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29th August 2019
Wild Horses

As amazing as your trip sounds, your photos are even more amazing!!
13th November 2018

Amazing blog
Very nice Danny, you are doing amazing work. Your blog is filled with rich information about travelling. If you are in London and want to visits some of the best nightclub in London then follow the link it may help you :)
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9th November 2018

Starting day/sleeping bag
Hi, thanks a lot for your article. I'm planning to go to Wu Wei Si very soon, for a week. Can we start living there and training there in any day? I might arrive on Monday. What time is best to arrive? Also do we need to bring our own sleeping bag? Thanks a lot for the help.
14th November 2018

When I went it seemed as though you could head up there during daylight with no specific days to begin training. I remember there being plenty of warm blankets in the dorm.
17th August 2018
Rainbow Mountain

Fantastic Photo!
I missed the rainbow mountain trek while in Peru, I’m tempted to go back!
23rd August 2018
Rainbow Mountain

There's so much to go back to Peru for...I did the short introductory visit and only a small little chunk of it (probably the most touristy chunk!)
16th August 2018
Rainbow Mountain

Rainbow Mountain
Another brilliant site I missed in Peru, Danny...'cos I didn't know about it. Your pics are brilliant.
23rd August 2018
Rainbow Mountain

I didn't know about it either until about a week before I left for Cusco!
18th March 2018

Wu Wei Si
Hello, soon i will be making my way to China to study Tai Chi. Most likely Wu Wei Si temple, Dali. Hopefully for 6-12 months. I have a few questions for which answers i couldn't find on the web. 1. VISA.   I've heard it is relatively easy to get 1 month tourist visa, and then maybe extend it for up to a year.   Will Wu Wei Si provide me with the letter of acceptance once i'm there ? And will i be able to extend it in Dali ? And is it expensive?   Better yet, how could i get a letter of acceptance as both the invitation letter and proof of accomodation before i apply for the Chinese visa, but without going through an agent ?   Like maybe from some other temple or school ?    I'm on supertight budget, agents are usually expensive. But it would be nice, if i could get a 1 year visa, or at least 3-6 months before i go there. As far as i know its the same price, no matter how long the visa, but i'm not sure how easy that would be.   Any tips on that, please ? 2. SHOES.   Can't i buy them over there, like in the temple or in Dali ? How do the monks get theirs ? 3. SOCKS.   Since i'm In Chiang Mai Thailand, and thick cotton socks ( like the sports type ) are nowhere to be found, i could only find very thin cotton or synthetic ones. Will i easily find them in Dali ? How do the monks get theirs ? 4. COFFEE.   It will be hard to start the day so early without one. I have a little electric water boiler, will i be able to use that by the charging station ? If not, could i use a camping stove ? 5. RATES.   Do they have some long term stay special rate scheme ? 6. INTERNET.   Is it possible/easy to get a chinese sim card with a data package to have some internet access without going to Dali ? (doesn't need to be fast/reliable). 7. MONEY.   I'm guessing Atm's in Dali would provide, right ? ( I was in Iran a few years back, and only Iranian bank cards worked, easy to get stuck.. )   Thanx a buch for any info. entity•°⊙ [ you can call me dex, if you need to call me something.. ]
10th May 2018

I would think it'd be best to contact the Chinese Embassy closest to you. It would all most likely depend on your nationality. Back then, as a Canadian, I was able to extend my visa twice, and I had a total of 3 months in the end. Not sure if you can get exemptions or extensions for being a student.
14th December 2017

Cuban colours
Your photos are so expressive and beautiful! How lucky to have a local take you around their country... I enjoyed your adventures, and although I felt bad for your dad on the horse ride, I did laugh a bit :) Cheers, Ren
14th December 2017

Yeah we laughed at him the whole time too!
14th December 2017

I always enjoy a fellow Canadians perspective on my favourite place in the central Americas. Great trip! Great photography!
14th December 2017

Thanks! I will definitely be going back again, awesome country from what I experienced!
14th December 2017

We enjoyed our time in Cuba and want to thank you for the memories.
10th December 2017

We would like to experience but if....
Hi.. We are planning to visit this amazing holy place. but we are wondering if we just go there without any pre arrangments with them will they allow us to enter and stay for a week?! Thank you in advance
13th December 2017

I just showed up there, but keep in mind that was seven years ago. Not sure how much has changed since then!
2nd October 2017

interested in kung fu
i would like to know more about learnng kung fu in monastries secretly like this in china. it would be much appriciated if you could give me more information about it... thank you.
4th August 2017

Women and men intimacy ?
Quick question. What's the definition of intimacy in this context. Like, does it count as intimate if it's a man and a woman talking alone in an open area? (I'm just not sure about the culture there and how they define intimacy)
5th August 2017

From what I understood, it would appear that intimacy was defined as public or private displays of affection. Simply talking to a member of the opposite sex was completely fine.
13th July 2017

I just love your style! Love your enthusiasm, writing, attitude! Very nice to read about your experience!
From Blog: Shanti Shanti
24th March 2017
True Base Camp

An amazing place
An adventure of a lifetime, Everest Base Camp Trek is especially designed for those who hunger for a thrilling quest in the Himalayas. This trek provides you the prospect of embracing the base of the world’s highest mountain – Mt. Everest (8,848m). It is one of the grandest and consummate opportunities to trek in the Himalayas first ascended by Sir Adman Hillary and Tenzing norge sherpa from Nepal in 1953 may 29th .
13th March 2017

We are not huge fans of Belize as a whole, although we have visited several times. However, we loved our trip to Lamanai. The ride through the jungle was great and the ruins themselves were excellent. Having to go by boat from Orange Walk made them memorable. Glad you made it back to the ship!
12th March 2017

Brilliant photo Danny
From Blog: Along the Coast
5th January 2017

Amazing Sri Lankan Beaches.
Hi! Visiting to Beaches is always on top of my list , For this time my travel list is ready,with sri Lankan beaches at the top. Hope to have a great time in Island's Golden beaches. And Thank you so much for the information and suggestion.
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