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North America » Mexico » Jalisco » Guadalajara June 30th 2011

Two days ago (time flies!) we drove from Culiacan to Mazatlan. It was a short drive (3 hours), as David wasn’t feeling well. We decided to stay in the Old Mazatlan Inn, the Top Pick in Lonely Planet. Well, not only couldn’t we find it, we asked a local and he couldn’t find it, either! We ended up staying at The Best Western, which was right on the beach and there was a wide variety of restaurants close by. Day before yesterday we drove to Guadalajara, the state capital of Jalisco. Guadalajara has 4.3 million people (and they were all on the road ahead of us!) We stayed at The Hotel Francis, which was right in the center of town (Plaza de Armas). It has been in operation since 1610. We went to the rooftop and ... read more
iguana on  side of road
Me on the patio of the Hotel Francis
Farmer's market at night

North America » Mexico » Sinaloa » Culiacan June 28th 2011

David found out the hard way that if you eat a pound of dried fruit, coupled with drinking 3 bottled waters, you’ll be VERY sorry! Suffice to say he hasn’t had any more dried fruit since! Sunday morning we left Palm Springs for Tucson, AZ. Before we left we drove around looking at stars’ homes. We saw Frank Sinatra’s and Eva Gardner’s home, which you could rent for a mere $2600 a night, Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s home, which you could have your wedding reception in, and we saw Lucy and Desi’s home. Did I tell you that I Love Lucy?! It was so very hot driving from Palm Springs to Tucson. Once we stopped at a rest area in Blythe, CA and it was just like opening an oven door. When we drove through Phoenix, ... read more
I Love Lucy!

Hobo: a tramp or vagrant. Vagabond: wandering from place to place without any settled home; nomadic: a vagabond tribe. By these definitions, we’re definitely vagabonds. We turned in the keys to our house to our property manager and we officially became vagabonds at 8 AM when we left Rohnert Park in the rear-view mirror. What a totally bizarre life! While driving down I5, there were construction signs about one hundred miles out. We decided to drive through Wasco instead of getting stuck in the one-lane traffic. David’s family is from Wasco, so we went to the farm and took a couple of pictures. There were also three brand new “model homes” in the middle of nowhere which were apparently abandoned. So sad. Right now I’m sitting in a Palm Springs hotel at 10 PM. Palm Springs ... read more
Dave and Araval
Wasco Farm

I never knew how much junk we had until it was time to move it! For the most part, it was relatively easy; if I didn’t use it, wear it, or eat it in the last ten years, out it goes! I mean, there’s only so much room in storage, right? Regardless, it was quite tough to clean out Mike’s room. There were yearbooks from kindergarten to books on programming, but the part that caught my eye was a change box he used for selling lemonade. There were spaces for tens and twenties. Way to go, Mike! So now the waiting game begins. We’ve already sold the car; Honda Finance said we could only take the new car out of the country for 30 days, so we sold it. We’re going to take the trusty Saturn. ... read more

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