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Asia » China January 4th 2018

Any traveller who has taken more than a few trips will develop a travel style. A typical pattern of behavior that leads to the greatest enjoyment of the area around them. Some will find the companionship and easy planning of group tours best suit their tastes. Some may find the adventure and self-sufficiency of independent travel more to their liking. Solo travels to exotic locations fit the desires of a few intrepid souls. The frugal life of a backpacker surrounded by thatched walls may be the calling of for some. Life on a luxury cruise ship or in ritzy hotels may make up another voyagers dreams. As happens in all areas of one's life, other people are going to judge you. You will be ranked according to the travel choices you make and the way they ... read more
Hong Bridge
Hallelujah Mountain
Fenghuang Sunrise

Asia » Hong Kong » Kowloon December 13th 2017

For the second time in a month, we found ourselves in Shanghai's massive Pudong airport. Last time we were headed back to the U.S. and booked a nearby hotel to spend our long layover in. Stretching out for a few hours in a comfortable bed and having a relaxed meal is a rare luxury that we enjoyed when we had the chance. This time we were going in the opposite direction and had already spent a long day of travel from San Francisco. Our stopover this time was 3 hours. Long enough to be uncomfortable but not long enough to leave the airport. We still had a couple of hours more to fly and we really missed the opportunity to relax in the comfort of a hotel. The excitement of getting to our destination didn't deter ... read more
Victoria Harbor
Hong Kong Central
Temple Street Night Market

North America » United States » California » Joshua Tree November 12th 2017

I don't believe that there is an ancient lava field flowing beneath the ground. I don't think it causes an electric current that draws people from all over the earth to its center. I don't think that the electric current has curative powers or even gives people extrasensory powers. I don't think restorative energy flows upward from the ground and can be felt if you believe in it hard enough. The well-dressed lady in the art gallery does. In fact, she is convinced of it. She told me about it at length after I had complimented her on her ceramic work and had only known her for a few minutes. She described it in detail, with eyes twinkling and voice whispering. I think she was speaking from a place in her heart and was being totally ... read more
Joshua Tree National Park
Route 66

Asia » Japan » Osaka » Osaka October 9th 2017

It's noticeable as soon as you disembark the train from Tokyo. Things just look a little different. Everyone's shirt is not fully tucked in. People are a little rounder and some are a few weeks past due for a haircut. There is litter on the street. Not a lot, but after the scrubbed streets of Kyoto and Tokyo, it is visible. A couple of older guys stand under the "No Smoking" signs, sharing a story and puffing away. Both have on baseball hats and looked like they didn't spend a lot of time choosing their wardrobe today. The smell of fried food drifts from somewhere nearby. People tend to wander, or maybe just walk with a little less purpose here. Voices are a little louder and everyone doesn't stay in line. It's immediately clear you have ... read more
Namba Park
Osaka Castle

Asia » Japan » Tokyo » Ikebukuro September 3rd 2017

I have seen the future. It is filled with tall buildings, bright lights, endless noise and millions of people. Excitement, entertainment and enjoyment take place above your head, below your feet and in your face. The future goes non-stop and doesn't conform to any normal positions of the clock. It's bigger and more bright than I ever imagined. The future is reached by a train that speeds across the countryside at 200 miles per hour. The train passes volcanic mountains, verdant rice fields and miles of well tended farmland. It arrives on schedule, to the minute, in a massive station filled with well dressed people moving at a pace that immediately demands your full attention. Like a choreographed dance, the pedestrians move fluidly and efficiently through the maze of underground passageways, all the while multitasking with ... read more
Shinjuku Neon
Tokyo Tower
Sumida River

Asia » Japan » Kyoto » Kyoto August 5th 2017

Vacations, like sunsets, were designed to be temporary. A continuously lit neon sky, filled with rainbow colors from end to end, certainly creates emotions too intense for endless consumption. While no gourmand refuses a piece of rich, creamy chocolate at the end of a delicious meal, even the most dedicated sweet lover would assuredly tire of an endless diet of cocoa flavored goodness. Like a spoiled debutante complaining about not having enough closet space for her shoe collection or an overindulged teen bemoaning his sore fingers after playing video games all day, there is an obvious danger in complaining about being on endless vacation. No one really wants to hear your lament. If only we all had such troubles. However, I have to admit that as we begin our 7th year of continuous travel, we do ... read more
Fushimi Inari Taisha- Kyoto
Yasaka Pagoda- Kyoto
Kinkaku-ji Temple- Kyoto

Europe » Croatia » Dalmatia » Split June 3rd 2017

There is a place along the waterfront where people gather during the day. In the small park with the palm trees, near the fishing boats, the old men spend cool mornings to discuss politics, sports, share gossip or tell stories of the days gone by. They talk passionately, voices raising and lowering like the tide, using their hands to emphasize important points. Sometimes during the heat of the afternoon, when shade takes on a premium, the benches fill with small groups of men enjoying tall bottles of cool beer. If it is a weekend, someone may produce a guitar and impromptu singalongs occur. Everyone participates, their voices harmonizing perfectly as they resonate through the trees and out over the beautiful harbor. In the evenings, when the sun is preparing to retire behind Marjan Hill, people, mostly ... read more
Hvar Town, Croatia
Krka National Park
Omis, Croatia

Europe » Estonia » Tallinn May 11th 2017

Sometime during your childhood, probably on a family trip to a not too far from home beach destination, you saw your first one. You had finished your day at the beach. You had finished your ice cream cone or cotton candy. Someone mentioned the need to purchase something to bring home as a remembrance of your time spent together. You searched out a curio shop whose window had “souvenir” written in 4 languages. You entered through the shell strands that hung in the doorway. You made your way past the postcards, magnets and T-shirts. Along the back wall, alongside the polished rocks, nautical themed statuettes and aprons with silly puns, you found your first one. You hesitated to pick it up because it looked so fragile. It was round and made from thick glass. Inside was ... read more
Viru Gate Sunset
Tallinn Old Town
Tallinn Streets

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh April 10th 2017

A biting chill rides the frozen wind that crosses the esplanade in front of the castle. Visitors tuck closer behind the ancient ramparts hoping to find a protective lee, a moment of relief from the sand-like frozen mist. It proves fruitless as the gusts swirl and twist as though they originate from every direction. The ancient castle is perched high on its volcanic outcrop and looms mightily above the city below. When viewed from the streets of the lower city on stormy days like this, the castle appears to be floating in the clouds, sometimes visible and sometimes not. The sound of a lone bagpipe carries strongly upward from the streets of the New Town far below. Its distinctive sound, so engrained in the culture of this part of the world, can fill the heart with ... read more
Dean Village
Victoria Street
Edinburgh Castle

Europe » Netherlands » North Holland » Amsterdam March 7th 2017

Clear skies and turquoise seas shown all the way to Spain as we passed along the Tangier coastline on our last day Morocco. The warm morning air did not mix well with the exhaust fumes in the back of our tiny red Petit Taxi as we made our way along the shoreline road to the airport. The window cranks had been removed, common on many taxis in Morocco, and fresh air would be minimal during our ride. The driver was friendly enough and he even stopped to pick up a friend for the ride. As usual we mainly talked about Trump, typical when Moroccans found out we were from the U.S. We passed through many of the neighborhoods we did not visit during our short stay on the tip of Africa. It was a strange feeling ... read more
Amsterdam Canals
Zaanse Schans
Amsterdam Canals

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