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29th September 2023

Thanks for sharing your visit...
I felt a bit nostalgic.
1st October 2023

As I get older I get more nostalgic . I find writing Travelblogs are a wonderful way of keeping memories and re-reading them is wonderful for bringing back memories that otherwise might be lost . I wish I had photos from my childhood or from earlier holidays as I would love to write about going to Casablanca as an 14 year old, seeing a Breugel exhibition in Vienna and going in a balloon over Cheshire . All memories never written about and sadly getting to the point where I struggle to remember any details . Love your older memories . A life that we have lost but not forgotten I guess .
2nd September 2023

What a coincidence!!!
I just finished reading "The Blazing World" by Jonathan Healey which provides the history of revolutionary England from 1603-1689. This is where I first heard about rushbearing described as a ritual in which youngsters garlanded themselves in greenery and carried rushes to strew across the church floor, followed by games and sports in a local field. The Puritans were strongly opposed to the games and sports on the Sabbath! This probably explains the musket ball holes in the church stone wall.
3rd September 2023

Small world indeed
It is indeed a small world Bob . The musket holes in the wall were the Oliver Cromwells Puritans target practicing I believe. The holes in the doors were the places they pushed their muskets throughin order to fire at the advancing Cavaliers . . Across the river in the opposite church in Farndon they stabled their horses before advancing on the Parliamentarians in Wales . A case of the river dividing the families who before the Civil War probably got on very well . There is a window in Farndon- one of very few that depict the Cavaliers who billeted themselves in the church . I have not heard of the children dressing in the green but to be honest a lot of our customs such as well dressing are pagan in origin so I guess this was a practical event but also served both the Christian and the harking back to Paganism and the Druids.
16th August 2023

He would have a long wait as I had the shopping to do first and then was off to visit daughter
He would have to wait a while because I had to go shopping first before going to see my daughter.
16th August 2023

correcting what you read
I was going to dismiss this as spam but decided to read it . Don't bother correcting the way I write my blogs . I am not writing a blog for a dissertation . I write them because I enjoy writing and at least I don't use of instead of have which offends greatly . I suppose I have to be grateful that you read the blog however please don't act like a teacher correcting the way we speak here .
19th May 2023

I love it!
There is nothing like hope for the future as a city turns itself around>
20th May 2023

It is strange that an American and a Canadian both actors have actually taken our city /town - we will always call it a town to heart Their mission statement said they wanted to bring a belief to the place .
12th May 2023

After you have signed off, and then sign on again, you will see your name with the password hidden. Have you tried copying the hidden password and pasting it on a Word document and from there to your new computer?
11th May 2023

Oh Dear!
You first trip without the Van does not sound too good! We had problems at the beginning - it seemed such hard work!! It still does ....but it has got a bit easier now! For a start we use an overnight bag on our stops, filling them up with clean clothes etc from our suitcase, that we leave in the car! And we always sort things out away from our hotel at night stop, so that we dont have to open the boot when we get there! I still miss our Van though! Signing off from a noisy Motel Room on Vancouver Island!!
10th May 2023

Adapting to car travel...
We only used our car to travel around Europe when we lived there for 18 years. We stayed at the same hotel chains you did. But for week long stays we stayed at Pierre et Vacance resorts which are like Club Med with all the activities, but without meals, and therefore much less expensive. They have resorts all over Europe. You might check out their website.
11th May 2023

I emailed Ali but have had no response . I had forgotten being away about it all Luckily my old computer is still working and as long as it does I am Ok . :)
11th May 2023

Will have a look at those . Thanks Bob . We had been looking at all sorts of options but at the moment I think holidays feel like they are on the back burner. Might feel different about it after a few weeks . I can see this summer and the rest of the year will be more home than away . Glenn is hoping in September to start his gun licence course again which was put on hold due to Covid two years ago . He has to start again in September with a new club . We have our football at Wrexham too so that will take up some Saturdays . Even been thinking of staying four days in one place and the moving on but not sure that will work . Guess it will all come out in the wash
5th May 2023

I guess there is no low or shoulder season anymore...
I guess we were blessed to be able to visit the world before tourists jam packed everywhere.
5th May 2023

It has been truly awful . Worse than it was the last time we came down here . I just think we picked the wrong place to visit . Today was even worse . Not been the best of trips
1st May 2023

Let us hope your weather...
is wonderful for the rest of your time on the Riviera!
2nd May 2023

Arrived yesterday and we had a dreadful storm . Heavy rain almost monsoon like and thunder and lightening . Today is totally different . Just walked into Cogolin and it was really hot on the way back .
8th April 2023

I love it when a plan comes togetther!
Have a great time! Our family visited the French Riviera many times, with Antibes being our base of operations. We would go to the beach every morning, and then explore the hilltop towns and the cities along the coast in the afternoon. Linda will be visiting family in Pennsylvania in May, and we will then visit our three kinds and families in California, New Jersey, and Connecticut fro mid June to mid July. I'm hoping that we can visit Eastern Europe in September...on the trail of ancestors! Now that our dear Bonnie has passed away it will be much easier for us to travel together...
11th April 2023

We have been down on this part of Med before but could not park in some places due to the van being too big and awkward to find spaces. We have found a lovely place to stay inland . Hopefully will visit Frejus, St Tropez and a few places around Nice . We only have a week there so it will not be the same as travelling for a month . I would love to see Pennsylvania . I have always fancied the east coast travelling down to the Civil War sites . Maybe one day and would like to visit an elderly relative in St Louis . We missed her in 2010 when we came to the States. It will be easier for you now but you will miss Bonnie . We have a friend coming to look after the cat whilst we are away . Not sure what other plans we have for this year . Glenn is hoping to try to get his gun licence back . He got to the point of applying before we moved to Wales however with Covid it got put on hold. He is having to do his probation again and that likely wont start until September . It might ruin any chance of a late holiday . Eastern Europe will be lovely in September . Hope everything goes to plan for you .

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