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I’m a self confessed travel addict & photography enthusiast. Born & raised in Indonesia - I'm now calling Singapore my home. My goal: increase # of visited countries to catch up with my age. Join me in exploring this awesome blue planet with my beloved Canon 7D.

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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Bandung May 30th 2014

This time, let me take you in a different kind of journey. No, it’s not some foreign land that I’ve never seen before. On the contrary, it’s a place that’s near & dear to my heart – my hometown. It’s where I was born, grew up, got married and… buried our two babies. When I lost my baby daughter last year on her 2nd trimester, I was destroyed. Everyone tried to console me that it was just a “bad luck” and “most people goes on to have a healthy pregnancy”. From the edge of insanity & depression, I somehow managed to pull myself up as life goes on – whether you’re ready or not. While trying to conceive again, I did everything that I can think of to increase the next baby’s fighting chance – from ... read more
Gedung Sate (Parliament Building) Sunday Market
Rolling Tea Hills
No Road Closure

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Siena December 28th 2013

I love basking under winter sun. It’s like hanging out under bright sun but with air conditioner. Very different experience vs trying to sunbathe in tropical climate – you’ll swim in your own sweat. I’m in Siena now – and loving it more than I thought I would. Siena is sooo pretty with its medieval charm. It’s so small that you can just walk everywhere. People lounging at the shell-shaped-slanted Piazza del Duomo as at the beach but the main attraction here is not the sea, rather the Palazzo Pubblico – Siena’s city hall for over 800 years. If you happened to come in the summer, the famous horse race Il Palio is held here twice a year. Of course, do not miss the Siena Duomo. People said it’s the prettiest cathedral in Italy. Well, perhaps ... read more
me in siena
sun worshippers

Europe » Italy » Tuscany » Florence December 27th 2013

“Are you sure you want to keep your baby… You live here alone aren’t you?” the doctor carefully said after we discussed baby A’s fatal diagnosis. “It’s just… going to be… less traumatic if you do it sooner… the longer you wait, the harder the delivery would be... And caesarian would not be an option either due to your baby’s condition.” I closed my eyes. This is a nightmare. Pls tell me this is only a nightmare. My husband & I looked at each other and we were both just… lost. When paying the bills, we were amazed at how the nurse actually gave me 2 small white pills to take home. “Take this when you want to start the labor, then you come here to deliver”. What? Just by chance, my husband was spending the ... read more
best pasta! @ vini e vecchi sapori
uffizi palace

Europe » Italy » Veneto » Venice December 26th 2013

If there’s any famous place that I don’t really look forward to visit – that’ll be Venice. Being the practical couple – both my husband & I think it’s just… bunch of sewers. When you’re taking gondola, meaning you’re streaming along together with… waste? Anyway, I just didn’t get the point. Nevertheless, while tracking from Munich to Florence – it seems like a sin if I didn’t stop over in Venice and spend few nights. Arriving in Venice on Christmas after sunset, I was worried whether there’s any mass transportation & afraid of getting lost (plus I was alone!) so I chose to stay at url=http://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowUserReviews-g187870-d2307401-r189552012-Ca_dei_Polo-Venice_Veneto.htmlCa dei Polo Venice, near the train station. I browsed around and noticed that you can get 8% discount by using code “offsite”. It was a nice single clean single ensuite ... read more
sunset over venice
view from ponte vecchio
IMG_7479 venice mask

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Rothenburg ob der Tauber December 24th 2013

The little girl is about 7 years old or so. She looks bored waiting for her train. Her mid 20’s mum is busy with her smartphone, so her daughter was trying to entertain herself. She was curious on the mechanics of a luggage, how come such a big bag can roll easily? So she moved it back and forth. “What’s wrong with you?!?”, yelled the mum while grabbing the little girl arm roughly – as if she just robbed a bank or something. The little girl stunned, and started to chuckle in tears. “Stop it! Shut up!”, her mum yelled again. This time the little girl try to sit down quietly, her head face down and I can see tears running down the corner of her eyes. Somehow my heart cries with her. The ... read more
colorful rothenburg
inside kathe wohlfahrt

