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31st July 2022

Sorry to hear about cancellation of your Turkey trip...
Perhaps you might fly there instead as there is so much to see and do. You have pretty much done Greece and every country between Wales and there. What happened to your idea of visiting Scandinavia? I know it is expensive, but with an RV you could take food and hopefully save some money.
1st August 2022

the trip
Hello Bob - We are a bit stuck with Greece as we have already booked the ferry from Italy to Greece and paid for a camping on board for the van . So we thought rather than lose the money just to see if we could make a holiday out of Greece . We have plenty of places to see that we have missed before . So it should be Ok . We might fly to Istanbul perhaps next Spring . Scandanavia went pearshaped with Covid and we did not want to risk trying it in the Spring as Glenn was not sure if he wanted to drive long distances . The last holiday to France was a try out to see if we could get to Turkey . Disappointed with the insurance but it is what it is . We could not even get Albania nor Montenegro as our insurance companies wont cover us . Perhaps next year will be different . Might get to Scandanavia in the Spring . Will see how things go . Are you still on for Scotland ?
2nd July 2022

We are celebrating Independence Day...
on the 4th of July...from England. Did Wales pick this weekend to hold the Independence March to coincide with our day?
3rd July 2022

Independence Day
Hi Bob - it would have been ironic had they picked the day Great Britain lost the US colonies in the war of Independence . I think this had been planned for two years ago and then Covid hit so it was put off . We only heard it was on a few weeks ago . Independence would suit us and you never know we might even apply to go back in the EU. That might be sensible these days . Airports awful here with long delays and stories of flights being cancelled . Strikes and a summer of discontent . Covid rising due to new variants . Not sure where we are going . Will think of you on the 4th . I am sure our relative in Missouri will be celebrating and will tell me all about it . I cant remember if she said she had booked a trip to the ARch in St Louis for the waterfront celebrations . Her husband was a welder on the Arch . Would love to be joining her . Is your holiday still on ?
9th June 2022

Good blog
So, just curious- where were you able to get all this history? Was it hard to come by?Also, so why was the statue in a garden and not in a prominent place? Is there a story behind that? Nice reading your blog (all of them!)-Samuel
23rd June 2022

Generally doing a lot of reading up wherever I can . It is in a park not a garden . Thankyou for the comments
17th May 2022

its a mad, mad world
Hopefully you will feel better soon! Have you tested for covid or have you given up , like we have?!! We are still in Scotland but planning to be home Saturday! I shall post a sometime!!!
18th May 2022

Yes it is a mad world at the moment . Feel a lot better today . Its been almost a week and I still have what I would describe as a summer cold . YOu know the ones that feel worse in the summer than in the winter . I dont think its Covid but not bothered testing. I did a test at the start and struggled with the whole thing - couldnt stop gagging with the throat bit and the up my nose made me keep sneezing . I think I got to 24 sneezes and stopped counting as I couldnt stop!!!!! Glenn has the cold now and he feels rough but its more like a man cold for him than anything else . Should be going to Wembley on Sunday but we both dont feel like it and we have not had our tickets yet . Cant be bothered if I am honest . Looking forward to the blog and seeing where you got to . Ferry booked for September - its all on again holidays xx
27th April 2022

I don't fly to Scotland until Aug 22. On 4 Sep I will fly to Stockholm and onward to Uppsala for a visit some ancestors in the Viking Mounds. I hope that I don't have to put up with long lines at security!
25th April 2022

At least you got the travel bug out of your system...
and the weather was good most of the time. But if you are going to Turkey, I suggest flying. Scandinavia is still reachable with Gabby. I look forward to reading about your next holiday.
26th April 2022

Turkey is a bit of an odd one for us . We fancy a lot of travel around the country as there are so many interesting things to see out of Istanbul . Istanbul though is a nightmare in a van . Bit like Athens having to leave it out of the city and get a hotel for a few days . So we might have to fly to Istanbul just to get our Byzantine itch out of our system . Trouble with flying there is only Turkish Airlines flying out of Manchester and apparently Manchester is getting bad for hold ups due to check in and security . Heard of quite a few people who have missed their flights despite being there four hours or more early . jApparently one guy I swim with said he went to Iceland a few weeks ago and had to be pulled out of the queues for security to board the plane . He had been in the queue over four hours and had they not pulled them out he would have missed the flight . It is awful at the moment . Are you still on for Scotland ?
16th April 2022

