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20th July 2017

Same here! I thought Laos was beautiful but I didn't like it either for the same reasons you mentioned. Luang Prabang was the best they had to offer but it was just way too small you can do everything in two days. Vang Vieng was full of shady people and Vientiane was a snore-fest.
From Blog: Laid-Back Laos
21st June 2017

very good
Another amazing blog- I just really like reading your blogs. Just curious, since I might be visiting BKK, what was the name of the hotel you stayed at and were was it? Thanks.
26th June 2017

BBHouse Khlongtan
Thanks for the kind comment! The name of the hotel is called BBHouse Khlongtan and is very close to Ramkamhaeng train station, which is on the Airport Rail Link. It is a little away from all the sights and areas of interest but it is well connected by public transport.
3rd May 2017

Things to do in Goa
Goa is such beautiful place to visit in vacations. I just loved this places and natural beauty. Everyone should visit this place at least once!
27th April 2017
Sunset Over U Bein Bridge

Love this photo Derek!
23rd April 2017

E-Bike spillage: We all do it!
Hey there Derek, enjoyed your blogs about Mandalay and Bagan. We were in Myanmar in November and enjoyed it very much. Best bit, the Kalaw to Inle 3 day trek. Agree about Mandalay, a dusty disappointment but Bagan was great. We also had spills from our e-bikes due to the sand. Still, good fun though. Hope you enjoy or enjoyed Inle. Happy travels, David
24th April 2017

Thanks David! Glad you enjoyed the blogs. Hope you're enjoying Bolivia - I was there about a year and a half ago and the country has some amazing sights! -Derek
13th April 2017

Full circle
Your mother brings you into the head off to discover the World on your own...then your mother comes to join part of your journey in old Rangoon. Wow!
1st April 2017

No bargaining position
Yikes, always tough when traveling to multiple countries to have all the right money. Too bad you didn't read the lonely planet closer but it all worked out. I had food poisoning in Kathmandu. Never a good thing when traveling.
From Blog: Namaste Nepal
27th March 2017

You are amazing, and so are your travels! I love your little trick of getting an onward ticket without actually buying one. I may have to steal that.
From Blog: Oh! Calcutta!
14th February 2017

India to Sri Lanka
Derek, I do sense that you are, mostly, enjoying India. However, we also feel that you've been a tad harsh on certain - admittedly not really target destinations... Mysore, Chennai, etc.. - places and that you might have got more out. There again we are total Indiaphiles. So... please... Before you go to Sri Lanka, a destination we didn't really expect THAT MUCH from but one that blew our minds, I'd suggest a quick perusal of our blog. Time of year has bearing on weather/sea conditions that differ massively on the W/E coasts so bear that in mind. Also, get to meet the locals because they are gems. We intended to stay for about 3 weeks, but we ended up extending our visas.... On returning to India seriously consider Sikkim or Ladakh (amazing scenery and trekking and minimal tourists); Om beach nr Gokarna in Karnakata (coolest/laid-back beach scene in India); Gujurat has the BEST thalis in India and cheapest booze at Diu (stay on the roof of the church... you won't be cold this time.. because you can get your own room up there for a pittance). This is just some friendly advice... very jealous that you're where you are whilst we're currently stuck in the Divided States of Embarrassment...... Enjoy...... Andy n Ali
From Blog: No Beef Madras
23rd December 2016

That Taj...
You've captured the Taj Mahal very the light and the angles :)
20th December 2016

This is India :-)
We also just came back from India. The financial crisis is indeed horrible. Just to get some cash sometimes one is forced to pay high commissions. India is not that cheap any more..... We struggled about the same way. Arriving in Delhi on a Sunday - and no cash at all was available. And yes, nothing can prepare you for India. And yes, you will get sick one time. And yes, hospitals are terrible here. But you will survive and laugh about it later. India, this is a love and hate relationship. Great blog and we are looking forward to more news from you from India. Happy travels!!!!!!
13th December 2016

Great blog
Great blog, thank you. I've just got to Santa Ana, and this is exactly how I've found it. Great to read your tips for the rest of the route
From Blog: The Flower Route
7th December 2016

I've enjoyed Following your travels...
and am sorry to see them end, although it's great to get home. And thanks for the memories this blog brought back as my wife and I used to visit the Bernese Oberland many times when we lived in Stuttgart. We've walked and skied all the trails in the area...when prices were more reasonable.
14th December 2016

It's Not Over Yet...
Thanks for your comment! I'm glad that you have been following and enjoying the blog. But fear not, the travels haven't ended yet and there is still way more to come - I'll be spending the next 9-10 months in Asia, starting in India. So there will still be plenty more blog entries for you to enjoy!
26th November 2016
Schloss Ambras

Schloss Ambras
Great palace, quite unusual as palaces go. I'll add it to our Palaces and Castles collection in the Photography Forum.
21st November 2016

If it's good enough for Walt Disney, Derek, I kinda understand the thrill you had when being there. I've posted your pics in the Palaces & Castles thread in the Photography Forum.
26th October 2016

Enjoyed reading about a town that has always held some interest. Thanks for your impressions.
From Blog: Dynamo Kyiv
20th October 2016

Great blog!
It brings back memories of my visit to Tiraspol a few years ago. Happy travelling...
15th October 2016

Good adventures in one of our favorite places. We saw most all of the same things you saw in Brasov (as all visitors do, I guess). Your stories brought back good memories. I had a similar story of not getting a ticket on a bus in Italy. Except the fine was 50 Euros. I told him I did not have money and he made me stop at an ATM. It did not work. We stopped at a second ATM and it did not work either. He got so mad he just walked off. Quite a hassle but I didn't have to pay. We enjoy your stories and adventures. We'll be following along.
30th September 2016

Robinson Sunset Guest house
Hee there, Finally I read your blog about Ohrid. Nice to read. I recognize a lot. It was nice meeting you in Robinson Sunset Guest House while you eat your pasta! Enjoy your stay in Kosovo. Goodbye, Sanne
6th October 2016

Nice to meet you too!
Haha, yeah it was nice to meet you too Sanne. All the best! -Derek
31st July 2016

In 2002 or 2003 I was in Lyon too and especially liked the the sight from the hill and the old town. This was before my TB time.
22nd July 2016
City Walls

Palaces & Castles
Fantastic additions to the Palaces & Castles thread in the Photography Forum. Love 'em Derek!

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