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Europe » Ireland » County Dublin » Dublin November 24th 2013

It was pretty quiet inside the van. Those that hadn't nodded off were admiring the beautiful and varied landscape of the Connemara with its bogs, brown hills, lush mountains and picturesque lakes. Barry was still driving us, but it was a different Barry (Bazza Mk II); it was still the same crew from the original Paddywagon tour, but a different group, minus Vanessa, Sean, Christine, Chandra and Jamie, who had followed Barry Mk I up to Northern Ireland. Same same but different. Barry Mk II was a good laugh though and kept us informed and entertained when we were awake. Snaking our way through the narrow, winding, country roads, he comments that at 100km/h, the speed limits on these roads were simply ridiculous given all the blind corners and hairpin turns we were navigating. He wasn't ... read more
Aviva Stadium
Campanile, Trinity College
Temple Bar

Europe » Ireland » County Galway » Galway November 20th 2013

First of all, some life developments. Remember how I said I was moving to Amsterdam? Yeah well, that isn't happening any more. In fact, I now don't even have a job - I'm currently a man of leisure! How it all happened is a long story but I'm appreciating the break from working life which was probably what I needed. What it all means is that major travelling plans are afoot. What exactly they are, I will keep to myself for now until they are more concrete - one thing for certain is that they are not likely to take place until the middle of next year while I wait for my British citizenship to be granted. I've waited six years for it so I am not about to give it up now. Whether I was ... read more
Bridge Near Killarney
Dunguaire Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Cornwall September 30th 2013

After five enjoyable but tiring days in France I didn't get back to my flat from the airport until about 1.30am. Just a few hours later I was back at work for three stressful days, before I was back on the road for a three day trip to Cornwall. I was absolutely exhausted before I had even started the trip. Just as exhausted from similarly stressful working weeks were Jaimee and Kristy, who were joining me for my road trip. I know Jaimee through my old flatmate Loren, who you may recall joined me on my last UK road trip to the Cotswolds. Kristy is a friend of Jaimee's who I had met a couple of times before. Rather annoyingly, had lied to me about our car hire company having a desk inside Heathrow Airport. ... read more
Eden Project
St Michael's Mount

Europe » France » Aquitaine » Bordeaux September 24th 2013

We'd done the stag - now it was time for the main event. Kelley and Penelope were getting married in the south of France and I was on my way down there aboard the Eurostar from London to Paris. I always love going to Paris - I have seen a lot on my travels but few cities match the beauty of France's capital and I never tire of going there, even if the people on the metro seem utterly miserable. Arriving at Gare du Nord, I made my way straight to a restaurant by the Louvre, where Kelley and Penelope's union had created a reunion of old friends - a high school reunion. A Roskill reunion on the other side of the world. My old high school and uni buddies Stevie, Dino, and Jonny had flown ... read more
Medieval Building, Sarlat
Grand Theatre, Bordeaux

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Oxfordshire » Woodstock September 8th 2013

A trip to the open spaces and fresh air of the Cotswolds probably could not have come at a better time. I had just had a really difficult week at work and big city life can get to you sometimes - this was the perfect opportunity to get away and clear my head. England has some of the most beautiful countryside you will see and you don't have to travel far to escape to it. I could've done without the early start though. I booked our hire car to be picked up from Heathrow because it was far enough out of the city to avoid the horrendous London inner city traffic and because there was a lot of rental car choice and availability out there. The catch was a 6.30am start as I tubed into the ... read more
Broadway Tower
Classic Cotswolds Cottage
Cotswold Countryside

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Merseyside » Liverpool August 4th 2013

Kelley had no idea where we were taking him. All he got was a note telling him to turn up at the Euston Tap at 7pm along with two pairs of undies, photo ID, a toothbrush, and ten vomit bags. By the time I had arrived at the Euston Tap, the most of the stag crew had already shown up - Yohei the chief organiser (who you may remember from Granada), Andrew (who you may remember from Milan), blog débutante Wilson, and Kelley the stag himself (who regular readers of this blog should know by now). Our numbers were complete when we were joined by Hanson (who you may remember from the Peak District) and Francis aka Turtle (who was also with Kelley, Yohei and I in Granada) who was the last ... read more
Liver Bird
Albert Dock
Metropolitan Cathedral Of Christ The King

Europe » Lithuania » Kaunas » Kaunas June 2nd 2013

This blog entry is coming to you from Kaunas, Lithuania, but it isn't supposed to. It is supposed to be coming from Minsk, Belarus, a place that I have this strange obsession about visiting. My original plan was to take an overnight train from St Petersburg to Minsk before flying out of Vilnius, Lithuania, which is only a two hour bus ride from Minsk and from where there are cheap flights back to London. Four days before I left the UK for Russia however, the Belarusian embassy in London put paid to Plan A - I had applied for the cheaper "transit" visa for my visit to Belarus which would have allowed me in the country for 48 hours, but my application was refused on the basis that there is no physical need to go through ... read more
Kryžių Kalnas
Cool Cross
Lithuanian Countryside

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Saint Petersburg May 31st 2013

It was a quintessential Eastern European experience that I was excited about yet dreading in equal measure - the overnight train from Moscow to St Petersburg. Indeed the climax of the film after which this blog entry is named revolves around one. Hopefully our train ride won't be as exciting as that one. This isn't my first overnight train - if this one is to be as comfortable as that one, then the Russian overnight train experience would be a pleasant one. Anna and I would be sharing a four-bed cabin with two other people and we were a little bit anxious about who we might be paired with - hopefully not weirdos, because the cabin is pretty cosy even if it is semi-luxurious. To our mild relief, our cabin partners were an old English couple ... read more
Palace Square
Awesome Mosaics
Catherine Palace

Europe » Russia » Northwest » Moscow May 28th 2013

One of the most significant countries in the world and with such a rich history, Russia has been on my must-see list for some time now, probably the last country in Europe that I felt I absolutely had to visit. Also the largest country in the world, colouring a massive chunk on my world map proved an incentive too! Perhaps the main reason it has taken me so long to finally visit Russia is the fact that it isn't the most accessible country to visit. It is the first country for which I have ever had to apply for a visa before travelling there and I did have reservations about how safe it might be given Russia's political history and reports of racist murders in St Petersburg. Russia is probably no more dangerous than other places, ... read more
State Historical Museum
Church Of Christ The Saviour
Bolshoi Theatre

Europe » United Kingdom » England » Derbyshire » Edale May 6th 2013

First of all, some personal news. My company announced just before I left for Brazil, that we would be shifting half our office from London to Amsterdam - which means that if all goes according to plan, my days in London are numbered and I will be moving to Amsterdam at the start of next year. I am definitely excited about it, as I think I have run my race in London - I am looking forward to a fresh start in a one of my favourite cities in Europe, a city I felt was eminently liveable the first time I visited the place. I'm a bit tired of London's hustle and bustle and am looking forward to moving somewhere a bit smaller, friendlier and laid-back. The upshot of this is that I have suddenly realised ... read more
Castleton Valley
Stalactites & Stalagmites
The Woolpacks

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