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North America » Canada » Prince Edward Island September 19th 2022

Road trip 2022 kicked off with us driving to the United States border, crossing at Coburn Gore. This would be the first time I would be entering the USA since the pandemic began. From there we found a way to Nataris Campground for our first night. The sky was overcast with clouds, but no rain was falling yet. We set up camp and boiled some water to eat a few packets of ramen noodles. Not the healthiest of dinners but it would have to do for the time being. As our camp was enveloped in darkness, the sounds of loons could be heard across the lake. The next day we departed early and continued down route 27, stopping at a small diner for a greasy breakfast. A few hours later we reached the city of Bangor. ... read more
Camp Site
Shediac Lobster

I never really expected that a global pandemic would derail any travel plans I had for more than two years. There was a silver lining to this in many other ways and I did go on to do two great road/camping trips within my own province of Quebec; one to the Gasp├ęsie Peninsula and one to the Cote Nord along the famed route 138. However, it was nice to finally feel a sense of renewed freedom. I needed a change of scenery in general and definitely needed to get away from work for a while. Bev was actually the driving force in wanting to go to Costa Rica, as she was really hoping to see a variety of unique wildlife, warm weather and beaches. Costa Rica is located on the southern portion of Central America, between ... read more
Capuchin monkey
Arenal Volcano

South America » Brazil » Rio de Janeiro » Rio de Janeiro October 9th 2019

After a long day of travel from Foz De Iguazu, I had finally reached the city of Rio De Janeiro. I had started my trip in Peru, all the way on the Pacific side of the continent, and several weeks and thousands of kilometers later I was now on the Atlantic. The sun had dipped and I ordered an Uber to take me into town. Shawn had already arrived several hours earlier, and had rented us an Air BnB condo for the next few days in the fancy district of Ipanema; known for its shops, cafes, and beach. I had heard loads of things about Rio, but having enough travel experience I've learned to come to my own realizations. Still, like many other cities, it's important to keep your head up and eyes open. Also probably ... read more
Christ The Redeemer
Rio at Sunset

South America » Paraguay October 2nd 2019

The plane took off without Bev as her vacation time had come to an end. She was heading home while I would be continuing on to my next destination; Asuncion Paraguay. The two hour flight took me high over the beautiful Andean mountains. I knew nothing about Paraguay but figured that it was off the beaten path and that I would be set up nicely to visit Iguazu Falls later on. It was a balmy 36 degrees as the plane landed. Geographically speaking, this region is called the heart of South America because it's smack in the middle of the continent. I had to buy a visa with American dollars, an immaculate ones at that. In fact half of the bills that I put forward were rejected because they had a tiny dot on them or ... read more
Hanging Out
Aerial Andes View
Turi and Betun

South America » Chile September 26th 2019

Once we crossed into Chile, the bus descended, down and down, losing elevation quickly until we reached 2500m. This is the lowest I'd been at in about two and a half weeks. I could breathe a lot easier. We were now in the Atacama desert, one of the driest places on the planet. We soon found ourselves in the (tourist) town of San Pedro de Atacama which seemed like something out of a western movie with its dusty unpaved roads. We quickly found the main street and checked into a random hostel. Such a change from where we were! People looked different, the food was different, and the currency was now the Chilean Peso. We took a snooze and then walked around a bit trying to get our bearings. We went to a small restaurant and ... read more

South America » Chile » Easter Island September 24th 2019

Our next destination was what bucket lists were made of. We were excitedly waiting to depart at the Santiago International Airport. We checked in and dumped our food supply box at about 0300 that morning before going through security. Our flight left a few hours later, on board a 787 Dreamliner, operated by Latam Airlines, who had a monopoly on this route. For five hours we flew east, as I tried watching some movies. Our journey took us to the enigmatic island of Rapa Nui, or more famously known to the outside world as Easter Island. The island is tiny with a land mass of only 163 square kilometers. It is considered the most isolated inhabited island in the world, basically making it the middle of nowhere. It is estimated that around 1200 AD, Polynesian settlers ... read more
Ranu Raraku
Wild Horse

South America » Bolivia September 11th 2019

It was that time of year again, the travel bug had been beckoning, and some vacation time had finally arrived. That meant returning to the great continent of South America. Bev would be joining me and we would be taking advantage of flight passes yet again. Our Air Canada flight to Lima was uneventful. We spent the night at the airport, as I had done previously, and caught the first Avianca flight to Cusco in the morning. Memories began flooding back of my time here, only a year and a half prior. It was a slightly cool 10 degrees Celsius and we grabbed a taxi to Milhouse Hostel, which I knew well from last time. Edouardo booked us in and gave us all sorts of info on the town. Then we went to the main courtyard ... read more
Huayana Potosi
Death Road

North America » United States » Hawaii » Maui May 7th 2019

The plane descended into the sprawling urban light show that was Los Angeles. After a smooth landing we disembarked and wandered the vast LAX airport looking for something to eat. Stupidly, none of us had brought any provisions to tide us over on the previous flight and we were famished. We needed food and now. My brother Shawn, who was a flight attendant and had been to LA several times, stated that there were some fast food joints in the environs. Carrying only our light backpacks, we casually began our search for sustenance. The air was warm and humid, a drastic change from the eclectic weather that we had become accustomed to back home. The winter had been harsh and even now at the beginning of May, the days were cold and wet. The season just ... read more
Inside of the Haleakala Crater

North America » United States October 6th 2018

The ferry headed south across the strait of Juan de Fuca as clouds rolled in. Vancouver Island was easily visible behind us. My girlfriend Bev and I had spent the last three and a half weeks driving across and exploring our home country Canada, making it all the way to western tip of British Columbia. Our journey was continuing but we were now heading into Washington state and would be making our way back east across the northern American states, all the way back to our homes in Montreal. Traveling across Canada was a blast and it was easy in the sense that we could use our currency and our cellphones. The USA would be a different story in that regard. The ferry arrived at Port Angeles, and we disembarked with Jolene (the nickname we gave ... read more
Grand Teton National Park
Yellowstone National Park
Grand Teton National Park

North America » Canada September 19th 2018

If one was to calculate the size of a country by landmass, Canada would rank number 2, at almost 10 million square kilometers. While much of that remains almost completely uninhabited, especially above the Arctic circle, that's still a practically inconceivable size to wrap your head around. This vastness makes visiting much of the country a difficult and time consuming endeavor, yet one that beckons to the inquisitive and adventurous traveler. From the Atlantic to the Pacific oceans, using the Trans-Canada highway (the world's longest national highway), is an incredible 7821 kilometers covering (with slight variations) all ten Canadian provinces. And that doesn't even take into account the northern Territories, much of which do not have adequate roadways. Two years prior I had the privilege, with my girlfriend Beverly, to explore some of the eastern Maritime ... read more
Oh Canada
First steps into BC

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