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Emily Anne

Emily Anne

Love to travel, hike, scuba dive, eat food, drink wine, and enjoy what this world has to offer. I have been blogging on this site for over 10 years, 25 countries and countless misadventures. Follow me on my next adventure, a year in Jamaica! Mmmm, jerk chicken and the ocean....

As of June 2015, I am blogging from my own site http://www.seehertravel.com/. Please check out this site for newest blogs, great photography, and more!


Emily Anne

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » Viñales June 16th 2016

Greetings all, from the most glorious rooftop yet!!! I'm sitting on top of my little house in Vinales, Cuba. That's right, I have a house! After my first two nights in Vinales in a non-descript casa right off the main bit of town I transferred to this casa, home of Boris and Cusita, south of town and off the main drag. It's a beautiful piece of property, with the main house and then a little in-law suite house, which is mine! It was a queen bed, a small kitchenette, stocked fridge, and a bathroom with a well pressurized, hot water, waterfall shower-head! It looks out at tobacco fields and at a tobacco warehouse made of leaves. Perfect! Even more perfect are the steps that lead to the flat roof of the little house, which is where ... read more
Sunset over Vinales
Vinales Valley
Riding in Style in the Vinales Valley

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste June 11th 2016

I love going to a country’s lesser explored nooks. ‘Off the beaten path’ is the cliché, which is ironic, because the whole point is to be the anti-cliché. Does that make it more cliché? I’m going to need a drink. Anyways, no to be cliché, but I knew I wanted to check out an area of Cuba that most people hop over, preferably where I could hike. Enter: the Artemisa Province, home of the barely there village of Las Terrazas, and an Eco reserve area southwest of the Capitol. I, though, was not going to Las Terrazas, I was going to Soroa, an even smaller village, less Eco obsessed, and a bit more real life I guess, I dunno! I wanted to go! The guidebook said I had to take the bus to Las Terrazas, and ... read more
Salto del Arco Iris, Soroa
Salto del Arco Iris, Soroa
Soroa junglescape

And greetings from Cuba once again. After 11 days in Cuba, most of my clothes smell weird, I have read 6 books, I am in my fourth town Sancti Spiritus, and my Spanish is AMAZING. Ok, the last point may not be completely true, but I think I am getting pretty close to fluent. After I left Trinidad, I moved 90 minutes northish to Sancti Spiritus, a small town that is 500 years old, the same as Trinidad, but does not have the UNESCO heritage distinction, nor the amount of tourists that come with it. Talk about red headed step child. Being a fan of both gingers and underdogs, I figured it for the best to give Sancti a try of my own. And you know what? I loved it! Arriving in Sancti Spiritus, I was ... read more
The Boulevard
Colonia Espanola Building
Sancti Street Scene

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Centro » Trinidad June 1st 2016

I aimed for the tourist Mecca of TRINDAD, about a 5 hour bus trip from Havana. Trinidad is near the south coast in the central region of the island and is a pretty hopping spot for tourists. Mainly this is due to the deservedly awarded UNESCO heritage site designation, which was awarded in this 90's, presumably for the pretty pretty buildings and ankle cracking cobblestone. Also, the stray dogs, so friendly. I'm normally scared crazy of stray dogs what with their ability to bite me with rabies and kill me zombie style, but Trinidad's stray population is completely quaint! I digress... I arrived in Trinidad after dark, which is never a great thing to do, especially when you don't have a bed lined up for the night. Which I did not. I also HATE giving the ... read more
Playa Ancon, 15km south of Trinidad
Trinidad Street Scene
Great music on the street in Trinidad!

