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12th December 2017
Catching A Wave

Catching waves
There is something magnetic in photographing surfers catching waves...then there is where they do so. Lombok is your one of them. Well done!
12th December 2017
Stunning Sunset

Tropical Sunset
Stunning indeed Derek
12th November 2017

I can vouch for Matsuyo and Yoshinoya. I ate at Matsuyo several times in Tokyo, and Yoshinoya in Singapore. Both offer a pretty good meal for not a lot of money.
23rd October 2017

5th October 2017
Get Your Official FC Barcelona Fridge Today!

Barcelona 10
I really want this. Plz
From Blog: Força Barça!
4th October 2017

I don’t even know where my ancestral village/town is; I doubt my parents know either. Kudos to you for making this journey.
29th September 2017
Fake Venice

Fake Venice
This photo looks exactly like ones I took of the Villaggio Mall in Doha, Qatar. Color scheme, bricks, bridge, boats, etc. A little weird....
29th September 2017

How amazing that you got to meet distant family! Definitely brings a better and different feel to the place you visit.
29th September 2017

Come again someday
You definitely should visit HK again, I will show you different dimensions of the city. 😉
From Blog: Enter The Dragon
19th September 2017

Chungking Mansions
You are braver than I am. I walked into Chungking Mansions and walked right out. Scary place, if for no other reason than the open tangle of electric wires that you just know aren't up to code. That was about ten years ago, though, so maybe it's cleaned up a bit.
From Blog: Enter The Dragon
8th September 2017

Hang in there dude! Travel fatigue and the irritability that comes with it affects the best of us!
From Blog: Pandora
7th September 2017

Loved your blog!
Leaving to gokarna tomorrow night! Absolutely enjoyed reading this!
19th August 2017

Thank you for sharing your experience
17th August 2017

what does your backpack look like and what is in it.
i have been following your travels around the world. i read your comments about cleaning bed bugs from your backpack but you never show the exterior of what it looks like or the interior contents. I would really like to see what it looks like. Does it have a metal frame? What brand is it? How big is it? What do you carry around in it? What is your opinion of a backpack compared to a roller suitcase? etc.
18th August 2017

My backpack!
Hi Tom, thanks for writing in and for following the blog. You can see photos of my backpack here; So as you can see it's a North Face backpack and I spent quite a lot of money on it (£220) but it has been worth it considering the length of my trip. It really just carries my clothes, a couple of pairs of shoes and toiletries as well as other random items. The beauty of my backpack is that it is both a roller and a backpack - 95% of the time I am able to roll it and there are straps built into it so that I can carry it on my back if I have to. The entire front of the pack opens up so everything is laid out in front of me without me having to dig through and unpack items to get to something trapped at the bottom of a conventional backpack. It also has a detachable day pack on the front which is also handy.
17th August 2017

Those damn taxis and Chinese visas eh
Not surprised with your Vietnam taxi experience- surprised you didn't get hurt in the process standing your ground. Sometimes things can go horribly wrong. I don't remember our Chinese visa being particularly bothersome although it was done in NZ - but the visa extension to allow us to travel there for 6 months was a bitch. Had to go from town to town to find an office in China that actually does it and in the end it was up to their discretion so lots of smiling and nodding and paying compliments was handy. The Chinese lady wanted to speak English in front of her boss but her English was totally not understandable lol. Good times...
23rd July 2017

very good
Another really well written blog- with some amazing photographs. It really is a treat to read your blogs!
From Blog: Laid-Back Laos
20th July 2017

Same here! I thought Laos was beautiful but I didn't like it either for the same reasons you mentioned. Luang Prabang was the best they had to offer but it was just way too small you can do everything in two days. Vang Vieng was full of shady people and Vientiane was a snore-fest.
From Blog: Laid-Back Laos
21st June 2017

very good
Another amazing blog- I just really like reading your blogs. Just curious, since I might be visiting BKK, what was the name of the hotel you stayed at and were was it? Thanks.
26th June 2017

BBHouse Khlongtan
Thanks for the kind comment! The name of the hotel is called BBHouse Khlongtan and is very close to Ramkamhaeng train station, which is on the Airport Rail Link. It is a little away from all the sights and areas of interest but it is well connected by public transport.
3rd May 2017

Things to do in Goa
Goa is such beautiful place to visit in vacations. I just loved this places and natural beauty. Everyone should visit this place at least once!
27th April 2017
Sunset Over U Bein Bridge

Love this photo Derek!
23rd April 2017

E-Bike spillage: We all do it!
Hey there Derek, enjoyed your blogs about Mandalay and Bagan. We were in Myanmar in November and enjoyed it very much. Best bit, the Kalaw to Inle 3 day trek. Agree about Mandalay, a dusty disappointment but Bagan was great. We also had spills from our e-bikes due to the sand. Still, good fun though. Hope you enjoy or enjoyed Inle. Happy travels, David
24th April 2017

Thanks David! Glad you enjoyed the blogs. Hope you're enjoying Bolivia - I was there about a year and a half ago and the country has some amazing sights! -Derek
13th April 2017

Full circle
Your mother brings you into the head off to discover the World on your own...then your mother comes to join part of your journey in old Rangoon. Wow!

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