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21st December 2015
Sybe, Fleur & Nicola

Laguna Piedra
Looks like you are having a great time.
21st December 2015

So many interesting towns to be found. Glad you explored this one.
21st December 2015
Street Art

Street Art
16th December 2015

Looks good
6th December 2015
Chess In Cordoba

Check Mate
Love this photo
18th November 2015
Horse Cart, Colonia del Sacramento

Photos like this really give you a snap shot of the way of life. Love the trees
18th November 2015

Incredible Durban!!
I love absolutely everything about Durbs, always have & always will do. Thanks for sharing these travel guides, there will be very helpful for my next vacation.
7th November 2015
Cathedral At Trinidad Ruins

The Ruins
Looks great
7th November 2015
It Takes Two To Tango

The passion of dancing
Maybe you'll take some dance lessons while you are there. Love the dramatic expression.
5th November 2015

You wrote a very good article on Buenos Aires. The pictures are really very good ones. Argentina is not easy, but it´s fascinating. I live at about 400 km from Buenos Aires, in a city called Tandil, lovely place surrounded by hills. Hugs from Argentina.
25th October 2015
Salto Floriano

Really Nice one!
22nd October 2015

I am glad to know you enjoyed our Iguazú Falls. They belong to Argentina. You can see them from both sides, as you said, but they belong to Argentina. In fact, they belong to the whole Humanity. The picture you can see in postcards is taken from the Brazilian side but the falls and the main paths are in Argentina. Hugs!!!!!!!
20th October 2015

I always wanted to visit a Bond movie....
19th October 2015

Nice blog
From Blog: Megalopolis
11th October 2015
Sa Calobra

A Beautiful bay
8th October 2015
La Seu

La Seu
What a fabulous shot of this cathedral Derek.
8th October 2015
La Seu

Cheers Dave!
5th October 2015

Good work Delek Delek. I was really hoping for some more seedy pics, we only had the overnighter in Ibiza and as u can imagine Karen was keen to leave & for (me) to never be allowed back. Stay filthy. Singha
3rd July 2015

Such a stunning place, I am traveling with expert Israel trips. So excited, can not wait to experience whole feeling.
From Blog: Tel Me Aviv It
2nd July 2015
Vehicle & Rhino

Brilliant. Couldn't ask for this just happened!!!
From Blog: Safari!
12th June 2015

The kingdom in the sky
This is nice post of kingdom in the sky
26th May 2015

I enjoyed Before Sunrise...
as it was so familiar to me. There are two sequels that you must watch...Before Sunset and Before Midnight...I won't tell you their plots as I don't want to ruin it for you.
27th May 2015

I've watched Before Sunset... you won't be spoiling that for me - yet to watch Before Midnight though...
19th March 2015

Um... Where is NZ???
Always a pleasure to read Derek, but your list is a bit heavy on one side of the world. Somewhere in your list, hopefully after you've done you epic journey, there must be places from NZ and China.
19th March 2015

I'll get there eventually...
Hey Davi, nice to hear from you. These are just my travels from London, which is why most of the places on it are in Europe. Indeed once I have done the rest of the world more thoroughly, I will be able to do a more comprehensive list! As for NZ, most of what I have seen happened when I was growing up and before I started blogging. I do plan to eventually tour the South Island at some stage so I am sure there will be some NZ rankings after that!

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