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South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Paraty February 22nd 2013

In arranging our transfer from Ilha Grande to Paraty, Sag was told one price by the tourist agent before being told another price upon payment. The price difference was relatively meagre, but he refused to pay the new price out of principle which I suppose is fair enough. Which is how we ended up on the public transportation to Paraty. It was a stinking hot day and I was hungover as f*ck, a familiar legacy from the night before. Waiting at a cafe on the beach for our boat back to the mainland, I was finding the heat a bit hard to handle. The first leg was fine - a large ferry that took us from the island to the town of Angra dos Reis. A fairly unremarkable place, a couple crazy men who interacted with ... read more
Streets Of Old Paraty #1
Natural Waterslide!
Bay Of Ilha Grande

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Ilha Grande February 20th 2013

After the craziness of Carnaval and rushing around seeing the sights of Rio, it was time for some relaxation on Ilha Grande, an island off the coast of Rio. Ilha Grande really is a place to get away from it all. As the whole island and the waters around it are protected for conservation, there are no cars allowed on the island and you can only reach the island by boat. As a result it is perhaps unsurprising that the island is full of hippies, jocks, British gap year students, and Aussie backpackers. A paradise away from the harsh realities of real life - Brazil's version of The Beach. The first thing I notice as we leave the pier and walk through the dirt roads of Vila do Abraao, the main village on ... read more
Green Lagoon
View From Parrot's Peak

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro February 14th 2013

With all of us knackered from a long night at the Sambadrome, we had a late start the next day. When we eventually came to, it was decided that we would head out to Niteroi, a city on the other side of Guanabara Bay from Rio. After a ferry and a bus ride, we eventually were dropped off at the Museum of Contemporary Art - not because any of us are particularly into contemporary art, but because of the Oscar Niemeyer-designed, flying-saucer-like building that houses the museum. One of the most influential architects of modern architecture, Brazilian born Niemeyer has left his imprint all over Rio going some way to explaining the plethora of glorious 60s/70s architecture that exists in the city. Among the buildings designed by Niemeyer is the Sambadrome itself, the Gustavo Capanema Palace, ... read more
Botafogo Beach & Sugar Loaf
Ipanema Beach
Escadaria Selaron

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro » Copacabana February 10th 2013

Unless you're being picky, I have now visited every continent in the world. I was always going to come to South America at some stage and Brazil in particular. Having seen, read and heard so much about the place - to finally be here was super-exciting. A place so different to what you're used to - in my head Brazil is almost the definition of exotic - I had finally reached a final frontier, of sorts. There were additional reasons that helped ramp up the anticipation of this trip; I was coming to the end of a work project that had completely consumed my life for the last six months - this was to be my reward; it had been absolutely freezing in the UK and I was heading for a tropical climate; I would be ... read more
Inside The Sambadrome
Zebra King
Puppet Float

Europe » Finland » Lapland » Rovaniemi December 26th 2012

It’s Christmas Eve 2012, and I am on a tour bus in Northern Scandinavia going from Kiruna, Sweden, to Inari, Finland. It is about -25 degrees outside which is a little warmer than it was yesterday, although ice is starting to form on the inside the bus, by the window I am sitting next to. Yes, it is cold, but we keep ourselves warm by having some fun conversation with our fellow tour-goers. Most of them are Australian couples, although there are a few Kiwis thrown in the mix too. They’re all good people and good chats, fun people to be spending long coach journeys with. We eventually arrive at what our tour operator describes as a "resort". I suppose technically it is a resort, as it is a winter leisure complex of sorts where you ... read more
The Brightest One
The Light Show
The Crew

Europe » Sweden » Norrbotten » Kiruna December 23rd 2012

It was the day from hell. Hell, it was the week from hell. The week before Christmas, and I’m pulling twelve hour days trying to get my big work project delivered on time. There was a shitload of things to do on my last day of work before my Christmas break but I had rather annoyingly and inconveniently been called to the Slough office for a meeting I couldn’t really miss. That’s OK – I’ll go all the way out there in the morning and then go back into London in the afternoon, pick up my luggage from home, pop into the office to do work shit I need to do, before hot-stepping it to Stansted Airport. The meeting runs two hours overtime; and then the ridiculously persistent rain we’d been having all month delays my ... read more
Ice Hotel Reception
The Big One
Downtown Kiruna

North America » United States » California » San Jose December 13th 2012

My cab driver obviously didn’t. He chucks me a satnav and asks me to input the address for him. When I arrive, he even asks me to fill out the receipt myself. So this is a self-service cab is it? His cab (and him) reeked too. So like Will Smith said, “smell ya later!” No dice in the mirror though. I had arrived in San Jose to undergo three days of training, a “perk” of my work. Googling for things to see and do while here, there didn’t seem to be a lot – I hoped to be proved wrong. The roads are really wide here which is consistent with the city profile; San Jose is the tenth biggest city in the US, but walking around downtown you wouldn’t know it. It’s pretty dead and there ... read more
San Jose Tech Museum & Ferris Wheel
St Joseph's Basilica
Plaza De Cesar Chavez

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Cardiff November 25th 2012

If there's a country in the world that is as fanatical about rugby as New Zealand, it's Wales. The All Blacks usually play the Welsh in Cardiff most Novembers and having seen on television the fabled atmosphere of the Millennium Stadium, I have always told myself that one day I would have to experience an All Black-Wales game there for myself. Well, five years after moving to London, that day has finally arrived. As with most big events in the UK, one has to have their eye on the ball to get tickets, which is a good thing we had Sag. His research and organisational skills managed to get us twelve tickets! I had marked this year as the year I would finally go to Cardiff for an All Black-Wales game and it seemed I wasn't ... read more
St Mary Street
Me & Corb
Cardiff Castle

Asia » Singapore October 6th 2012

Some of you may know that I have actually written about Singapore before. Whereas that visit two-and-a-half years ago was a one night stopover, this time I would be here to finish the place off with a two-night stay. You could say that this is the sequel. Some of you may also know my cousin Nicola and her husband Simon - who so kindly looked after me when I first arrived in London, five years ago. How time flies and much has changed in the intervening years - Nicola has since got married (incidentally, the reason I passed through Singapore the first time was to attend her wedding), moved to Singapore, and now has a 15-month old son Oliver, another second cousin to add to my burgeoning collection. Some things have stayed the same however ... read more
Marina Bay Sands
Gardens By The Bay
Clarke Quay

Asia » Cambodia » North » Siem Reap October 4th 2012

"Pleeeeeaaaaaaase!" screamed the Canadian girl in the bunk below. The alarm of the guy in the bunk next to mine went off which woke everyone up apart from him. After ten long minutes, he finally got up, none the wiser that he had just pissed a whole dorm full of people off. It was 6.30am and I needed to be at Phnom Penh's bus station at 7.30am. Might as well get up then, godammit... Talking to the tuk-tuk driver outside the hostel, I instructed him to take me to the bus station near the Central Market. In my experience so far, Cambodians have found it difficult to understand me, and I to understand them - so I was a bit worried whether he was actually taking me to the right place. Thankfully he dropped me off ... read more
Ta Prohm
Asuras (Demon Gods)

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