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23rd October 2021

I thought I had replied to this comment....??? However, in answer to your question - yes I had the op on the 6th Oct! Hospital & physio very pleased with me and pain ios copable!! Havent managed to get to Spain yet but maybe after xmas - depends on Covid situation!! Hope you are ok? x
24th October 2021

you did reply but its nice to hear the latest with the knee . Good to hear it all went ok and you are feeling better . My neighbours hip op has not gone well . She has sciatica now and after 8 weeks has only just ditched the two crutches . Apparently there is nothing wrong with it but she is still in pain and been told to go back in a year for a scan !!!!!! I think she had it done in Shrewsbury private so you would expect better. Another neighbour has been admitted to the Maelor at Wrexham - lost a lot of weight , couldnt get the GP to listen , blood test in the end , rushed in and spent 31 hours in A & E waiting for a bed . He is still in and quite poorly . Shocked when I found out he was only 75 , same age as Glenn and his wife cant be much older than me , Hope you get back to Spain . Just been reading that we now only need the lateral flow tests in England to return from a green country . Hope Dripford changes our law to the same next week . Hopefully that might mean getting away for Christmas although here at the moment there is Covid in the local schools and the next village Worthenbury is riddled with it . We have our boosters on the 12th November . Mine came but Glenns did not . He had his jab a week before mine . He had fallen into a black hole . Linda my daughter was saying that a few kids in her school are off with Covid and the rest coughing, sneezing, running noses and sore throats . She said if they all were sent home there would be no kids in school . It all feels a mess but at least you are able to manage now without so much pain from the knee. Whereabouts in Spain is your place ? I am sure I must have read about it on a blog . xx
16th September 2021

Robert the Bruce
We went to a village in Southern Spain and was surprised to see a monument to James Douglas. Apparently Sir James Douglas was carrying Robert the Bruces heart to the Holy Land and got caught up in a battle at Teba, 1330, and threw the heart, in its casket, into the midst of his enemies. Teba and Scotland still commemorate the day!! Its an interesting story!!
10th October 2021

Any news on the op yet ? If you have had it I hope you are feeling OK and on the mend . If not then I shall swear with you ...................... xx
16th September 2021

Fed up too!!
I always get a bit down at this time of year - the nights are drawing in, flowers are dying, leaves falling, lack of sun!! And to top it all, I was due to go into Hospital tomorrow for my knee replacement but they cancelled it yesterday!! (after I had my PCR test that was negative!!) No replacement date , no-one available - so it doesnt look like Spain is on anytime soon. We have friends that are going to Spain - they are just living with the paperwork and PCR tests. They dont have to isolate as they have been double jabbed! Not that Im jealous or anything!!! Yes Im fed up too!!!
15th September 2021

I was hoping that you had put a photo of the gardener on your blog. Now I feel that we ought to go and see him ourselves!!! lol!! Have a wonderful time! I think I've done a blog on Scotland as we were up there for a month in 2011 I think?!
16th September 2021

I was surprised when I saw him . From a distance I honestly thought he was real and deep in thought . The only bit that really gave him away were his hands but then I forgive that as it was a lovely touch in the greenhouse . We were planning to go to Culzean and stay at the campsite and walk to the castle . But Glenn was cold and miserable and had had enough of the rain so home we came . The Camping and Caravan Club (the friendly one ) called us up and rebooked us for the 14th June 2022 rather than us losing the money we had paid . That was a nice touch . Back home now - fed up totally . How are things with you ? xx
13th August 2021

10 Years!!
The hip is the knee replacement. Ive had my pre-admission again and due to have one knee replacement Aug or early Sept!! Watch this space!! Wondering if we can get a week in Guernsey in before I go in hospital and am therefore incapacitated for at least 6 weeks! We are seeing Chris' son who lives in Plymouth and my son who has just bought and renovating a holiday flat in Paignton!! Scotland in the van sounds good! Love Scotland!! Was hoping to get to Spain before xmas but jurys still out on that one!!!
14th August 2021

knees and hips
Its my neighbour having her hip done in two weeks time . Getting hips and knees muddled up !!!! Age thing I think .
13th August 2021

10 Years!!
It feels like a lifetime!!! I think I wrote my first blog in 2011 when we went to India .....and I only write blogs now when we are out of the UK!! Its too much hard work otherwise!! Off to Plymouth & Paignton for a few days this weekend to see the sons!!! Hope all is well with you - apart from lack of travelling!
13th August 2021

10years ago
I find it hard to think how much has gone on in the last 10 years. Third different house. mother in law passed away. New van so much . I like Plymouth went when the kids were young and met up with a labourer who used to work with my first husband . Think I have probably been to Paignton too. I must admit I find writing blogs over Covid has been carthatic - think thats the word I am after . On the verge of cancelling the french trip . Glenn not fond of the idea of travelling at the moment . I cant see us getting anywhere soon . Got a month off in September but will cancel it and perhaps go to Scotland for a week . How is the hip ?
13th August 2021