Bamboo scaffolding was common in Thailand when I lived there. What really intrigued me was their use of bamboo for rebar. When I received a graduate fellowship at the U of Hawaii one of my research projects involved use of local materials...including answering the question "Could bamboo really replace steel rebar?" I decided to skip U of Hawaii, got married, and took an engineering job in Thailand instead; believing that experience was more important than academia. I made the right decision, but am still wondering what the answer would be!
17th April 2022

Interesting question - I had a few of those when I did my degree . Well heading home now and the holiday is nearly over . What happens next ? Who knows - bit like the rebar question
10th April 2022

Yes its sunny near the med finally . The air museum and the halle de la machines are both interesting in different ways . Meant to go to Perpignan this morning but found out when we arrived at the station it was unmanned and there were no automatic ticket machines . Couldnt believe our bad luck !!!!
31st March 2022

Hope your trip goes well . Seems like you have a lot packed in to see . Get the midge spray out - its midge season in Scotland from late summer . I take it that it will be a solo trip. It has been a long time coming . Are you aware that our local football club is co-owned by Rob McAlleny of "Its always sunny in Philadelphia " fame and Ryan Reynolds the Canadian actor . They bought our club just over a year ago . They wanted to buy a club with a history and they chose Wrexham . I imagine you feel the same about travelling . I just hope we dont lockdown again . Waiting for our 4th boosters . Glenn has his soon we hope .Mine probably in the Autumn
31st March 2022

I'm so pleased that you are finally on your way! I look forward to your blogs. Yes, my Scotland trip is on. I fly from the States on 22 Aug, landing in Edinburgh the next day and then hitting the road to visit castles, abbeys, and battlefields. On the way home I'm stopping for one day in Stockholm, to walk the Eriksleden in Uppsala to the viking mounds where more ancestors are buried. I return to the States on 6 Sep. I'm so excited...but nervous just like you after not having traveled out of the country since May 2019.
30th March 2022

I've never heard of detectorists...
My wife would really enjoy this! She has a metal detector, but there isn't much history or treasure buried around here. When are you headed to the Continent?
31st March 2022

Morning Bob - I couldnt resist using that title as it just made me remember the song Watching the detectives which if my memory serves me right was Elvis Costello. We have always fancied a metal detector . If you go on FB and put in Noble Pursuits you will see some of their finds . You have to join the site I think though as its a closed group. They let me in though. We leave Sunday afternoon to head for Banbury and then the tunnel on Monday afternoon . Plan seems to be slightly changing with the first aire closed but not a problem . We plan to see the Le Mans 24 hour circuit and hopefully the medieval city, We have booked tickets for the Halle des Machines in Toulouse and will ride the Minotaur and have tickets for the steam train from Anduze to St Jean de Gard . Lots in between . Feel apprehensive as we have not been for over two years and we have had to completely empty the van and start again . Tempers frayed slightly . Is Scotland on the cards now ?
27th February 2022

Toys from childhood...
My favorite toys were Dinky...I had mostly military vehicles.
27th February 2022

Is it not odd how our minds work and we are instantly taken back by something we see or hear or even smell to our childhood . I always wanted a railway set but being a girl then it was sort of ignored . Holiday planning going apace . I called up Eurotunnel on Thursday to ask them to cancel the March booking as they were asking for API information . Having been told that they would not honour the booking and give us a credit note I was amazed when the lady who took my call told me she would give me us a credit note . When it arrived it had an expiry date of March 30th 2022 so we thought we had still lost the money . Decided to try it to book in September and it took it so our £272 was saved and we have a second holiday to France booked for the year . So excited but apprehensive too. Two and a half years without travel has been strange . Feel odd going back to it . Hopefully something will sort itself out with Russia. Not sure sanctions will work perhaps we need special services in there doing us a favour . Hope you can get your Scotland trip sorted . The first minister should be lifting all restrictions there shortly
15th February 2022

Your proposed France itinerary sounds great!
I loved the Loire chateaux and everything else. I'm jealous...
16th February 2022

I shall do my best to make you jealous if we ever get there LOL . Looks like you might make Scotland soon .

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