Europe » Germany » Bavaria » Munich December 23rd 2013

“So, do you have any kids?” Ah, that question again. Well, what do you expect when chit chatting with an Asian grandma on the plane. Not being racist, I’m Asian too. I must’ve gotten that question hundred times trough out my life. But this time, it hits hard. You see, I just lost the love of my life. She may be smaller than my fist, but she stole our hearts away. It feels just yesterday, when we saw her lively kicking, bouncing and tumbling; before the doctor said something was very wrong with her. They murmured something about chromosome issue, Edward syndrome or maybe Trisomy 18. They said it’s 1 in 6000 probability and somehow I won the jackpot. There was no pill, medication or operation that can help. The third doctor confirmed and they offered ... read more
View from Neue Rathaus
theatine church
christmas ornaments

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Wengen May 3rd 2013

I was woken up by the sound of chirping birds outside my window. It sounded like the recorded one in Disneyland, but this one is for real. I draped myself in my jacket and walk to my 2-sides private balcony – it was so cold, colder than a fridge. Its twilight blue hour; where the sun almost rises but the moon is not gone yet; and the lights from the village are still twinkling. I’m in Wengen. Somewhere in the laps of Berner Oberland mountain terrain, Switzerland. Armed with a cup of warm choco, I sat there quietly – admiring the fact that I can see a thick cloud passing over the Lauterbrunnen valley down below. Gosh, I’m higher than the clouds. This place is so tranquil; yet it still has strong & stable wifi connection. ... read more
View from Wengen
Looks familiar?

Europe » Switzerland » South-West » Zermatt May 1st 2013

Out of all the countries in Europe that I have visited, Switzerland was the one that I was really looking forward for. Not only because it always look so picturesque in books & online, but also because my road going there is not smooth at all. It took 4 years, literally, but I’m here now. And that’s all that matters. The question now though – where should I go exactly in Switzerland? I’ve always dreamed about staying in mountain village with killer panorama drenched in sunshine and blue sky. But again, which mountain? I can’t decide between Zermatt vs Berner Oberland – so I decided to do both; even though I only have 4 days in Switzerland. It will be fast paced, but based on my calculation & experience – I believe it’s still doable. I ... read more
Me in a Blizzard!!

F: So where are you going next after Amsterdam? Me: Uhm, the plan is to go to Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Freiburg, Bern, … F: Wait – why would you wanna go to Freiburg? There’s nothing to see there. I wouldn’t go there if I were you. Me: Errr…. Have you been there? F just shrugged his shoulder. That’s a good enough answer. Well, travel planning is something very personal. It’s almost as personal as how your last appointment with OB/GYN went. I know someone who had the goals to visit places that she cannot pronounce (Ljubljana being one of them), or someone who would go where the discount ticket goes (suddenly she said – yo Y – I’m going Tibet. I’m like wha???). For me, I’m all about value for money and efficiency. From Frankfurt I’m ... read more
Enjoying Freiburg

Europe » Germany » Hesse » Frankfurt am Main April 29th 2013

Travel 101: make sure you’re in the right train station. That’s a basic rule of thumb – but I almost made that fatal mistake. Mind you, Paris has 6 train stations. I almost went to the wrong station. ALMOST. At the last minute I decided to actually read the ticket and gasp – that was a close call! When planning for this trip – I thought last day in France would be all about relaxing in Paris – so it’s ok to take 6.40 am train to Frankfurt. Then last minute I added Mont St Michel – which is a full 12-13 hours day trip. With packing and stuff, that leaves me with 3.5 hours of sleep. I was (trying to) run with full backpack on. I must’ve look like a penguin. But apparently, I didn’t ... read more
Saint Bartholomeus' Cathedral
The Famous Euro Sign

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