Nanci and David Curry


Nanci and David Curry

In July of 2011, we made the decision to leave our comfortable jobs in Northern California to see the world. We weren’t sure where we were going to go or how long we would be gone, but we wanted an adventure and we knew we could find it if we looked carefully enough. We would travel slowly, staying in cities and towns for longer periods than most tourists have time for. Hopefully, it would give us an opportunity to observe local life in a unique way.

In July of 2018, we began our 8th consecutive year of travel. We have now visited 47 countries on 4 continents. Our blogs are listed below in the order we traveled with our most recent country listed first. We invite you to read through our blogs, check out our pictures and welcome any comments you might have. We answer all comments. Thanks to all for your support!

Nanci and Dave


Since We Left Home

Asia » Sri Lanka February 7th 2019

I have to admit that sometimes I'm a little jealous of how other people make their travel plans. I envision them sitting in their living rooms, with a cup of coffee in their hands, pouring over glossy travel brochures with pretty pictures of all the places they have dreamt about. They have arranged dates with their boss, perhaps 6 or 8 months in advance, agreeing on the best time for themselves and their employer to take that much needed 2 weeks. They are well over their previous holiday, having had enough time to reflect on and properly relive the magic moments of their preceding exotic experience. They are rested and ready to begin planning. Enough time has passed since the last excursion that the struggles, difficulties and regrets of travel have all faded and the desire ... read more
Palm Walk
Elephant Safari
Galle Fort Lighthouse

Asia » India » Rajasthan January 15th 2019

Sometimes, when we close our eyes, we drift into a state of unconsciousness that is quite pleasant. A state of peace and harmony envelops us as our mind and body reach a truce and dreams begin. Troubles disappear as our muscles relax and serenity takes control of our mind. Physical exhaustion passes as our minds drift deeper into slumber and our subconscious begins to present itself in very realistic, although artificial, dreams. We take this journey each night, sometimes in a warm and comfortable place and sometimes huddled uncomfortably in locations we wish were different. Unfortunately, when our minds are left to themselves to sort out the difficulties of life, without the input from our outward senses, we often pass from blissful rest to turbulent visions. If only we could recognize that our imagined turmoil is ... read more
Step Well Boys
Merangarh Fort Sunset
Camel Sunset

Asia » India December 31st 2018

The smell of spring morning flowers floats fragrantly on the cool morning breeze drifting inland from the bay. Strands of marigolds adorn the children's hair as they smile brightly in the soft morning light. An exotic bird sounds his melodic song from the softly bristling trees that line the golden beach. The early morning sunlight peaks through the wispy morning clouds and begins to color the day in softly shaded pastel colors. Early morning visitors come to greet the quiet morning. They gather in small groups of quiet conversation. They move in a slow-motion ballet of animated action. A freshness fills the morning as the slight mist lifts and the day begins. This day offers a serene beginning which will lead to a leisurely day of relaxing warmth in this peaceful land of grace. This is ... read more
Jagdish Temple
Udaipur Holy Man
Elephanta Caves

Africa » Ethiopia » Addis Ababa Region December 23rd 2018

Probably every traveler who has been outside their own country more than once has discovered that counting the countries they have visited is another way we humans have found to rank ourselves amongst our peers. Travel is not really a competitive sport but people will always have a necessity to compare themselves to others, no matter what the endeavor. Eventually, most travelers will come across websites with a list of recognized countries and what they have determined actually constitutes an official visit to a country. Like rules to any game we have created, we must set requirements to actually keep score. Some sites suggest that you must spend at least one night or must spend money or must at least leave the airport, cruise ship terminal or transit facility to get credit. Some sites make an ... read more
Lucy Restauraunt
Busy streets of Addis Ababa

