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What are you all in REAL?

Let usual people to know your passion! HELP OF REAL TOURISTS IS NEEDED!
16 years ago, April 2nd 2007 No: 1 Msg: #12429  
N Posts: 2
Dear gurus of travel ,

Let usual people to know your passion!

At the very moment we are having modern tourism trends and nature project in college, meanwhile surfing through travel sites and trying to find what are the REAL tourists are , I was stumbled with lots of questions simultaneously : who are those tourists , what is their nature, what inspires and drives them ,what is their buttons ? ASK a grandma about how it was in sports camp in 1960’s? Read an article about tourism in scientific magazine? Fair enough , BUT who of students is interested in the latest research of an ancient skeletons of dolphins found in a newly researched areas? Hm… let me think –NOBODY, fair enough , isn’t it? Ask a neighbor about his “tourist nature” , while lying on a beach with a can of beer? ASK REAL TOURIST GURUS ABOUT THEMSELVES? Sounds much better! Suddenly decided to type in GOOGLE ‘TOURISM DISCUSSION AND TRENDS’ the first valuable link came up was your forum , while surfing through the posts ,blogs, travel journals, thought that is the place where REAL and experienced travelers are.

Would you let usual people to know you better , reveal your “hot buttons” , your passions and desires while traveling ? Frankly speaking, tourism is my passion as well, but due to college I am currently unable to go nowhere, apart from summer vacations period , therefore just afraid to talk , from position of a passive traveler , without being aware of who you are in REAL?

NOW, for not causing a lot of difficulties and not taking your valuable time, I have tried to build up a list of questions to describe your nature as close as possible with the help of your answers, I know those ones wont cover your nature even for a half, but still will be a valuable piece of information.

IN ADVANCE: Some of them below may seem to be childish and obvious to you, but believe me, for a casual student they are not either? And.. if you have comments , or additions , you are most welcome! For your convenience answers in a form of bullet points are welcomed.

Dmitriy Medvedev

1)Your gender



4)Tourism experience(in years)

5) Style of tourism

6)What are your expectations from coming trip?

7)Which tools are you using ,whilst planning your trip?( Travel advisers and planners( if yes, please specify which ones and which ones are your favourite) ,advice of a friend, etc..)

8)What are the fears and worries of an average traveler and yourself in particular about coming trip?

9) What limits your ability or freedom?

10) What are you looking for when visiting a travel planner site?

11) Which online travel guides and advisers are you using?

12) Which keywords in search engine are you typing to plan your trip ?

13) What are the average expenses of a traveler on a month , roughly ?( I know this question highly depends on many factors and may seem to be very personal , so please don’t get me wrong)

14) How do you imagine perfect trip planner and advisor site?( If possible, please just write bullet points )

Adittional comments are welcomed😊
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