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Europe » Ukraine » Lviv September 3rd 2017

Z ubytka vymotanie sa az okolo obeda, vonku podmrakom a zimno. Nechavam si na sebe aj tielko, v ktorom spavam. Stretko s cs mam naplanovane pred operou, tu je kopa ludi. Vsade samy bezec, najskor startuju male deti a neskor po nich sa pridavaju aj dospely. Prichadza CS, ups naskytuje sa malicky problem, pisala,ze nehovori moc dobre anglicky. Ok, sak ja tez ne moc, lenze ona fakt nehovori anglicky. No nevadi, spusta na mna ukrajincinu, napodiv dost toho rozumiem (a co nie,domyslim si) a nastastie aj ona rozumie mne. CS brigadoval na vychode slovenska v kuchyni. Majitelia a resp aj ostatny zamestnanci sa k gastarbeiterom spravali ako handram. Tour de Lvov zaciname na kuracom croasante v prevadzke Lviv Croissants . Samozejme kapucino nesmie chybat. Croasant uplne bombovy. Vcera som bol tiez v tejto prevadzke ale na ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv September 2nd 2017

Postel zbalena okolo 8/00, navlecky odnesene dopredu. Na ranajky do seba tlacim keksiky. Cez noc sa tu par ludi uz obmenilo ale opat ziadne vodka party neboli. Tak cul ozaj nevim ci som mal na to len stastie alebo je to len mytus. Lvov ma privital zatiahnutou oblohou, s tym,ze sa to moze kazdu chvilu spustit. Na stanici ma vyzdvihuje couchsurferka. Hned padame do jej oblubeneho podniku Celentano blizko stanici. Pyta sa ma ci som mal red soup. Tak reku ne, no ked mi to donisli bol to borsc. Uz aspon vim jak to nazyvaju po anglicky :) Polievka zaliata kavou, zaujimava kombinacia ale uslo to. S plnym bruchom zacata prehliadka lvova, ktory mi kyjevcanky vychvalili ale ma aj varovali, ze je to mega turisticke mesto. Postupne sme navstivili Church of Sts. Olha and Elizabeth, katedralu ... read more

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv February 9th 2017

As with any lower profile nation of this world, you might readily assume that the nation's capital city is the final word in the cultural statement of the country in question, and in the case of the Ukraine, I was in search of evidence to prove this statement of fact wrong. So, after a fulfilling stint on the ski slopes in Bukovel, the next port of call was the compact city of Ivano Frankivsk, which is only about two hours (maximum) bus journey from the ski resort. The city being the size it is, hotel location is not really of paramount importance but given the reasonable hotel prices, it is probably wise to look for a centrally-located hotel, and in this case it happened to be the hotel Franz, a tidy-looking property at a bargain basement ... read more
Concert hall (Bukovel; Ukraine)
The circus (Bukovel; Ukraine)
Cathedral (Bukovel; Ukraine)

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv September 30th 2016

Being a relatively big city almost right on the border with Poland and thus the EU, Lviv is supposed to be Ukraine's most "European" city and I've have heard nothing but rave reviews about it; therefore I was excited to find out for myself, what all the fuss was about. At the second time of asking, I actually caught my train there. And it was a really nice train. Like, really nice. I had company this time too, in Americans Ben and Kerry which was also nice, nicer still after we decided to walk to the hostel despite the freezing cold at 11pm, thanks to taxi drivers trying to rip us off. My inauspicious start in this city continued when I got to my hostel. I was sharing a dorm with an old, bald Ukrainian man ... read more
Rynok Square By Night
Rural Wooden Church
Polish War Graves

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv September 7th 2016

Kiev and Lviv, Ukraine Both are worth a visit, we're glad to have been here. Here's a summary of my feelings about the two cities after having visited St Petersburg and Moscow........very subjective after only a few days in all above. Kiev is huge... the drive to the airport is testimony to that. There are lots of new giant apartment blocks just out of the centre, then older housing stock once you're 30 minutes further on as the suburbs continue ...... until you hit a very African feeling transport hub on the edge of town ...... Kharkivska. It has a great buzz about it, as if you could catch a bus to anywhere from there, but no one would be able to tell you which bus stop to wait at. Then there's a motorway through green ... read more
Big is beautiful in Kiev
Queuing for Chocolate Lviv
Stalls by Lviv Town Hall