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town December 17th 2018

We have basically changed our residence each month for the last seven-plus years. That has usually involved renting an apartment in some part of a city in a far away country that we have never been to before. We do our research, learn what we can and then hope for the best. We try to make sure we have access to groceries, money and public transit if we aren't traveling in our own vehicle. The internet has made our reliance on third parties minimal. We have our favorite sites and use them to help us make the best decisions we can. Because we change venues so often there are time limitations to our research. Our budget sometimes forces us to make a few compromises that people with more money might be able to avoid but these ... read more
Muizenberg Beach Huts
Bloubergstrand Beach
Abbey Road

Middle East » United Arab Emirates » Dubai November 15th 2018

What would a person do if they were walking in the desert and found a golden coin? Would they keep the new found wealth for themselves or share it with others? Would they purchase extravagant baubles and shiny trinkets to impress less fortunate friends and neighbors? Would they spend lavishly on short-term necessities or might they invest for the future in an attempt to prolong the benefits of their good fortune? What if that person was a leader of men, who felt a responsibility for the welfare of others? What if instead of a single gold coin, they found a treasure trove of many coins? What if the citizens in their charge, while proud of their heritage, had never known the life of privilege and luxury that great wealth brings? Might that leader attempt to give ... read more
Sheikh Zayed Road- Dubai
Dubai Marina
Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Europe » Norway » Eastern Norway » Oslo October 19th 2018

Let's face it. On a world level, Americans are rich. Not all of them, but most of them. Sure we complain about the high cost of living, excessive taxes and the general lack of economic opportunity based on our perceived lack of material goods. But we are still rich. It's not only the Americans though. It's the Australians, English, Germans, Swiss and many more. We know who we are. As we have travelled around the world through the last several years, it is these people we have seen enjoying themselves in the museums, art galleries and expensive cafes of the world. As for us, we have voluntarily sentenced ourselves to a minuscule budget that forces us to count all our pennies and doesn't always allow us to do everything we might like to. But we still ... read more
Bar Code District- Oslo
Fornebu Sunset- Oslo, Norway
Oslo Autumn

Europe » Greece » Attica » Athens September 20th 2018

What is it that keeps us from falling in love? Is it just our initial judgment of looks? Maybe just a needed haircut or a couple fewer tattoos would have made a difference. Is it just a bad first impression? Perhaps it's just a little too loud or the crowds of people that seem to always be hanging around. Was it just too soon after a previous affair that you weren't quite over? Maybe you just couldn't stop comparing to that recent favored love. Was it just the season? Were you so burnt by the summer heat that you just couldn't motivate yourself to see beyond the obvious exterior characteristics? Perhaps it is was just bad timing. You just weren't ready to start a new relationship. Perhaps it is actually something within your own self. You ... read more
Acropolis- Athens, Greece
Roman Agora

Europe » France » Île-de-France » Paris August 18th 2018

There seem to be two types of people in the world. Ones that enjoy the comfort and security of an established routine and those that desire difference and change and are always seeking something unique. When choosing a restaurant, the former will always know a great restaurant with a favorite dish that they enjoy immensely every time they have it. The latter will always seek a different flavor or preparation from what they have chosen before. When picking a radio station, the former probably have their favorites set in memory. The latter pushes the seek button and only stops when they hear something that suits their current mood. I imagine these two types of people probably also pick travel destinations in the same way. Some love their tried and true spots and return as often as ... read more
Montmarte Sunset
Notre Dame Sunset

North America » United States » California » Mendocino July 21st 2018

Hidden between the fog of the Pacific Ocean and a vast swath of towering coastal redwood trees lies a magical landscape along the California coastline. A place where the bark of sea lions or bellow of fog horns is only muffled by the crash of waves against the majestic cliffs that jut violently from the crystal blue sea. A place of extraordinary beauty reached only after following the twisted byway that winds west from a scorching inland summer through dreamlike vineyards, colossal forests and oak-covered canyons towards the sea. While most of the country bakes in the humid blister of a summer heatwave this coastal dreamscape remains immersed in endless spring. Even on sun-filled afternoons of cloudless blue the cooling breezes of the vast sea drift inland to cool the headlands and tiny hamlets that dot ... read more
Schooner Gulch
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
Point Arena Lighthouse

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