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Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Korcula July 7th 2016

I was now on my way to Croatia. From Rimini, I had to catch a train down to Ancona from where I then had to catch a ferry to Split - the same ferry that I had caught in the other direction nine years ago. Walking the one kilometre or so from the train station to the port, I did see a sign for "check-in" but for some reason didn't think that it applied to me. You'd have the check-in close to where you board the ferry, right? Not seeing an office for Jadrolinija anywhere, I then stopped in at a tourist information office where I was then told that I had to walk back a kilometre in the hot sun to where I had seen that sign. Luckily there was a free bus just passing ... read more
Korcula Town
St Stephen's Square, Hvar
Town Walls, Korcula

Europe » San Marino » San Marino June 30th 2016

Sleep-deprived and exhausted from the last few days, an early start to catch my bus from Verona to Rimini probably wasn't the best idea but it was the best and cheapest option I had. So it was probably no surprise - and it has to be said that this is the first time this has happened for a long time - that I overslept having forgot to set an alarm the previous night. I then had forty minutes to get my shit together and sprint to the bus stop; a 35-minute walk away. So if an early start was the last thing I needed at the time, I now - barely able to open my eyes - had a sweaty, exhausting, 25-minute sprint across Verona to catch my bus. It reminded me of old times. Most ... read more
Medieval Alleyway, San Marino
Torre Guaita, San Marino
Piazza della Liberta & Palazzo Publico

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Verona June 26th 2016

Most people know Verona as the city where Romeo & Juliet is set; others (mainly Kiwis) may know it as a song by New Zealand band Elemeno P; I knew Verona as both, but I had also heard that it is one of the prettiest cities in Italy - which is some statement - so I had always wanted to go there see what the fuss was about. It was another Megabus from Turin to Verona and only the stinky man in the seat in front of me took away from the ride, which was four and a half hours long. It was hot - mid 30s - but it wasn't the humid heat that I had gotten used to in Cuba so I could handle it fine during the half hour walk between the hostel ... read more
Piazza delle Erbe
That Balcony
Along The River Adige

Europe » Italy » Piedmont » Turin June 24th 2016

The scenic bus ride through the Alps from Lyon to Turin was painless - and I paid just 15€ for the privilege. I could do with saving a bit of dough after splurging a bit in Lyon. And the heat re-entered my trip too - my last day in Lyon was a warm one and things went up a few degrees more when I arrived in Turin. Turin isn't exactly on the tourist radar; Juventus FC and the famous Shroud Of Turin were the only things that put the place on the map for me but as a fairly important Italian city, I felt the need to check it out and see if there would be anything there to surprise me. One thing that I had learnt about Northern Italy from my trip to Milan some ... read more
The Shroud Of Turin
Ponte Isabella
Galleria Subalpina

Europe » France » Rhône-Alpes » Lyon June 21st 2016

In Marseille, I had reached a crossroads. Originally, I was going to stick to the Mediterranean, following the southern coast of France along the French Riviera to Italy - but that was going to be too expensive. I considered going directly to Italy and Turin - but by now I had become travel-weary and really just wanted to stop somewhere to regroup for a few days, preferably for free. And thus I thought about going to Zurich where I have a friend - my mate Corb who I visited in Basel four years ago. So Zurich was the closest place I could get to for some much needed, cheap R&R - therefore, I decided to head north, stopping in Lyon en route. Finding reasonably-priced accommodation in Lyon was a struggle thanks to Euro 2016 - but ... read more
Ceiling Inside La Basilique Notre Dame de Fouviere
Rue Saint-Jean
Place des Terraux

Marseille has always had a sense of intrigue about it; France's oldest city is like nowhere else in the country, with its passionate people and its rough-'n-ready edginess. For me, its role in two of the best crime/spy thrillers of all time in The French Connection and The Bourne Identity only added to the city's allure. Dirty and dangerous were two words I had heard used to describe Marseille a few years ago and it is not really on the backpacker trail, which is why I gave it a miss on my initial backpacking sortie through Europe- but the city has apparently had something of a renaissance, so now it was time to make amends. The HI hostels were the only ones that I could find space at and I think I now why in the ... read more
Basilique Notre Dame de la Garde
Palais de Longchamp
Les Calanques

Europe » France » Languedoc-Roussillon » Carcassonne June 12th 2016

My insomnia/jet-lag struck again on my last night in Andorra and I only managed 3-4 hours sleep. I keep thinking that I'm gonna have to collapse at some point - this can't go on. Reversing my body clock is proving irritatingly difficult. It's never great to be groggy on a travel day so luckily this time it was easy; I was about to embark on my first Bla Bla Car ride. As explained in my last blog entry, the idea is brilliant - the driver makes a bit of money from a trip he/she was going to take anyway and the passenger saves a whole lot of dough. Plus, carpooling is great for the environment too. And I have to say that my first two rides - from Andorra la Vella to Toulouse and then from ... read more
View From The Hostel
City Walls By Night
Haberdashery Storefront

Europe » Andorra » La Vella June 9th 2016

Bilbao's efficient metro system, Spain's extensive bus network and ALSA's spacious, modern buses ensured that the seven-and-a-half hour journey from Bilbaoto Barcelona was absolutely painless. Comfortable, even. It was great to be back in Barcelona again. It was where I spent three months learning Spanish before I set off for South America just over eight months previously. I had great memories, fun memories, of my time here and those memories were rekindled almost as soon as I arrived back in the city. Although most of the friends I made here have already left, there were still a couple hanging about (as well as revisiting Barcelona at the same time as me!) the place and it was great catching up with them. Just like I did when I was livin... read more
Casa de la Vall
Sign O' The Times
Esglesia de Santa Coloma

Europe » Spain » Basque Country » Bilbao June 2nd 2016

After eight months in Latin America, I was now returning back to Europe, and back to the country that I left Europe from – Spain. But naturally, I couldn’t leave Cuba without experiencing its frustrations one last time. Before spending my last CUC$10, I ask the lady at the bureau de change if there was a minimum amount that I needed to change. She smiles, and says no. So I then ask a stranger for five cents so I could buy an overpriced CUC$5.50 pizza (worth CUC$0.60 on the streets of Centro Habana) and have a nice, round CUC$5 note left to exchange into Euros. Going back to the bureau de change, she then tells me that I need a minimum of CUC$6 to change into Euros. I JUST F*CKING ASKED YOU IF I NEEDED A ... read more
Bilboko Udala
San Mames
Old Town Architecture

Central America Caribbean » Cuba » Oeste » La Habana May 30th 2016

8 months, 18 countries, 74 cities (and those are just the ones I stayed overnight in) and approximately 18,729km travelled and my journey through Latin America is complete. It is so far the longest trip I have yet undertaken and it's hard to believe that this is just partof a journey that is not even halfway through! Just like I did following my European sojourn in 2007 and my time living and travelling in London, I think it is appropriate that after a trip of such length, with so many different and unique experiences, that I should revisit and relive some of the highlights (lowlights) of the journey. Also as before, this will be done in a list form - lists of the best, the worst and my favourites... read more
Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil
Varadero Beach, Cuba
Havana, Cuba

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