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Kotor Nights  

Kotor Nights

Chasing Pictures

December 29th 2016
I believe I always wanted to travel. My family had a very old atlas in the house and even as a child I loved to thumb through the pages and look at the colorful maps displayed inside. The book was huge and had heavy covers and thick paper that made a distinct sound when you turned it. Pastel pink, green and purple countries filled the pages. Thin black lines connected the cities and different size ... read more
2nd January 2017

So inspiring!
You have massively inspired me to both look at internet photo travel sites and to carry my camera more often. Generally, water and a book seem heavy enough, but I do love to look and frame a scene in my fingers and remember that it would have been good with a camera. Thus, when I get a good shot, it's luck (much as is my life). But I so appreciate your lessons of a more planned and thoughtful life. I also loved both Kotor and the mountain towns above it. I am so excited to read of your next blog to this 'magical destination.' I love the way you travel, photograph and write!
3rd January 2017

Carrying our camera has taken us to lots of places we wouldn't have otherwise gotten too. Since we have stopped buying souvenirs the photos are our only mementos we have from the places we have been. Your photos are excellent and show a great eye. For inspiration check out the website 500px. It is one of our favorites. Thanks for commenting, Tara and Happy New Year!

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