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Traveling to Vienna

Sightseeing suggestions
20 weeks ago, October 9th 2023 No: 1 Msg: #210837  
Hi everybody! I have a present from my husband - tickets to Vienna. I need recommendations for sightseeing in Vienna. I read very good things about the zoo and the palace Schoenbrunn. Has anyone visited them and if yes, what is the organization for buying tickets? Thanks in advance 😊 Reply to this

14 days ago, February 15th 2024 No: 2 Msg: #211130  
Besides Schönbrunn, Heldenplatz, Riesenrad, Stephansdom and other attractions I would like to point out one thing:

Take a circular ride on the ring around the old city by tram (which doesn't cost much) and enjoy the architecture.

About Schoenbrunn: I was there in 2002 and bought a ticket for a audio-guide-tour at the same without any problem. Of course many thnings could have changed afterwards, but I am sure they have a homepage (even if I knew the link it would not be allowed to paste it here). Also the park is very nice. There is a small building on a hill behind the palace from which you have a nice view and can make photos.

I was several times in Vienna but nether visited the Zoo as it is not such a landmark attraction. I am sure you can just go there and buy a ticket on the spot.

I have no blog from my 2002 tour but on my profile you find another visit of mine in Vienna in 2018. Reply to this

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