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made it through the mine field, went to meet women in Ukraine, an agency in Kharkov
14 years ago, December 21st 2008 No: 1 Msg: #58099  
N Posts: 1
Prior to using the Mordinson Agency (url snipped) I, like many others, did have the unfortunate experience of utilizing several "Massive Catalog of Ladies" agencies that proliferate the Web. The experience was an extensive investment and left me wanting and skeptical of using any agency, Ukrainian or otherwise.

Searching the Web, despite my previous experience, I came across the Mordinson Agency Website. What interested me was that it is a family run business and had a business philosophy of representing but several hundred Ladies specifically from the city of Kharkov, Ukraine. The Website described their business practice of personally interviewing and selecting each Lady for their Website and that not every applicant is accepted. The agency, most importantly, verified that each and every Lady they represented was seriously looking to establish a relationship within or within/without the Ukraine.

Well, I decided to give the process one more try and that decision I will never regret.

Several Ladies responded to my biography and picture and I established an internet relationship with each. I jokingly thought the picture would scare them away! The Mordinson Agency acted as interpreter due to the language difference.

After several months of communication I decided to invest my time and money to meet each lady personally. Utilizing their 10 day package, I traveled to Kharkov Ukraine. Michael met me at the airport and, as advertised, met every expectation I had and more over my time in Kharkov.

Michael introduced and acted as interpreter for each Lady and myself. After the "meet and greet" process, one Lady, Lara, and I decided to see each other exclusively for the balance of my time in Kharkov. With and without Michaels presence, Lara and I quickly established that we would like to continue our relationship. Neither of us will ever regret that decision.

Due to personal circumstances, I have spent an extensive amount of time in Kharkov and the Ukraine with Lara. I have also come to know the Mordinson's on a more personal level. I can't thank them enough for their help in my meeting Lara. I can personally testify to their honesty, ethics and business philosophy as they represent them to be on their Website.

As Michael, Maxim and Darya have said to me, their success is not just a business success, but a thrilling personal experience in helping two people, as the English say, "make a go of it".

The agency isn't the least expensive you can find on the Web, but it is the agency that truly cares about your and the Ladies they represent success .
There is no better investment in time and money you can make in your life than to find someone special to share your life with . You just have to establish how much the "rest of your life" is worth.
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14 years ago, December 21st 2008 No: 2 Msg: #58114  
Hi Sam,

You seem to have been lucky in forming a mutual attraction through a Ukrainian dating agency, but if you are plugging a company the message might belong in a different section, or on a different website. Can I suggest re-posting this in the "Other Travel Sites" forum?

Enjoy Kharkiv - the Donbass is a lovely part of the world,

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