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 28th 2016

Another day in Cuba and even more new things learned. I packed up from my casa and set forth for the omnibus station to try to purchase my boat ticket to the Isla de la Juventud where I plan to go at the end of my trip, again. I say again, since I was there yesterday for 2 hours, but then, classic, couldn't buy anything. The lady then told me to come back “tomorrow morning”, but alas did not tell me I wouldn't be able to buy a ticket today either since they only sell tickets ten days in advance of travel and I'm a startling 13 days prior. Mmmmhmmmm. Literally the first time in my life I have been an early bloomer. How did I understand all of this nuance, en Espangol, and not just ... read more
Havana scene
Old Havana Scene
View from the window

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 28th 2016

Hello all!!! I have big news for those who don’t already know, I’m heading to Jamaica in two months!!!!! Yayyyyyyyy employment!!!!!! I’m going to be living there for a year, working with a development organization as a gender advisor, and I look forward to exploring the island as well as other countries in the Caribbean. And blogging about it of course! Some readers have commented on my lack of finish of my Kyrgyzstan experience. Truth be told, I wasn’t having a ton of fun at the end of my time there, so it’s pretty hard to write the kind of blogs I like to write if I’m not feeling it. We won’t get into it… Anyways! To both make up for that and to gear up for Jamaica, I am going to publish my travel blogs ... read more
The Malecon, Havana
Fishing on the Malecon, Havana
Old Havana

Europe » Germany » Berlin » Berlin May 6th 2015

Berlin. The coolest place in the world. Seriously. The coolest. I had heard mutterings about how cool Berlin was from friends and other travellers, but I had not set foot on the European continent since highschool. I have always proclaimed it too expensive and me too ‘frugal’ (read skinflinty), so Europe was always a place I would go ‘later’, when I had some cash. But I have been in the Peace Corps for a year now, and the draw to a Western City, where my friends Jeremy and Mark live, where you can eat cheese and drinking in public is legal, made me reconsider. It’s amazing how cheese and beer can make me reconsider things. And my friends, of course, my friends too… But oh the food! Caution, there will be a lot of food talk ... read more
The Dome Cathedral, with the TV tower in the back
Cherry Blossoms along the Kanal
Brandenburg Gate

Asia » Kyrgyzstan April 17th 2015

There is a road. This road connects the two cities of Kyrgyzstan: the Osh-Bishkek road. It is famed for it’s mountain passes, terrifying tunnels, and the fact that it takes 12 hours start to finish, on a good day. I was invited to ride the road with a friend, an RPCV from Azerbaijan Micah, and to avoid the hefty plane ticket cost, I said ‘Sure, I like road trips!’ Plus, this road is a must do, but the thought of doing it in a marshrutka is somewhat nauseating. We left Osh on a sunny April day, with snacks, tunes, and hope in our hearts. Quickly, we noticed two things: signage along the ‘highways’ of Kyrgyzstan is rare at best, and there were a lot of tire repair shops. The first of these became poignant as we ... read more
Tire repair in the mountains
At least the view is a good one!
Cheese at 3175m, Jalal-Abad oblast

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Inle Lake February 15th 2015

Back on a night bus, my definitively non VIP bus arrived in Nyuang Shwe, the main town on Inle Lake, at around 5:30am. Not an awesome time to arrive anywhere. I did not have a room booked, and I was really cold. I was cold enough that on the bus I had actually nestled my left side underneath the right side of the young gentleman sitting beside me. Use that body heat! Once getting access to my backpack, I furiously threw on whatever warm clothing I had, so did actually wear my down coat that had been in a stuff bag since Kazakhstan, in South East Asia, surprise! I also, in my cold madness, improperly pulled on my skinny cords over top of the yoga pants I was wearing, and completely splitting the backside of the ... read more
Daily Market on Inle
Village on Inle
Shwe Inn Tain

Asia » Burma » Mandalay Region » Bagan February 12th 2015

Bagan. Bagan is like a dream land. Some people might call it Disneyland, but we're not going to be that cynical. Lizzie and I loved Bagan, so the naysayers can move along. Bagan is an ancient city that is in process of being lovingly restored, and since there are literally thousands of temples, monasteries, pagodas and structures for which I could never name correctly, all bully a thousand years ago, so it's taking a while. But while the restorations are going on, we were lucky enough to get to trip around the huge expanse of temples, checking them out at will, and as well as our rickety rental bicycles could take us. We arrived in Bagan and decided we would stay in a nice place. And we did. Our room had a tv with CNN and ... read more
Sunrise in Bagan, from the hot air balloon
Bagan at sunrise

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