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5th December 2019

Enjoyed your Iran trip
Thanks, really enjoyed your posts and pics. Such a fascinating place. And, the food... I can still vividly remember my first taste of saffron icecream
7th August 2019

Land Of Luck & Leprechauns
Its such an amazing post.Thanks for sharing with us.
22nd July 2019

Travel diary
Thank you for sharing details diary of Everest region trekking. I hope you had great time and every reader will like this detail information.
8th June 2019

Travels with your sister...
I've enjoyed every minute of your trip and your time with your sister. I hope that after some rest in Berlin, I am treated to more travels.
3rd June 2019

Nice photos!
very nice photos!
30th May 2019
Outside The Walls

What a beauty.
I have posted this in TB's 'Follow that Road' thread in the Photography Forum. Did you follow that road? Quite evocative.
30th May 2019
Outside The Walls

Did I follow that road?
Haha, I didn't, actually! I walked through the medina to get to the other side.
30th May 2019
Chefchaouen Redux?

Some fabulous alleys and passages in this blog. I have posted some in TB's 'Streetscapes' thread in the Photography Forum. Check 'em out.
27th March 2019

Tehran is really a great city. You write very well.
From Blog: Tehran Epilogue
14th March 2019

Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy your trip!
I m surprised you didn't enjoy your trip .Most of the tourists love Morocco specially the food. Next time ,try staying in one of the luxurious Riad in Marrakech . you will be amazed.
27th January 2019

A mud city is a place to behold...oozing history and tales of the old. Great pic. I've posted this in 'Streetscapes' thread in the Photography Forum. Check it out.
27th January 2019
Chak Chak

Are adherants tolerated in Islamic Iran, Derek. I came upon Zoroastrianism in Tajikistan and their god was an interesting fellow indeed.
29th January 2019
Chak Chak

Yes, they are, as are Armenian Christians. According to a follower we talked to however, they don't too many favours as a religious minority unfortunately...
14th December 2018

Hi, I am a traveler also, but the idea of going to Belarus never occurred to me. I have been to Moscow and St. Pete but of course our guide took us to the nice places, some actually stunning. But I'd like to travel with you and your imaginative, daring and adventurous spirit. My husband is oh, so conservative. We are going to see gorillas for my 80th b'day and that is going out on the limb for him. You write well. Thanks.
24th July 2018

Welcom back...
and good luck with your new job.
From Blog: Hypezig
11th June 2018

roatan sucks
recently returned form roatan as a backpacker too. i didn't like the vibe either. i also felt unsafe, something i never felt in my other travels. it's a strange place.
14th January 2018

Excellent Wrap Up
It's been a pleasure following your blog through the 2.5 years and countless countries. I envied how you navigated with ease on a strict budget. Good luck acclimatizing back into reality. I'm sure you will be planning future travels while earning some pesos in the meantime.
1st January 2018

Journey of a Lifetime...
As we said before, an amazing journey. Stories for a lifetime! We passed many times over the last couple of years. Would have loved to grab a beer. Thanks for all the great stories. You must be exhausted, but I still sensed a little bit of curiosity when you described places you would like to see someday. Best of luck in your "new" life and we hope to read more eventually!
31st December 2017

Again, it's been a great journey following you...
so relax for a while, and return when you are ready.
30th December 2017

Welcome home!
Welcome back to Auckland! Give yourself time to digest it all, that was one hell of a trip you went on. Hopefully this good weather hangs around for a while for you, and best of luck in making the decision where to call home for the next couple of years.
30th December 2017

Home at last
You have obviously had heaps of adventures...heaps of highlights, Derek. I have thoroughly enjoyed the ride...vicariously but still a blast. Enjoy the rest...enjoy the itchy feet...pining to be back on the road.
27th December 2017

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22nd December 2017

Are you OK?
Did you find out what was causing you pain on that last day? I'm figuring you recovered or else we wouldn't have had this post. I was expecting an entry detailing your trip to the emergency room, or some such. Being sick while traveling sucks, and I'm hoping that whatever ailed you is now a thing of the past.
22nd December 2017

Yes, I'm fine
Haha, thanks so much for your concern - yes, I am fine. I went to see a doctor as soon as I got home and by then I was much better already. He said it was some sort of infection but it cleared pretty quickly. As of now I have a clean bill of health!
16th December 2017
Another Stunning Sunset

Another stunning sunset
Understatement...stunning indeed

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