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Asia » China » Beijing » XiCheng District September 11th 2019

I love Chinese breakfast food, but rarely have the chance to eat it due to a combination of different factors. I had done a breakfast tour in Beijing, when visiting previously and really enjoyed it, so decided to check out Lost Plate and their Hutong Breakfast tour. We met at 9 am, and were greeted by our lovely guide, Kelly, who already had something for us to try while we waited for everyone to arrive. I enjoyed the traditional Beijing yogurt drink, which Kelly gave us, I've had it before and it makes a nice change from a regular yogurt. I am not a big fan of honey, but you can barely taste it in the yogurt. Our first stop was just around the corner from the subway station and on the main street. There were ... read more
Purple Rice Snack
Fermented Mung Bean Juice
Snack Restaurant

Asia » China » Beijing September 3rd 2019

I took the subway to Gulou Dajie and came out of exit G as that was the closest to my destination. It felt like ages since I'd walked around these smaller, older streets. I headed down the main road and the took the second left into a hutong. The main street had several signs on it, describing the history of the area. I hadn't wandered around a hutong for ages, so it was nice to reacquaint myself with these traditional Beijing neigbourhoods. I came out onto a small square. Since the midday heat was still out in force, it was quite quiet. I went to check my phone to see how far away I was from the Bell and Drum Towers and as I did so, had a proper look around. The tower I had seen ... read more
Bell Tower Bay Hutong
Bell Tower Bay Hutong
Bell Tower

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng June 20th 2019

Summer has arrived and the heat has led me to look for indoor things to do. After some searching online, I came across the China National Museum of Women and Children. It sounded quite interesting, although there were few reviews of it online. The museum is a fairly recent addition to the Beijing museum scene, only opening in 2010, and isn't on most people's itinerary when visiting the city. From Dongdan Station, on Line 1, it was a short walk to the museum. The museum is large and looks pretty grand and modern from the outside. I headed to the ticket office, where ID was required to get a free ticket. Then after a quick few steps back out in the heat, I headed into the main building and through security. The museum has six floors. ... read more
Children in War

Asia » China » Beijing June 15th 2019

15th Jun: We weren't meeting for breakfast until rather late, so I decided to go for one last walk around. I headed over to East is Red Square, Which is right next to the hotel. It was still pretty early, but it was already hot outside. The square was really quiet, and a complete contrast to the evening before. I headed over to the large statue of Mao in the centre and got some photos. I then made my way around the four large portraits of Stalin, Lenin, Marx, and Engels. This place is definitely one of the most surreal places I've been to. Next to the square, there was a small park, that I hadn't been to yet, so I took a look around there. It was pretyy quiet, too. Only a few old people ... read more
Josef Stalin
Vladimir Lenin
Chairman Mao Statue

Asia » China » Beijing » Wangfujing April 9th 2019

A rainy day in Beijing was a good excuse to visit a museum. A quick online search came up with the National Art Museum of China, so I headed there. It is really easy to get to and even has its own subway station with an exit right in front of the museum. The museum is free to enter but you must show your passport at the ticket office. I was hoping that I would get a ticket like at the Capital Museum, but not so. Probably for the best as it is a bit of a waste of paper. Since it was raining, I had expected the museum to be really busy, but there weren't too many people. After security, I headed to the entrance, but first I stopped at some sculptures outside. The first ... read more
Salvador Dali
Son of a Miner

Asia » China » Beijing » Dongcheng March 29th 2019

A few months ago, I had done a breakfast eats tour in Beijing. I had really enjoyed it, so vowed to do the evening food tour ran by the same company. It took a while to get round to it, but I eventually did. The group met by the subway station so it was easy to find. I think there were about 11 of us on the tour and we had two guides with us. The guides were lovely, super friendly and knowledgeable. It was great to hear their stories as well as the information about the food, restaurants, and China in general. We headed off into the hutongs to our first stop. Hutongs are the old traditional neighbourhoods in Beijing, but the word actually come from Mongolian, when Kublai Khan invaded China. The original word ... read more
Rice Wine Taster Set

Asia » China » Beijing » Haidian district March 28th 2019

I used to love Cherry Blossom Season in Korea, so when a coworker told me that Beijing has lots of cherry blossoms and Yumyuantan Park, in particular, is famous for them, I knew I would have to make a visit. I had a bit of a walk from the subway station, there might be others closer. I did manage to get lost once before getting on the right track. It took me about 15 minutes to reach the park and I made my way to the ticket office. The park looked quite busy, but there was no queue at the ticket office. I got a lovely surprise when I bought the ticket as it was only 10 RMB. What a cheap day out! The ticket was also rather beautiful as it a special cherry blossom one ... read more
Yuyuantan Park
Yuyuantan Park
Yuyuantan Park

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa February 9th 2019

I was pretty tired when I dragged myself from my bed. Idiot roommate decided to start a full blown conversation with another roommate when the latter returned from clubbing in the wee small hours. I don't really think she wanted to know the comings and goings of the people in the dorm during the night, but this bloke was intent on telling her. I filled myself up with coffee while eating my breakfast and then headed out to take another look around the city centre, this time in daylight. I made my way to Senate Square, which I had been to on my first night in Helsinki. I really wanted to go into the Helsinki Cathedral, but there was a funeral going on, so had to give it a miss. I noticed that the funeral car ... read more
Alexander II of Russia
Senate Square
Helsinki Cathedral

Europe » Finland » Uusimaa » Helsinki February 8th 2019

I was up super early to head to the ferry terminal. I was departing from a different one to that I had arrived in and it took a bit of finding. It didn't help that it was dark and that there weren't a lot of people about. I took a few wrong turns but got there in the end. The check-in process was super easy, just scan the QR code to get through to the departure area. They didn't even scan it again before boarding the ferry like the other company had. I was taking the Tallink ferry this time and it was almost three times the price of the one I had taken over to Tallinn, but the timings were a lot better, giving me more time to explore Helsinki. The ferry was a lot ... read more
Kyosti Kallio
The National Museum of Finland
The National Museum of Finland

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn February 7th 2019

My final day in Tallinn had arrived. I had been undecided about going to the KGB museum as it was rather expensive and the reviews online weren't too good. However, since it was winter and a lot of the tours that I had wanted to do out of the city weren't running, I felt that I could now justify the cost. The tour has to be booked and paid for in advance online. There are only two daily option in English and I went for the morning one at 11 am. Since I had some time before the tour, I went for a walk up Toompea as we had been there on the walking tour and I wanted to go back by myself. I took the direct route from my hostel and on the way I ... read more
Johan Pitka
Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
Toompea Castle

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