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Most of you will have been directed here by me - if so, thanks for coming. If not, thanks for coming anyway.

I am Derek - a Kiwi who in June 2007, set off on a 4 1/2 month sortie around Europe via the USA, and set up this blog so that friends, family and randoms could keep track of where I had been to, and of the shenanigans I inevitably got up to.

The trip inspired me to keep travelling and directly following it, I spent the next seven years living in London, which was a fantastic base from which to continue my travels and thus the travelling continued unabated; as did the growing of this blog after I decided to keep it going - which is now a bit of a monster!

What also continued to grow, was my list of places around the world that I had to visit. It soon became apparent that public holidays and twenty-five days of annual leave wasn't going to cut it - so I decided to pack it all in and went on a two year journey around the world in an attempt to tick everything off my list.
Before setting off, I spent some time back home in New Zealand, travelled around South Africa for a couple of months, went back to London for a month and then lived in Spain for three months.
Once I did eventually set off, I spent eight months in Latin America, followed by five-and-a-half months in Europe and then finally, a year in Asia. From Chile to China, Moldova to Myanmar, India to Indonesia, and just about everywhere in between, it was the journey of a lifetime - and it is all documented right here!

Believe it or not however, all that travelling and not having a proper home for more than three years does get old after a while and I ended up yearning for a normal life (and money) again so thus I decided it was about time to set down some roots (for a little while anyway) once I had completed my sojourn.

Which is how I have found myself in Berlin, Germany, where I am currently living and working.
Despite my best efforts, I never did complete my list of places to go (I guess I had to leave some places for later!) so there will definitely be more trips to be made from here in Berlin.

All of my stories are arranged in reverse-chronological order, so my most recent travels are directly below.
I have organised the blog entries into "trips" as well, which are underneath the map on the right of this page (if you are on your laptop browser) or near the bottom of the page (if you are on your phone). Navigating the "trips" will make it easier for you to browse the blog entries I have written in the past.
The first "trip" consists of the first 32 blog entries covering my initial Euro-trip and the second "trip" covers the following 91 trips I did from London. The next four "trips" cover a quick visit to Australia, my time in South Africa, a couple of random stops to/from the UK and a couple of short breaks from Spain.
You are then able to read through my sojourn around the world, which has been split into three "trips"; "Latin America 2015-2016", "Europe 2016" and "Asia 2016-2017". My current trip "Excursions From Berlin" covers all the trips I have done since I have started living in the German capital.

The blog is primarily for me - so I can remember the places I've been, the people I've met and the experiences I've had.
But if you can take something from reading them, be it travel advice, inspiration to travel, or just a plain good read (haha) - then that's awesome.


Europe » Italy » Lombardy » Varenna May 14th 2023

Lake Como is about as famous as the celebrities who have frequented it over the years; Madonna, Alfred Hitchcock, Richard Branson, Gianni Versace and even Leonardo da Vinci are among the illustrious names to have holidayed in this idyllic neck of the woods. Perhaps most er, famously, George Clooney - amongst many other luminaries - has a lakeside property here. Littered with lavish and opulent villas built by aristocrats and wealthy Milanese merchants over the years, Lake Como has been known as a glamorous getaway destination for the well-heeled and privileged since the times of Ancient Rome. A place that has been attracting big names for this long must have something about it and it's this mythical air of the debonair, that has always intrigued me about visiting the place one day. Well, that day has ... read more
Entrance To The Villa Monastero, Varenna
The Gardens Of Villa Melzi, Bellagio
Villa Melzi, Bellagio

Europe » Germany » Mecklenburg-Vorpommern » Warnemünde August 28th 2022

I've mentioned it a few times on this blog but I really do have football to thank for introducing me to many of the travel destinations that I've visited in my time. The Champions League in the early 2000s for example, is what brought La Coruñato my attention; and a few years prior, the German city of Rostock was introduced into my consciousness from playing FIFA 98. Over the years, I then learned that the historic maritime city of Rostock was part of the medieval Hanseatic League and was an important port city back in the day; indeed the port is still the lifeblood of the city in modern times. I had also heard that it was quite a pleasant place. It was never really a priority to visit however; until Britta and I decided to ... read more
Neuer Markt
Warnemünde Lighthouse
Canalside Promenade

After kicking off the summer with a trip to Italy, I didn't really have any further travel plans and thus I wasn’t expecting to be writing again so soon - but here we are! Life has a habit of keeping you on your toes. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world of work forever by forcing millions of office workers to work remotely and for many companies across the globe, this forced experiment proved to be a huge success, as employers realised that productivity could be maintained or even improved, and employees realised that they really didn't need to be in the office every day anymore - that work could now be much more flexible and convenient than ever before. I am fortunate enough to be working for a company that has not just embraced remote ... read more
Old Town Alicante

