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21st April 2015

"I like road trips"
Oh boy...be careful next time you say that. Moral of the story...never travel without a couple of spare tires. The things we world travelers are willing to do for beautiful scenery. Life is grand and you are living it well.
20th April 2015

Very Good
Beautiful pictures!
19th April 2015

What a (bumpy) adventure!
I think I would have been quietly freaking out on the inside! And I love the landscape photos - they look like paintings...
14th March 2015

Inle Lake
Great photos and commentary! I always wanted to go there. I may....just yet! Thanks a million. You are living your dreams!
11th March 2015

Poor French Skills
i am glad i am not the only one with poor French skills after M. Polloni's class! love your writing as always!
4th March 2015

Setting the scene
I can picture you on the bus in Kyrgyzstan while writing about Inle Lake. (yes it counts as long as you have a lake view) Kids will be kids but that was pretty bold. I'm surprised they did that. Your mother and I would get along well as I love hot springs. I imagine Peace Corp volunteers are everywhere. I'll bet that was a great chat. Love all your stories and photos. Thanks for another great blog.
1st March 2015

those hats
Did you buy one of those awesome hats that the women are wearing?
1st March 2015

Ooooh, I want to go to Bagan. I would fit right in, being old and kinda French (Metis). And I would love a pair of velvet slippers.
28th February 2015

So glad you "only" lost one piece of footwear and your underwear wasn't stolen and lying on the street for all to see.
28th February 2015

Nice memories!
Of all the places we went in Myanmar, I think we enjoyed Inle Lake best of all. Wonderful people who did not seem spoiled by the tourist trade. We loved spending the day on the boat with our guide (who later turned out to be our waiter in town). Thanks for bringing back some fond memories!
26th February 2015

Writing idea
Your plan to engage yourself in volunteering activities and travel and the hope that you would get stuff for next writing is wonderful and I endorse it, and wish you luck.
26th February 2015

Interesting Inle Trip
I liked every bit of your narration of the trip, the small things seen and experienced, and the fascinating pics, especially of the woman in the market, and your sunset pic and Burma cosmetic wearing picture.
25th February 2015

Lake Inle
Yep, I'm definitely stopping by Lake Inle on my way through Burma, looks awesome! Was it your favorite spot you visited? Do you have the 'Fisherman of Inle' photo without the HDR effect?
25th February 2015

Great photos
Hi Emily, love that metallic look you're achieving on some of these photographs and the shimmering light-halos around the fishermen. I have an extremely primitive camera, but would love to know how you did it. Great blog. Andy (Yeti).
24th February 2015

Little hooligans
I guess you never know what to expect from kids... It seems they get more and more unpredictable every year... Sorry to hear you got slapped. I had my own little trauma in Nepal when some kids on a scooter decided to break an egg on my head... Fun times ;-) love your writing style by the way! Keep the blogs coming!
24th February 2015
Daily Market on Inle

Great photos and so exotic!
Love the colors, those iron-thighed boatmen and yummy veggie food (not to mention a random dog). And how wise to end up on white sand beaches with warm water, cold beer and a good friend. Excellent holiday!
24th February 2015

Bark Lotion
Very interesting, as you can rub your hands on Aspen bark and get a white powder that can also be used as a sunscreen! Yay trees!
23rd February 2015
Sunrise in Bagan, from the hot air balloon

Life is grand!
Never tire of those temples. The view must have been amazing. Squeeze every bit of wonder out of your life.
23rd February 2015
Bagan at sunrise

Luxurious Bagan
Great photos and experiences on the lux holiday! Impressed with the B, B and B in Bagan, not to mention TV in English, air con and delish restaurants. A proper holiday, and great tip to head to a less famous temple for sunrise. Enjoy your furry pits--so much better than nicks, and I'll bet the Kyrgyz women don't shave either, so you'll fit right in there anyway. Happy hot springs!
22nd February 2015
Hat making in Mon village

Hat making
Nice photo
22nd February 2015

Buses boats and tuk tuk's are the way to go in Burma. Sorry you missed the festival but sounds like a good time was had by all. Glad you are embrace the local foods. No telling what taste treats you will find. We didn't make it to this part of Burma so it was great reading your impressions.
19th February 2015
Snack time!

So sorry, but so glad...
Ok, so you missed the big Buddha festival, but in my opinion, you probably missed out on being crowded in with lots of people like the lady on the boat, "all about expressing herself with bodily functions, noises, and fluids" and in a scene from the inside of that Buddha. My experience in Latin America has steered me away from big festivals (I just flaked on Carnival) with everyone drinking their liter beers and peeing and falling over everywhere. Hopefully the Buddhists are more discreet than the Catholics, but I think you were better off with the Ogres.
19th February 2015

I've known you since the ripe old age of about 7??? And had no clue you were an American!
I love following your adventures! This post is great!
19th February 2015

I thought it was just me...
"Lizzie and I were confused at best, terrified at worst. We thought it was the Buddha story depicted, and then it all went sideways. We really liked the spiral staircase we found at one point, but really the whole inside experience made us want to drink." I feel that way more often than I should on some travels! Loving your Burmese adventures :)
18th February 2015
I climbed anyways, shhhh

Good advice?
I don't think ladies should be climbed either...unless they want to be climbed of course. :)

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