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7th June 2008

Nice story! I m from estonia. Thanks for visiting us. But were not so cold like our weather you just went into wrong places to party. Yeah hollywood is great club but the real action is in Nimeta baar, Levikas or Hell Hunt. There the people are more friendly and active.
1st March 2008

Cold as hell
Nice story! Im from estonia and I really loved the story, everything is true btw. But estonians are not so cold as our weather. We like to party everywhere, like Tartu, Pärnu, Viljandi, Rakvere! Tallinn is not so great place to partyng :D sorry for my english :p
26th October 2007

ARCHITECTURE IN HELSINKI TO PLAY NZ FOR FIRST TIME EVER Strange News, 95bfm and Cheese on Toast present for the first time ever in New Zealand , Architecture in Helsinki on Thursday 13 December at Kings Arms with support from The Ruby Suns. Tickets are just $35 from Fast and Loose and Real Groovy. Architecture in Helsinki will also be playing at SFBH in Wellington on Friday 14 December. Maybe you could fly back for christmas and the gig? :) Nah, hope things are all good bro (except for missing out on the gig that is...)
25th October 2007

Nah Architecture In Helsinki aren't that good. Not that bad admittedly, but not that special.
10th October 2007

ya, denmark was really beautiful eh? I did find it expensive as well but apparently sweeden, Norway and Finland especially are the most expensive. All my relatives that i visited there said that they never go out to eat at a restaurant because its so expensive. Its also really pricey to buy a vehicle there too. lots of people just train. Apparently if the Aussie princess can learn danish- we should be able to as well! cheers
27th September 2007

woohoo I'm famous! Good account of our time Derek. We definitely have to go back, for more than 24 hours next time!
1st August 2007

As we say in Croatia...
Jesi majstor! Vidimo se u Londonu :-)
23rd July 2007

sweet as!
wow, Italy does look pretty nice though, even if it is for romance and couples. I hope you enjoyed yourself Derek. It makes me excited to come to Europe.
22nd July 2007

Damnit D, your blogs are making me jealous and i've just come home from holidaying in Europe . Enjoy croatia, i hear its awesome!
17th June 2007

Good luck mate and happy travels! Of course the highlight of the trip will be the beautiful Croatian coast... Look forward to your posts. PS Still working on helping you out around Croatia....

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