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv September 5th 2016

Day 2 Lviv, Ukraine As we continue to get lost in Lviv we're getting a bit of a complex about it. It's partially because we have been searching on-line for information ( e.g. For the Post Office in Lviv) where the location and the marker given on Google Maps is placed wrongly. But also, we keep going 180 degrees in the wrong direction as we set out..... doh.. Anyway, we've been outside the central grid that I talked about yesterday and found a flowing, elegant 1890's - 1915 Lviv, Secessionist buildings and cobbled streets everywhere. It's a bit faded, with rendering and painting needing attention, but not without charm. Around the Philharmonic Hall e.g. and past the Lviv Art Gallery on Stefanyka Street up towards the Museum Prison of Lontskoho Street and beyond we found some ... read more
The stairs to the Lontskoho Street prison basement
Prisoners' sole toilets
Zeppelin covers in the CULT

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv September 3rd 2016

We ordered taxis via hotel reception for both ends of our trip to Lviv. As a result we're less 'run-raggedd', as they say in our part of the country, and prices are so low here we kept within budget.... 2016 Lviv is a café society.... there's loads of people about, young and old, all chilling, drinking coffee, molten chocolate, or a beer or two. It feels poles apart from Kiev... in the capital it's all of a rush down in the metro, honking traffic and big, big buildings. Here it's meandering folk, trams and smaller scale 19C buildings, in a grid of straight streets around the main Town Hall Square. As we paced out the Lonely Planet suggested walk of Lviv we realised that we're almost sated with city tourism after 2.5 weeks...... So we sat ... read more
Marble lion outside 'Gunpowder Tower'
The Opera

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv September 2nd 2016

Kiev was in many ways like Moscow - vast boulevards, monumental buildings, great parks- but built on hills. And less kempt. Moscow is full of roller bootees and skate boarders as the pavements are wide and smooth, and flat! Not so in Kiev. The pavements need too much attention. there are few people biking. The underground trains were always crammed at any time of day, deep, deep down, entry by tiny plastic tokens, totally reliable but claustrophobic. The best bits of time there for us were a visit to the puppet theatre in the park overlooking the river and beers in the open air drinkery by the fountain at the Golden Gate. The puppet theatre is amazing - a huge magical Castle built in the 90s specifically as a puppet theatre. The interior decorated with evocative ... read more
Outside puppet theatre
In the puppet museum
Puppet museum contd.

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv August 16th 2016

The morning after the day trip with Ania's dad, Ania, Daddy, Ania's, dad,and I went drove to Lviv. Ukraine was my 66th country. The drive was about 1.5 hours and it was not far to the border. The border did not take too long, but the drive from the border to the Lviv was about 1 hour. Once we got to Lviv, we checked in to our great hotel (Atlas Deluxe Hotel) We had the presidential suite was really big and nice. After check-in to our hotel we started walking around the city. We went into a restaurant (Dim Legend ). It was really cool because it had 5 stories and different themes on each floor. On the roof there was a car that we went into and took pics. Ania's dad did not want to ... read more
Masonic  Restauarant
Opera House - Lviv
Our Hotel Balcony

Europe » Ukraine » Lviv June 8th 2016

It was a rough ride on the overnight train from Krakow. At least the two person sleeper compartment meant we had the space all to ourselves. A small sink in the corner was a nice touch. Bottled water and snacks were provided. It was warm in the top bunk so the provided blankets were more beneficial as cushioning than for warmth. We knew there would be a delay at the border to change the gauge of the train’s wheels and expected immigration would be visiting on both sides of the border. We have never had good luck with overnight trains in any country we have visited. We were sure that we would not have a completely restful night but nevertheless we were hoping for the best as we made our way to the border and our ... read more
Boim Chapel Dome
Lviv Tram
Sunday Checkers

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