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Artistic Street Display- Lviv  

Artistic Street Display- Lviv

An Undiscovered Gem

June 8th 2016
It was a rough ride on the overnight train from Krakow. At least the two person sleeper compartment meant we had the space all to ourselves. A small sink in the corner was a nice touch. Bottled water and snacks were provided. It was warm in the top bunk so the provided blankets were more beneficial as cushioning than for warmth. We knew there would be a delay at the border to change the gauge of t ... read more
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Ukrainian Flag Ukraine was the center of the first Slavic state, Kievan Rus, which during the 10th and 11th centuries was the largest and most powerful state in Europe. Weakened by internecine quarrels and Mongol invasions, Kievan Rus was incorporated into the Gran... ... read more
8th June 2016

Beautiful, yummy Lviv
How lovely that you were there in late spring with its greenery, buskers and everyone out on the streets. I was there in the falling-down, snowy winter with slippery, icy sidewalks--still beautiful though. Your visit sounds perfect, especially those yummy, affordable treats, and congrats on getting around without the Cyrillic alphabet. I must say I'm surprised that the Schengen visas are being checked. Ten years ago, I skated around Europe for 3.5 years before being caught and warned to take care of it. I guess things are tighter these days. Oh well, a fine excuse for you to explore the East!
9th June 2016

I don't envy trying to navigate the sidewalks if they were icy and wet. It's hard now, but only because so many are out enjoying the beautiful weather. I know the rules are 90 out of 180 days with the Schengen countries, but we have often been tempted to test fate and just see what happened. I have heard that some countries are stricter than others. If we hadn't of thought we "had" to leave, perhaps we would not have visited Lviv though! Thanks for reading, Tara!
11th June 2016

Very true that Schengen was a great reason to see Lviv and the East. In my three and a half years, I often spent summers in Amsterdam, so I crossed lots of borders getting and leaving there. I never had my passport glanced at. The one time I was stopped was northern Spain to Portugal, which I believe was due to the many Roma and northern African undocumented immigrants in Spain that Portugal didn't want. Indeed, on my bus, four Roma-looking people had to get off the bus and didn't get back on. I was handled on the bus, and told to go to Lisbon to sort it out. I agreed, but of course didn't. Before Schengen, it used to be 90 days in each country--so much better! Enjoy the affordable East!
11th June 2016

It's very tempting! We are finding that the Eastern European countries are kind of fun also though (even though we just endured 24 hours of train travel today). I think all of us cool Cali people should be able to go wherever we want for as long as we want! It should be a new worldwide rule, for sure! Thanks again for all the support on our travels....

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