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Looking for a place to stay in Cyprus

Need some recommendations about location and accommodation in Cyprus
13 months ago, August 26th 2022 No: 1 Msg: #209842  
Hi! I'm new here!
Planning a trip to Southern Cyprus in October. Need some good ideas where to stay (town, area). I'd prefer not to do much activities! Sunbathing and relaxing is perfect
Also I'll be happy to get advice about accommodation (apartments or villas to rent) Reply to this

11 months ago, October 8th 2022 No: 2 Msg: #209918  
Protaras is the best area in Cyprus for a relaxing family vacation. The area is famous for its clean beaches. The must-see places include the valley of windmills and Kavo Greco Park. In the region of Ayia Napa, you can visit WaterWorld Waterpark, Europe's largest themed water park, or Parko Paliatso amusement park. After we visited Cyprus, we booked a cruise trip to Croatia. <snip> A cruise trip was a dream of mine. My parents made my dream come true on the day I was born.
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26 weeks ago, March 29th 2023 No: 3 Msg: #210353  
I just was for 8 nights on the island.
I landed in Larnaca which has a nice beach and some sights. Maybe you do the same and already have your first location.
For more sights you can go to the capital Nikosia which is inland or further away via Nikosia to Pafos or Famagusta.
These were the 4 cities I visited that week in march 2023 and it is available on my blog.
Have fun,
Thomas Reply to this

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