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29th January 2022

art to plan
I hope you mean start Bob ---------yes it sounds like we can
23rd January 2022

I expect Health and Safety had something to do with the number of ducks.....and they certainly wouldn't allow duck poo!!! lol
22nd January 2022

Yes, we need to do something kind for ourself!
And I bet the driver also had a better day, too.
23rd January 2022

the driver
He indeed did and is now starting to think plans for eight week trip . Seems like numbers dropping here but thats the same old story . Not so many in hospital and they are admitting that the figures for deaths include those who maybe did not die from Covid . We can travel without too much of the testing but for how long ? Boris is in a mess so life is very odd over here . Hope winter is not too bad for you over there .
15th January 2022

Off to Spain next Friday! See how it goes!! Glad Dripford has released us -at least he didn't have parties? Istanbul is lush! Been 2 x I think, but there is absolutely loads to see and do. There is a blog but I know that we stayed in the 'old town', Turkey isn't in the Schengen Agreement either. Have fun!!
20th January 2022

Hope you have a good flight and enjoy the sunshine for us xx
14th January 2022

A Day out!
Confused!! Was it Gabby or the car that had the air seeping out? Glad you managed to get out for the day anyway...even if it wasn't Criccieth Castle! I think we have explored Criccieth but I dont think we managed the Castle either as it was shut!!
15th January 2022

It was the car . New tyre fitted in end of October ready for its first MOT. So it had done around 1000 miles at best . Why couldnt a back one go ? They are still the original from buying the car new . Ah well as my hubby says nowt we can we do about it . See the Dripford has released us . Just in time for him to watch the rugby . I am off for a walk this morning . Will have to pick my way out over the frost and ice . Are you still going to Spain ? Hope you do get away. We all need a break and I am sure the spring sunshine in Spain will be brilliant . We are lookign at options of going to Istanbul for 4 days by plane rather than in the van . It would make the trip to Turkey easier if we had ticked off Istanbul first . Neither of us are that mad on flying and we hate hotels but it might be an option . Plans plans going round our heads at the moment . xx
14th January 2022

The same happened to my tire recently . I had to change all four tires (which only had about 20,000 miles on them) as we are not allowed to have different tread depths or it messes up the transmission. Do you have the same rule in Wales? Hopefully you will be able to resurrect your plan, perhaps with Gabby.
15th January 2022

It was the front passenger side one which was almost new . That was the annoying thing. I had taken the car for its service to Shrewsbury at the end of October . I had a tyre on the passenger front that needed replacing so I bought two and replaced the two front ones . Of course it was the one that was 3 months old and probably had less than 1000 miles wear on it . We can get down to 1 .5 mm tread I think before they need replacing . I usually keep the same types on the same axles and usually end up changing them together . I had Michelin on the back and Hankook tyres on the front so that was the problem. The local garages to Bala had cheap ones in stock but we had to get back to a main garage at Wrexham as they could get delivery of an identical tyre for me that afternoon . Costly day out having to replace a virtually brand new tyre. Why an old one on the back couldnt have gone I dont know. The driver taking us back told us that his company who does all the recovery covers mostly flat batteries and punctures these days since we no longer carry spares in the vehicles. No room in our mini boot any more !!!!!
8th January 2022

Fed up with Dripford!! Does he not realise that England is unable to be as strict as Wales, Scotland and NI as England is the cogs that keep the UK turning!! Anyhow, fed up with it all now! Our friend in London has covid - she had a mild cold for 1 day!! We are off to Spain in 2 weeks for a month- unable to drive as France wont let us flying it is!!
9th January 2022

Spain and the dripford
Morning Jackie - I really dislike the man and like you think that he has the luxury of shutting things down because he bails himself out with English money . I doubt he would do the same if we were independent , I keep feeling angry that the hospitals are full not because of covid but because of underfunding and bed hogging . We are totally fed up too. My boss at work was less fortunate as last year his dad did have Covid and went into a coma, He died but probably due to underlying issues as he was a smoker all his life , I am fed up of the figures of deaths . I was listening to the news last night and they said we had hit a massive figure but then said that double that had died of other things last year , I imagine that got lost on people who were ranting about bloody covid . I can imagine you are frustrated , I hope you get away OK and get a bit of sunshine . we need some of that in our lives at the moment . I am still working by the skin of my teeth ., Hanging on for grim death I am going to have to retire sometime as I dont want to go into the office in Wrexham . It appeals no longer . I have just renewed my driving licence 70 has come round and I shall have to change my heading on FB to a 70 something !!!!!!!!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you . I hope that things improve in 2022. Although it looks like old Drippy will be locking us down for at least another couple of weeks . xx
22nd December 2021

Watched Dripford today!!! He is so cautious!!! Its such a shame that you cant go football on the Boxing Day. Looks like we will at least be legal over Christmas with our visitors! Hoping that you have a Good Christmas and New Year too.....Lets hope you can at least get away in the van! Roll on cant be any worse!! Can it? xxx
20th December 2021

