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Europe » France » Alsace » Colmar October 8th 2016

As we were finishing up our last few days in Belgium, something unexpected happened that caused quite a bit of excitement. We had booked an apartment with Airbnb in the Alsatian town of Strasbourg, France. We had already purchased our train tickets on the super-fast TGV train and were making last minute departure plans when we got bad news. Our reservation had been cancelled! We have rented nearly 50 apartments during our travels and it was something we expected would happen sooner or later. Because we normally rent apartments for one month, it can be a little bit of a problem to find a place at the last minute. With just a few days left until we move, most apartments have at least a few days rented during the upcoming month, which means we are out ... read more
Petite Venise
Colmar Canals

Europe » Belgium » East Flanders » Gent September 13th 2016

Like trying to choose at a giant international ice cream parlor, where all the flavors are exciting and inviting, we sit down each month to decide where our next destination might be. We can only choose one flavor per month, so we have to be smart about our choice. Pick something that you don’t like and you may be stuck for a whole month with a half-eaten, melted, soggy-cone mess that no amount of effort will repair to the level of expectations you had before you took your first bite. We sit around a table; our favorite web sites loaded on the computer and try to use logic to pick what destination might interest us in the upcoming month. Like looking through the jewel case display of global deliciousness available at your favorite gelateria, we peruse ... read more
Bruges Backstreets
Ghent Canals
St. Michael's Bridge

Europe » Montenegro August 11th 2016

This is a story of love, beauty and dedication. Like the sea, the wind and the land, it goes on forever and cannot be changed by the passing of time. The tale must be read to the end, or you cannot understand. The narrative has taken years to write, but will only take minutes to read. It is a timeless drama that many others have experienced and no doubt have shared on these pages before. Hopefully you have, or will, experience a similar tale in your travels and more importantly in your life. There is a land, far away, where the mountains rise directly from the sea. Somewhat barren and rocky, they tower over the azure sea, majestically rising to granite peaks a thousand feet above. The August sun warms early and angrily blisters the land ... read more
Savina Monastery
Montenegro Sunset
Sunset Memories

Europe » Bosnia & Herzegovina August 2nd 2016

Admittedly we are not the world’s quickest travelers. Like global snails we have covered a lot of ground in the last 5 years. Staying in most cities for one, two or even three months at a time has given us an opportunity to settle into a community and observe life that most visitors do not get a chance to see. Living in small apartments in normal neighborhoods affords us with the unique possibility to see everyday people living their lives outside of the view that faster travelers probably don’t get to witness. Perhaps a type of travel less about seeing famous sites and more about seeing the subtle differences that make each place unique. Not restricted by time, we have moved around the globe at a glacial pace that has allowed us a good amount of ... read more
Sarajevo City Hall
Latin Bridge Sunset- Sarajevo
Crooked Bridge-Mostar

Europe » Romania July 10th 2016

This month we celebrate the 5 year anniversary since we began our non-stop nomadic gypsy lifestyle. 4 continents, 29 countries, 142 beds and countless ornate churches later we are still in one piece and, despite a few newly acquired aches and pains due to old age and cheap Ikea beds, ready for more. We found ourselves in Lviv, Ukraine without a plan of where to go next. We thought about seeing more of Ukraine or perhaps moving on to Russia. Russia needed an expensive visa and Eastern Ukraine didn’t have much pull for us. Indecision seemed to rule the day until we read of the so-called Gypsy Train that leaves Ukraine nightly for Romania. The Gypsy Train is an overnight train that goes south from Lviv to the small town of Sovotino on the Ukraine/Romania Border. ... read more
Colorful Houses
Rasnov Castle
Backyard Dracula

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv June 8th 2016

It was a rough ride on the overnight train from Krakow. At least the two person sleeper compartment meant we had the space all to ourselves. A small sink in the corner was a nice touch. Bottled water and snacks were provided. It was warm in the top bunk so the provided blankets were more beneficial as cushioning than for warmth. We knew there would be a delay at the border to change the gauge of the train’s wheels and expected immigration would be visiting on both sides of the border. We have never had good luck with overnight trains in any country we have visited. We were sure that we would not have a completely restful night but nevertheless we were hoping for the best as we made our way to the border and our ... read more
Boim Chapel Dome
Lviv Tram
Sunday Checkers

Europe » Poland » Lesser Poland » Kraków May 10th 2016

The trumpeter sounds out from high above as we exit the Cloth Market into Rynek Glowny, the town square of Krakow, Poland. He plays his anthem as he does each hour of the day. It is loud and clear and filled with melancholy. He stops his tune abruptly part way through a note. It pays homage to the ancient trumpeter who, as the legend goes, was shot while warning the town that Tatar armies had gathered to attack the city. He waves to the crowd below and they heartily return his salute. He closes the window and repeats himself in the next quadrant of the gothic tower that has reigned large over the center of town since the 15thcentury. The crowd gathered in the square below the cathedral’s towers hardly misses a beat in their celebrations. ... read more
Rynek Glowny
Wawel Castle
St. Mary's Cathedral

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence April 8th 2016

Spring Fashion We were spending a sunny afternoon walking the narrow back streets of the ancient Oltrarno neighborhood on the other side of the Arno River from downtown. We had already passed the massive Pitti Palace and were heading towards the Santo Spirito church and square. The lilac bushes have just reached full bloom and overpoweringly scent the air with a fragrance so intense that the entire neighborhood smells of a fancy French boudoir. We heard the commotion of glasses clinking and theatrical voices coming from down a cobbled alley past a colorful bakery. The large group of well-dressed people standing in the alley were smoking and enjoying champagne half way down the narrow street. It was Wednesday afternoon so it couldn’t be a wedding and they were dressed too brightly for a funeral. We were ... read more
Florence at Night
Duomo Nights

Europe » Italy » Liguria » Cinque Terre February 26th 2016

There is a place where dreams are captured in real life. They drift inland on cool breezes across choppy turquoise seas tossing beneath pink clouded skies. They are captured by the rocky green hills that rise straight from the sea. The hills, worn by time and weather, stand as silent witnesses to a culture of hard work and dedication and a desire to create a visual masterpiece, a perfect mixture of nature’s harshness and man’s desire for not only sustenance, but beauty. The hills are terraced as they tumble to the sea from high above. The mortarless walls of the terraces, built over centuries by masters of stone craftsmanship, are perfectly shaped to capture the soft morning light. The fertile earth yields everything necessary to not only sustain life, but to nurture it. The terraces are ... read more

Middle East » Israel » Jerusalem District » Jerusalem February 4th 2016

Throughout my travel life I have always felt that it was important to maintain, as best as possible, an observational attitude towards the places I have visited. I don’t feel it is my place to interject my personal feelings towards the customs, culture or political and religious climate of the places I have chosen to visit. After all, I think one of the wonders of travel is seeing things that are different from your own world. It is what makes travel such a rewarding thing for me. Most travelers would agree that the world is becoming too generic. Inserting your own beliefs or customs can only alter the local culture and contribute to global sameness. I say observational and not objective because it is not always possible to be objective. I know that some things are ... read more
Old City
Jewish Cemetery
Holy Sepulchre

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