Morning Bob Freedom just wish we had more of it . Looks like we will have to cancel September . France is one of the countries that the EU are saying is red so it is likely our government will close all travel again. USA to us OK at the moment but not sure it will last . We are reading and hearing a lot about Mississippi and Louisiana being hotspots for the virus and many refusing the vaccine . Religion/politics and I am not sure what else is the root cause . In Wales we are having no deaths and we are on the verge of booster doses in September/October . Life feels normal in some ways but even round the corner from us two people are Covid positive . I had a surprise this morning . I have been on Travelblog 10 years today . I cannot believe where the time has gone . Have you had any thoughts about how you are going to holiday now that Scotland is on the back burner until 2022? We may go up to Scotland for a week in September . Not sure yet . Plans and more plans and everything in the melting pot .
12th July 2021

Llandudno and Fires
We went to Llandudno for the first time, for a week in the Spring! and loved it!! So much to do around there! Snowdon, Bodnant Gardens, Anglesey, Conwy Castle, Great Orme - it was great!! We went for electric fire in the end as they were most enviromentally friendly - we would have to have a gas pipe put in for a gas fire and wood burners are hard work!! We use the gas central heating most of the time but the flame is ok on the electric fire - we put it on occasionally and it functions well - a bit noisy though! Hope this helps!
5th July 2021

My mask of choice is cloth...
less itchy nose. But I prefer none. We have reached that point in the US where hardly anyone wears a mask...probably only those who refuse the vaccination or those who are "virtue signalling." This last year has introduced so many vile words to our vocabulary. I like how Singapore is treating Covid...just like any other virus.
5th July 2021

I must have a collection of them - black ones, green ones Khaki , flowered ones . And I never remember to take them out with me. I think its the same here Bob. I prefer none but wear one out of curtesy to others even though I hate them. We are still all wearing them but once Boris opens up everything and we return to normal I guess it will a choice and most people wont bother with them. School bubbles are being scrapped from July 19th and social distancing scrapped . My feeling is get on with it . I have lost nearly 18 months of life and I whatever Covid holds I need to get on with it . My manager at work lost his father to Covid earlier this year . He was only 55 . My manager used the words "Life will never be the same " . We just have to change with it .
28th June 2021

I spent ages choosing a climbing rose! I ended up with A Shropshire Lad, a pink climbing, thornless rose with a wonderful scent, only grows 8ft tall with blooms all the way up!! I have a clematis. The President climbing though it!!! Really pleased with it - except when the blooms drop and leave petals everywhere!!! lol
29th June 2021

Saw A Shropshire Lad . Might be one I get next . It was lovely seeing them in bloom Gave me a better idea of that I wanted . Your falling petals make me think of the Magnolia at the bottom of the garden . Massive tree , lovely when its out but what a job picking the petals up . Still we enjoy it whilst its out . Is Iceland still going ahead ? x
27th June 2021

Scotland trip...
I was just notified by United Airlines that they have cancelled all flights fro the USA to Edinburgh for the foreseeable future. Our trip to Scotland is delayed for another year. I am so disappointed. Half the fun of taking a trip is the planning and anticipation. But anticipation with the possibility that the trip might not happen is depressing. Now to figure out plan B...or is C.
27th June 2021

your trip
I was sorry but not surprised that the trip was cancelled by the Airline. Things are not good for travellers here or in Europe . We have quarentine here for incomers from Amber and Red countries and I think at the moment the USA is amber . I just wish things would open up . We are due to go for a month in September but know that I will be cancelling it again. It is mad that we have had the two vaccines . We know how to keep safe yet cases are rising . The Delta variant is growing here rather alarmingly and they say there is now a Delta Plus variant . Life is never going to be the same . I wonder if we will ever get to travel normally again . I was just talking to my neighbour who goes to relatives in Spain and has not seen them for 18 months . It feels a mad world Bob . Agree with you I love the planning but somehow the joy has been taken out of that for us . I wonder what your Plan B is . We have just said that Plan B for us might be a week on the south coast and take in Stonehenge and Winchester .
27th June 2021

Rosslyn Chapel
Hi Jen. Sylvia and I were there in 2001. We went on a bus tour from Edinburgh. The chapel was undergoing renovation when we were there but there were few people so we could wander around at our leisure. It was snowing heavily at the time and the rest of the tour - to the local distilleries - was cancelled :(. I don't think we would go back but it was interesting.
27th June 2021

Hi both Having read the books I was interested to go and my other half really fancied it . I dont know what it was about the place - I hate not taking photographs. We do hate crowds and guided tours . It just left us rather cold . Bit like the Sistine Chapel - we must be heathens . I have not been to Edinburgh for many years and woudl like to go back . I must admit the Kelpies and the Wheel reallly interested me. We are due to go to somewhere on the continent in the van - not sure where in September but not sure that will happen . Thanks for reading the blog . I do rant and rave sometimes . Made some good friends through Travelblog .
20th June 2021

We are hopefully going to Iceland for just one week - in England you get a Certificate of Vaccination online, in Wales you have to apply for a paper copy which can take up to 10 days!!! We havent received it yet, but have had PCR tests and our Vaccination cards!! Apparently Iceland require proof of vaccines!! Anyway, fingers crossed!! I will keep a blog.... I have picture of weird signs, postboxes, ice-cream vans - I think I have put most of them on the blog now...not sure!! Im sure that you will get away soon....its quite stressful trying to get abroad though!

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