And thoughts of us driving down to Spain in January are also at an end because France wont let us in now!! I suppose we could always fly.....wait and see.......sigh......its so boring!! Its not as if we have loads of years left - and I hate wasting them doing nothing!! Hope you are all ready for christmas? We are supposed to be going to my daughter and familys house and then on boxing day we have my Mum and Dad along with my son & partner for lunch! In theory!!! lol
21st December 2021

Ooops hit the button before i wrote anything . I wondered how you would get on with a return to Spain . We are like you totally fed up. The Dripford has spoilt our Boxing Day football . We have season tickets for Wrexham and he has made all games behind closed doors . I am furious . I have a friend who says its all the right thing and all I can say to her is you are nearly 70 how can you say that you can wait for this to be over . I have felt very angry today . Linda my daughter came over at the weekend . She is going to her dads and her partner is going to his family . We will as always be Billy no mates . Just us and the wild cat that has adopted us . Sounds like you have a busy time ahead of you. We might get out in the van for a trip out . Not sure about much else . Hope Christmas does go well for you . We wish you a merry one and hopefully a good New Year . God I need 2022 to improve xx
19th December 2021

Yes I was there too!
I was a bit older, nearly 16. It was my first trip abroad. A sailor on a tug at Liverpool shouted up at us on The Nevasa, “Where are you bound?”. Very older world and exotic. At La Coruna we travelled by coach to Santiago de Compostella to see the cathedral. 4 of us bought flick knives, a large melon, and a bottle of brandy. By the time we returned to the ship we were half carrying our youngest mate, aged 15, up the gangplank. Matron spotted us, took one sniff, and consigned our friend to the ships hospital for two days. He didn’t have much luck….later on the trip he was bitten by an ape on the top of Gibraltar. In Casablanca two of us older boys were given charge of two girls and a younger boy. We were told NOT to go down the casbah. We went down the casbah! My mate, who had blond hair, was of great interest to the local men and I was offered a camel for him. I declined. He was worth at least two. I still have some old photos of the trip…poor quality compared to today of course….including one with a girlfriend I met at the ship disco. She was called Barbara. Wonder what happened to her? A great trip. It’s a great shame they don’t do school cruises any more.
20th December 2021

Gibraltar and those camels
Nice to hear someone read my rantings about that cruise and was actually on it . I remember it well. I think that we chose not to go to see a cathedral at Santiago but instead chose to sit in an English speaking bar driinking something and watching English football . The trip so far wasted on us. Dont remember anythign about Vigo where we stopped on the way back . We too did the casbah . I have memories too of watching Born Free in the cinema a few nights in with a new found boyfriend from Ruabon Grammar . Wrexham . Gosh what memories . They made me love travelling as you may have seen if you followed the rest of the many blogs. Just had to go back to Gib and to Belem . I took about 12 pictures all grainy black and white . I still ahve the Gib badge and the postcards I sent home from Gib to my mum . She kept them for years afterwards . I did have the Nevasa certificate and badges but sadly many moves meant they got thrown away over the years . Are you from wRexham too ? I know a lot of different schools were on this cruise and we only mixed with Ruabon Grammar School and Grove Park boys . Teachers not happy with us . They tried their best to keep us apart . Happy memories .
10th December 2021

And a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!!!
I do miss those European Christmas Markets with Jagertea or Gluwein to keep warm.
11th December 2021

Happy Christmas to you too Bob and the family. Yes I miss the markets too and the mulled wine . It seems a lifetime since I was wandering around Honfleur christmas market on my own . Our window of travel has virtually shut again . Europe is in a terrible state with Covid. We are upping the booster doses and hoping for the best . Keepn safe
16th November 2021

Your meal sounds wonderful...
It is always nice to have food that reminds one of the next trip...and I love Italy and its food. Linda and I will be having veal for lunch today...Weiner remind us of our time living in Germany, and to celebrate my 72nd birthday
17th November 2021

Italian food
Veal, gnocci and all those ice creams . Travel on a plate . Hope the birthday meal went well and reminded you of good times in Europe . I have a big birthday early 2022 so hope to celebrate it in Turkey and Greece but not sure with Covid the way it is .
12th November 2021

Books and magazines
Hi Jen. I always enjoy your blogs. I was going to suggest you used a library but then read on further in your blog and saw you did. Where I live in Oz, as well as Public Libraries we also have community libraries. Usually it is a small box with books that you take/borrow as long as you put another book in its place. They are very popular. I don't know whether you have the "Men's Shed" movement in Wales but here they are happy to make the borrowing boxes for free and the local council installs them beside walking paths and other public areas so they are easily accessible. Just a thought.
13th November 2021

books and magazines
Hello there - nice to speak to someone who reads my utterings . I just wish I could get back on the road and travel again but Covid is getting in the way. Its been a long time and I find myself writing all sorts of rubbish about local things . We do have some community libraries here . We had one at work where we took a book and replaced it . My daughter lives near one that is in a public gateway with shelves . we have mens sheds but none in our village . My husband says I wouldnt be allowed in a mens shed LOL . Just bbeen to see some angels at our local parish church yesterday . Absolutely stunning. Shame my camera on the phone is rubbish . How is life with you - I am sure I read you are the other side of the world ?

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