need of lunch - so where to eat ? The cathedral seems the obvious choice. Where was it? It seemed hidden . The castle was the most prominent landmark and there seemed little to see of the medieval cathedral. It was there somewhere. The folks of medieval Norwich would be used to being overlooked by the nobility in the castle and by the clergy in the church. So it has to be here somewhere. How can you hide such a big structure with a spire that points skywards? We wandered the streets looking for the 44 acres that the church sits in. Our first sight of it was its gateway. Well one of the two gates in which you can enter the close. The cathedral precinct or 'Close' is the largest to survive ... read more
The gateway to the cathedral close
Lincoln cathedral
Inside the cathedral

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 14th 2017

Day 3 - Today felt a little bit like being in Nafpaktos and trying to make a connection between a number of unrelated facts. What is the connection between yellow and green canaries , the cook Delia Smith and Edith Cavell? The answer - Norwich . Norwich City Football club is called the Canaries and they play in yellow and Green. Delia is their chairman and Edith Cavell was born here. I came to Norwich in the mid 70's. We had the mad idea of going to watch Liverpool FC playing Norwich. We often went to both home and away matches in the late 1970's. The distance didnt matter . It could be Manchester or Birmingham or equally Norwich. Sadly though we only drove a mini which was notoriously slow and we didnt get to the ... read more
Norwich Castle
Norwich Castle
Romanesque doorway to Norwich castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Norfolk » Norwich July 13th 2017

Where in the world is Suzy today? She is parked up on a racecourse and a dog track . We view the finishing line just outside her windows. We slept well last night and woke to the coo cooing of a pigeon . For a moment it reminded me of the Scops Owl with its radar like pinging call. Had it been a Scops I would be in Greece not waking up instead in West Runton caravan park. We had already made our mind to move. We tried initially to ask nay plead with the wardens to move. There were spaces across the road. Nothing behind us and only motorhomes to our right and left. The tents were being packed up . It is Sunday and the residents are on their way home ready for work ... read more
Just the sort of place we like
The bridge to the house
Inside the hall

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Lincolnshire » Sleaford July 2nd 2017

We have struggled settling back in again after our return from our Greek Oddysey. Ok we are back to swimming in the morning and a visit to the gym. Shopping is back on the menu weekly and it feels at times as if we have not been away at all this year. The house no longer feels large, the bed small, Suzy has had a clean and spruce up inside. Her walls cleaned and smelling of Jasmine, her cooker gleaming although a new one would be a welcome addition, her window replaced . We re-ordered the correct one and it arrived fairly smartish in three days. Glenn fitted it easily and Suzy looks the part now. The fridge seems not to be working but that could be the close proximity to the laurel hedge which forces ... read more
A rescued fireplace
Rescued fireplace returned to its rightful place
Detail from the fireplace

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Warwickshire » Warwick June 11th 2017

Time is like grains of sand that slip through your fingers. One minute you have them in your hand and the next they are gone. Slowly slipping through grain at a time. It hardly seems five minutes since we set off for Greece. All that planning. All that excitement. All that waiting . Time has flown since we got home. We have rattled around the house. Like marbles in a box we roll around from room to room. So much space after living in a white box on wheels. It always seems odd to come home and takes us time to adapt to our much larger surroundings. We also have that feeling of being let down. The holiday has gone and all we have are the memories. What memories though. The weather since we arrived home ... read more
Charlecott Manor gatehouse
Time waits for no man
The hall

Europe » Italy » Marche » Ancona May 27th 2017

Buonasera fellow travelblogger - We have escaped Ancona and are heading north on the Autostrada Adriatica. What a lovely name for a motorway . It makes the M1 sound mundane and ordinary. We follow our English friend as we head out of a busy heavily policed town. He must do this run with regular monotony as he knows how to exit the port. He is younger than us and will probably drive all night and be back in the UK tomorrow. We pass places we know. Rimini with its miles and miles of sunbeds, the motoGP track at Misano. We have been a couple of times to watch races there, Corriano , the birthplace and burial place of Simoncelli the bike rider and Gradara with its lit up castle . It looks pretty at night . ... read more
It is 6am and two very relieved customers of Minoan line

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa May 27th 2017

Ding Ding, Ding Ding - it is 2.45 in the morning. Ding Ding - the alarm wakes us in readiness for what will be a long long day. Kalimeera folks for the last time . We freshen up as best we can. We have a drink to wake us up and we try to get Suzy ready for the trip to the docks as quietly as we can. There has been no sound all night. The campsite has been one of the quietest yet which is quite a feat as most of our campsites have been deadly quiet. We creep out trying not to slam doors. We unhook Suzy and take a long last look in the darkness at our Georgie neighbour. He will be staying awhile longer. His vehicle is too big to park anywhere ... read more
The Parthenon under scaffolding
More items from the museum in Athens
Cycladic art - the harp player

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Vonitsa May 26th 2017

Campsites are like restuarants along this part of Western Greece. You can spend a night at each and still not stay at them all. Suzy is holed up at aCamping Acrodiali. Yet another Italian sounding name. The area has nothing noteworthy in terms of historical sites but what it does have is an unbelievably cobalt blue, crystal clear sea, an endless blue sky and rocky headlands. 21 euros to spend a night in prime seaside location amidst the caravans that have grown into huge man sheds over the years. Our only other neighbours are two Austrian motorhomers. Our first thoughts as we drove in were that it was a bit tight and not many spaces for us. The type of site we sometimes look at and wonder whether or not to stay. First impressions count and ... read more

Europe » Greece » West Greece » Vonitsa May 23rd 2017

We are well and truly stuck. Suzy is well and truly stuck. I am taken back to 1968 and the three day week when all businesses in Britain were forced to close their doors for 4 days a week. Electricity was rationed and homes were in darkness for hours on end. I worked at the electricity board at the time and worked until midnight most nights answering phone calls from customers who wanted to know when they would get their power supply back. We called that time the bad old days. We had to park up somewhere so we moved a few miles down the road to the latest campside near to Prevetza and still within half an hour of the port. We had not thought last week that we would still be in Greece today. ... read more
Athens museum pieces
Roman mosaics in the museum
Tall trees in the park

Europe » Greece » Epirus » Igoumenitsa May 23rd 2017

All I can say is that I have never been a Margaret Thatcher fan. I hated what she did to the unions in Britain. I disliked how our own Trade Union no longer had teeth. However as I write this I wish Greece would get to grips with their workers. We stayed for what was our last night in Greece at a rather dingy and miserable site - Drapano Beach. Described in the ACSI book as a pleasnt place to stop whilst waiting for your boat. The toilets were described as a little dated. In reality Suzy is parked up in a miserable dull camping ground with no life whatsoever . It took some while to find reception and then lost the staff. There were the usual holiday caravans parked up but these looked as if ... read more
Amaryllis growing in pots
Two on a beach

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