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9th May 2016
Blowing Its Top

Nothing so exciting
Nothing so exciting as a volcano blowing its top Derek. What a fabulous experience. Amazing what locals are prepared to do to make a buck...taking you up an erupting volcano...priceless. Then skating or is it skiing down? I've put this pic in the Majestic Mountains thread.
9th May 2016

So jealous of your trek up to and seeing the erupting volcano!
27th April 2016
Hanging Bridge

Bummers in the summer!
While you have seen and done some amazing things on your wild journey, everyone on long voyages gets homesick sometimes (for me, it's when I hear California dreaming on such a winter's day), but for sure you'll bounce back. You seem pretty adept at making friends and I'm sure you'll find some again soon. I can't believe all the money and camera stuff you're dealing with right now--with mosquitoes, high prices and cruise ships on top of it. I'm glad you found some fine things on Roatan, but thanks to your info, I won't be bothering with it. Best wishes for quick resolutions to the hassles and a beer with some friends! Cheers!
27th April 2016
Creedence Clearwater Revival

what a good name for the picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have not been to Roatán yet. A place in the bucket list.
1st April 2016
Iglesia de San Francisco

Great architecture
29th March 2016

Spring break
In Canada and the U.S. spring break generally falls in late March, early April so many families and students will head south to enjoy warmer climates. Hence the crowds and the higher prices. Sounds like you made a good decision not to stay where Kurt stayed.
6th March 2016
Colouful Costume

If that is a single costume...karoomba!
29th February 2016
Coffee Grinder

Nice photo
Good one
24th February 2016

South America
You don't seem to be enjoying South America as much as you have other places. Thanks for your impressions.
25th February 2016

Fair Comment
Yeah, I'd agree with that. The stretch from Lima to Bogota has been a bit average and I've suffered a bit of misfortune on that stretch too, which hasn't helped. Don't worry though, things will get better!
24th February 2016
Iglesia de San Francisco

You are in a part of the world that offers amazing architecture.
12th February 2016
Palacio Iturregui, Trujillo

Nice architecture
26th January 2016
Sandboarding Down The Dune

You look like an expert
From Blog: A Literal Oasis
16th January 2016

Cuzco, unexpectedly pretty
We were surprised by the architecture and beauty of this town also. Peruvians are a polite people and we agree they are not in your face as much. Surprised you had trouble with the ATMs as they worked well for us. Sorry you felt so crappy that is never a good thing when traveling.
15th January 2016

A city that means something to everyone who visits I find. With a history that probably means it has an aura like no other. Thanks for sharing your's.
11th January 2016

The joys of Peru
So glad your electronics were not damaged. Indeed the videos will hopefully stay hidden. Glad you found a way to hike and not have to give that up do to lack of planning. We enjoyed hiking to the Sun Gate. Congratulations on Waynapicchu. I (MJ) have a fear of falling so I was not going to do that climb. Machu Picchu spoke to me, the grandeur of is it simple and yet majestic....for me.
10th January 2016
Me & Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu like a Monet
Wonderful blog of one of life's most rewarding adventures Derek. My Machu Picchu blog was only three blogs past, but it never ceases to amaze me how everyone's experience is so different. Best advertisement to travel in my opinion is no one's adventures are the same even if following the same footprints. Your adventures are amazing. Ride on!
9th January 2016

You have a way with words bro
"the sulphur in the air ensured the place smelt like my farts the previous night." Pure genius, I couldn't not read the rest of the blog. Pics look amazing, it's definitely on my to do list BUT showers & private rooms are compulsory. Will have to chat to you closer to the time.
7th January 2016
Breakfast View

It's all about the views
It doesn't get better than this. Wonderful times in this blog of great times to be had on the World's highest lake.I related so well to your descriptions of La Paz with it's miles and miles of unfinished buildings...and the climb climb climb required on Titicaca islands. Who'd forget the climb climb climb?
1st January 2016
Riding On The Edge

On the Edge
I would not like riding there.
From Blog: Danger & Death
27th December 2015
Sopa de Mani, Sucre

Enjoyed your stories, frustrations and observations. This looks good.
22nd December 2015

So, how easy to explain is it?
You now have me wanting to play scum. Except I've never heard of the game and have no idea how to play it. Some directions, please.
From Blog: Worth Its Salt
24th December 2015

Too complicated to explain by email my friend...
So follow this link instead;
From Blog: Worth Its Salt
22nd December 2015
Teo's Breakfast

Aww, you savage
Looks like you are having great fun.
From Blog: Worth Its Salt

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