Europe » Italy » Campania » Naples May 13th 2022

Naples was sure living up to its reputation - what I had seen so far was dirty, chaotic and intimidating, particularly leaving the central train station. It has been a while since I have experienced such hustle and bustle - perhaps not since I was in Iran - and it was all a little unsettling. Momentarily, I put a guard up that I hadn't used since I was in Latin America. Wow. Admittedly, my mind was in bit of a muddle at the time, having just put Britta on the airport bus - she wasn’t to join me for the helter-skelter in Naples, as she readily admits that high-octane sightseeing in a busy city is not really for her. Amid the unrest around me and after the wonderful time we had just had, it was a ... read more
Glorious Neapolitan Chaos
Maradona Mural
Galleria Umberto I

Europe » Italy » Campania » Sorrento May 11th 2022

For those of you who have got the Tina Arena reference in the title...congratulations, you are old and probably spent some time in Australia and New Zealand in the 90s. It was the first thing that came to mind when I found out I was going to be staying in Sorrento on our romantic getaway to Italy and I had assumed that Ms. Arena was singing about this beautiful cliffside town. Turns out she was singing about her childhood town in Victoria, Australia, but I digress... Naples, Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast have long been on my hitlist but the Amalfi in particular is what many would deem a romantic spot, so I almost deliberately avoided it during my single days. Now, however, I no longer have that excuse, so I can now start checking off ... read more
Blue Grotto, Capri
Southern Coast Of Capri
Duomo, Amalfi

Europe » Netherlands » South Holland » Rotterdam February 6th 2022

Six months after my first trip out of Berlin in eighteen months, I was now ready to take my first trip out of Germany in more than two years. There is perhaps, simply no more fitting a way for this old traveller to celebrate four decades of being on Earth than by breaking out of the country to see a little bit more of it. Since my trip to Dresden, the new Omicron variant saw the number of Covid cases rapidly increase worldwide in the lead-up to Christmas, which put the brakes on any travel plans I may have had. I was hoping to be able to get back to New Zealand to see friends and family after almost two years of pandemic, but Omicron ensured that New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern kept the gates ... read more

Europe » Germany » Saxony » Dresden August 19th 2021

Wow. Yes, I'm back. The last time I posted to this blog, I said that was going to take a break from travelling for a while and that I didn't know when I would be posting next. Never in my wildest imagination did I think that it would be a break of two and a half years - and never in my wildest nightmares did I think that the world would be forever changed by a global pandemic. Pandemics? Surely, they only happen in the movies. Alas, this was no Hollywood disaster film, this was real life and the scale of the coronavirus pandemic still astonishes me to this day. It is almost impossible to think of a global event that has literally affected every single human being on the planet and that has completely changed ... read more
Walking Along The Roof Of The Zwinger Palace
Äußere Neustadt

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese » Monemvasia April 29th 2019

It was a long day of driving as we went from Nafplio to the Mani Peninsula via Olympia, so at least the stunning scenery we saw on the Mani coast made the long drive seem worthwhile. Spending six hours in a car with your sister who you haven't seen for a while also presents an amazing opportunity to make up for lost time. It was great to hang out with Fern for an extended period of time, having only caught up with her infrequently and fleetingly ever since I left New Zealand twelve years ago. We still laugh at the same jokes and the same things, but I also found it interesting to discover how we have also both changed and grown over the last twelve years. We finally got to our final destination for the ... read more
Lording Over Monemvasia
The Church Of Agia Sophia
Paint A Picture

Europe » Greece » Pelopennese April 26th 2019

When I was growing up, my sister owned a world atlas that displayed places of interest around the world. I'd always had a predilection for maps and seeing all these famous names on this one was a source of dreamy inspiration, triggering a wanderlust that remains to this day. Growing up in New Zealand, everything seemed so far away, so the thought of visiting all of these places one day aroused a sense of wonderment when I was a young teenager. Well, you could definitely say that that atlas was one of the inspirations behind by travels and it would in fact, go on to inform most of the travel plans that I eventually made. On the map of Greece, I was drawn to the Peleponnese, a massive chunk of a peninsula that makes up the ... read more
Epidavros Amphitheatre
Streets Of Nafplio #1
Sunset Over Nafplio

Africa » Tunisia » Hammamet April 23rd 2019

There’s something enchanting about the narrow alleys of a windswept North African medina. For most people, such a description evokes images of Morocco - but I can tell you that Tunisia also deserves to be visualised in the in the same way. Hammamet, the last stop of my week long journey around the country, seemed pretty busy on arrival, not quite the relaxing, beach resort town that I was expecting. Instead it felt like somewhere a bit more...normal. But I was overwhelmingly relieved to have made it there. Thanks to some dodgy food eaten in Tataouine, the all-day drive back up north was nothing short of an ordeal - I was tired thanks to a night of almost no sleep; I was stiff and sore the whole way which doesn't help when you're not able to ... read more
Not A Bad View...
Streets Of The Medina
A View Out To Sea

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